Dear Zindagi, My favourite teacher


Dear Zindagi,

                           You are the most precious thing in every human life. But some people really don’t know your worth or doesn’t care about it. I am very sorry Zindagi,as once upon a time, I was going to end my life. But dear Zindagi, You are my favourite teacher. Do you want to know why ? I will give you so many reasons for it. It’s because, I never learnt to accept failure. But Zindagi,you taught me to accept failure and rejection in life. Zindagi, till date, you gave me very little happiness of my life.But I know, you must have stored something big and rocking for my life. That’s the reason, I stopped quiting. I am fighting everyday with a big smile on my face. There are many incidents which made me sad but Zindagi, you taught me to stand, fight and live once again. I guess, I haven’t complained about anyone this much but I had lots of complaints from you. There were some days and night of few months when I hated you the most. But it was like,you did not wanted to give up on me. It felt you were determined that you won’t let me fall down. You taught me the valuable lessons of my life which I would love to share.

1. Parents are the most important people in everyone’s life. Listen to them. If they refuse for something,agree to them. One day or another, you will regret not listening to them.

2.Everyone around you is not your friend. Act wisely and trust people. The world is mean and some people around are with you with some aim. 

3. Don’t believe in showing off. The day you will success, everyone will see it themselves.

4. Very few people are born with silver spoon in their mouth. So work hard, and achieve all the success and fame yourself.

5. One of the most important lesson, you taught me is, Life is so much precious. Don’t think of attempting suicide or ending your life because someone left you who promised that they will never leave you alone.   “Live for yourself.”

Zindagi, you are filled with various emotions and you try showing all of them to us. Zindagi, the day, my best friend whom I considered as my best brother ditched me, the day I hated you.I wanted to end up my life. The day, when my heart broke for the very first time, was the time I hated you so much. The day, I had to leave Delhi, and my dream of studying in Delhi University broke. Trust me,Zindagi, I hated you the most. I had worked so hard in 12th so that I get admission in Delhi University and because of poor financial condition, after my schooling I had to leave Delhi, I hated you a lot. I had really gave up. I did not wanted to fight anymore. It was very much difficult for me to leave Delhi and shift to Bihar. I did not wanted to study anymore.

But Zindagi,now I realize, if my brother had not broken my trust,I would never stop trusting people blindly. If my heart would not had been broken, I would have never knew the true meaning of love. If I had not left Delhi,I would have never understood how parents manage to give every possible thing to their children.If I had not left Delhi,I would had never started writing. In this new place, I did not like any people and so I started penning down my emotions. And today,I have very deep love for writing.   Although, you snatched much from me but now I don’t have complaints. The way you teach us is different and unique. Elders around us keep on saying and teaching same things to us and we don’t listen to them. Once Zindagi, you teach us the same lesson we never ever forget it and we even pass the same to our younger ones. 

So,Thank you Zindagi, you taught me the most valuable, precious lessons of life. Zindagi, you are quite similar to those teachers in school, who are very much strict from outside,keep scolding you. But in heart, they want your success. Zindagi,you make us fall, so that next time we walk, we walk with open eyes. Happiness and sadness are like two side of coins and Zindagi you makes us teach the worth of each of them. 

I love you Zindagi, because you gave me too and I know you are having some block buster happiness for my life. Sorry for complaining.You are my most favourite teacher and will always be as no one other than you would have been holding me tight, when I shouted on you and wanted to run away from you. Dear Zindagi, you deserve the biggest thank you.❤ 

Loads of love


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda”.


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