Birthdays are all about getting gifts and being treated like a prince or princess for that day. This year when my birthday was coming near I was all set to buy a new phone for myself. And why should not I buy? This birthday I would be gifting a mobile phone to myself. Since childhood, I am always excited and eagerly waiting for 1st September to come. But this year things were different for me. This would be the first gift I would be gifting to myself on my birthday. No matter how much we grow up we are always kids for our parents. Although I was buying from my hard earned money still my parents were not fully satisfied with my decision. I never wanted to make them sad for my own happiness.Before a week of my birthday, we three were sitting and having our evening coffee. I wanted to know what they are actually worried is all about. My father said you just bought a 15k mobile in December 2014. It had not been full 3 years even and you are going to buy another one. I knew they were correct on their part. But I had my reasons too. Buying that 15k phone was the worst decision of my life. More than in running mode, it would be on hanging phone. When I would switch off the internet then the mobile would work a bit fine. In today’s time being without internet was a bit difficult for me. I would handle everything from my mobile so the hanging problem irritated me a lot. With the passing of time, the phone issues were increasing.

Before a week of my birthday, we three were sitting and having our evening coffee. I wanted to know what they are actually worried is all about. My father said you just bought a 15k mobile in December 2014. It had not been full 3 years even and you are going to buy another one. I knew they were correct on their part. But I had my reasons too. Buying that 15k phone was the worst decision of my life. More than in running mode, it would be on hanging phone. When I would switch off the internet then the mobile would work a bit fine. In today’s time being without internet was a bit difficult for me. I would handle everything from my mobile so the hanging problem irritated me a lot. With the passing of time, the phone issues were increasing.We were having our technological discussion when my mother jumped in saying after a year you will say even your new phone is hanging and you are planning to buy another one. What is the guarantee that your new phone will not hang? What will you do with this hanging mobile? Even Amitabh Bachchan in KBC gives few seconds for the contestant to think of the answer but my mother was just throwing buckets of questions in a go.  When she finally gave a full stop to her questions I spoke up. I am planning to sell off my old one. She remained silent at that time but I was sure something was cooking inside her.


In the evening I decided to go and find out what price I would be getting off my phone. I was shocked, surprised after meeting few shopkeepers.  Few shopkeepers were so ill-mannered that I wanted to just slap them. Other treated my mobile like a toy mobile and said the maximum they could give was just Rs. 450. I was like are they insane or what?  When one of the shopkeepers said that no one will even pay Rs.100 now for this mobile. I totally considered him bad or I must say that he was badly affected by the alcohol ban in Bihar. I felt that as his energy drink has been snatched so he is talking rubbish. Out of curiosity, I wanted to know why he said so low price. To which he replied that because the mobile has been used for more than 2 years. I wanted to ask him why even he is a shopkeeper when he cannot even rightly know the worth of a product.  Finally after a great struggle, I found one shopkeeper who was ready to pay me Rs. 900. I was totally dissatisfied. With small steps, I returned home.When I told my parents even they refused to sell it at a low price. My mother the least she expects is Rs. 1500. I have always been a great gadget lover and an active social media user. I was updating my applications. Just then when I saw an app called CASHIFY. The subtitle of the application just drew my attention more.



Without wasting a second I downloaded the application. But it seemed that my hanger phone did not like the new application and phone got off.



I could not wait anymore. So I decided to see the Cashify ) website on the laptop. I just could not believe my eyes what I was seeing in front of my eyes. Selling old electronics without any bargaining is unbelievable. The reason behind they are already giving the best prices for old items. I was happy to know about #CleanUpCashOut.


Screenshot (10).png


I was getting the best price for my mobile. Adding cheery to the cake services were that I do not have to worry a bit. They will collect the mobile from my place and give me instant cash in my hand.


Screenshot (32)

Not only best price but there were many exciting offers too.

Screenshot (13)


Last but not the least I knew the best price for my mobile within 35 seconds. Neither my energy nor my time was wasted and I was getting a good deal too.


Screenshot (15)


Being a regular blogger and the motivation I get for writing more is from my readers. Each appreciation and each critical analysis by a reader makes me happy. While surfing through the website of Cashify I came across something for my readers too. Readers will Rs. 250 extra on sale when they will use the code “CLEANCASH” while selling off their mobiles.

Screenshot (11)


So what are you waiting for? Sell off all the old mobiles and earn more than expected.






Having a healthy body is very important for every human being. A person needs to maintain his/her body well. Having a healthy body does not only mean having Abs. A person needs to have a healthy body for living a healthy life. A person who is mentally, physically healthy is considered to be a healthy. If a person is not healthy it affects his/her total lifestyle. A person suffers from obesity, heart-related problems, blood pressure and much more. In the modern era, it is expected from everyone that they take care of their body. From childhood, we have always heard that if one person in a family gets ills, this affects the whole family health. Everyone should try their best to become active rather than becoming a couch potato. I would like to share my tips for leading a healthy life. 

* Drinking water had been always the most difficult task of my life. I very well knew the fact the first step to maintain the body healthy is by drinking plenty of water. I took 2 bottles and labelled them as my morning and evening challenge. Drinking water became my challenge. I had to finish those two bottles anyhow to win the challenge. Gradually now I am used to drinking water.

* Music has always been my weakness. From completing my assignment to writing my blog post I would always listen to music. My love for music made me dance. I dance 15 minutes on those typical Bollywood weddings songs. It acts like a small exercise and fun together.

* Traffic and I have always been biggest enemies. I hate those long queues of vehicles and that continuous horn sounds. Rather than taking up auto or rickshaw, now I prefer walking to college. 

* All the junk foods and those colourful soft drinks were my love. I substituted those soft drinks with fruit juices, And for junk food, I started preparing them in food with using only Saffola oil and lots of green vegetables. 

* Morning breakfast always begins with either fruits or saffola oats. A healthy breakfast is very important for the body.

* In the evening I play with small kids also. It’s fun and all together my body burns calories too.  The kids have more stamina and they will make you ruin a lot if compared to the people of your same age group.

Rather than following a strict plan, I started planning things to work in a funny way. This helped me to do things from heart happily and gave positive effects to my body.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.



​Living a healthy life is very important. There is a very famous old saying, “Health is Wealth.” A healthy life leads to a happy and peaceful life. Living a healthy life does not only mean having healthy food. One needs to follow certain habits to live a healthy life and maintain a healthy body. A person needs to be active all the time. In the busy schedule, no one takes care of their health. Doing exercises are far away nowadays people totally rely on junk foods. Preparing healthy food at home seems to fade away long away. People have started depending on canteens rather than carrying their own Tiffin boxes from home. If a person does not have a healthy body they suffer from so many serious diseases. 

There are few small tips to follow by which a person can lead a healthy life.

1. Drink plenty water: It is advisable to drink at least 8-10 glasses per day. Everyone should try consuming that much water per day.  A person must avoid drinking water after having food.

2. Stop Overeating: Overeating is one of the bad habits most of the people have. One should have small portions of food whole day rather than having more than needed food in a go. Sy a big “NO” to junk foods and those soft drinks that are available in the market. 

3. Regular Exercise: Exercise is very important for maintaining the body healthy. One should try walking for 30-45 minutes per day. Apart from exercise, a person must try doing 15-20 minutes different types of exercises. Skipping, Jumping, Squads are some small and easy exercises which can be done every day. 

4. Get out of comfort zone: To live a healthy life one need to compromise with their comfort zone. Avoid lift and start using staircases. Do not use your vehicle for covering small distances. Try walking. Do few houses hold chores yourself like washing your vehicles, watering the plants etc….

5. Use Healthy Ingredients: Always use good quality ingredients while preparing food. Saffola Oil and Saffola oats are one of the best ingredients to use. You can have a healthy breakfast with Saffola Oats. Eat as much as fruit, vegetables that are good for health. Everybody needs a proper balanced diet. 

The above mentioned are some small and easy steps which one can follow in their lifestyle. Only a little effort and the person will have a healthy body and live a healthy lifestyle.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.



​Every language has its own importance. One cannot deny the usage of any language but when it comes to English there aren’t any chances to deny learning it. English, in present times has been considered one of the most important languages. To survive in this fast race one need to learn this language properly. There are many schools in India in which speaking English is compulsory. I personally consider this as a great step taken by school because this builds up a child confidence from childhood. It is a human nature that a person when grows up feels more shy to learn things as compared to a child. In my case, I would thank Mrs. Prema Subramanian my constant class teacher from L.K.G to class 5th. I must say today I along with my batch mates is able to speak and write English in a good way is all because of her. We were 64 students in a class. Every week she would prepare a chart having a image of climb and slip swings. Students who were trying their best to speak in English would get the position of climbing ladder. Similarly those who got caught talking in Hindi even among friends got the position of slipping side. The ones who would constantly speak in English were the ones whose names would shine in the middle at the top on the swing. As a kid, every one of us had more feeling of competition and we would try our best to converse in English. Ultimately when we used to speak wrong the teacher used to correct us. With the passing time it became our habit to talk in English. We all started talking in English even at our homes. This was a very simple step taken by Prema mam but this benefited a lot of 64 students.

When I used to stay in Delhi, I tried my best to teach few students English.  Being her student I used to give free tuitions to those students who could not afford education. A small help from each individual actually help many people. Like Natural Nihar Natural Shanti Amla is good for hair similarly their new initiative Pathshala Funwala is beneficial for many children. Like a game they will teach English to students. They have many creative ideas to develop student interest. Do you know what the best part is? You have to do nothing, just give a missed call on 8055667788. I request people to do this for the needy people or at least inform them so that they can do it for their child shining future.
“I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda



​English; the language half of the world is crazy about. Most importantly our country India whose mother language is Hindi is also running in the race of learning English. The reason behind is simple. Nobody wants to remain back and lose the race. The language English is not that difficult as people think about. People in India do not speak English fluently because from childhood they do not listen to that language. When a child is born after making him/her learn general things parents teach their child words like, “Kya kar rahe ho ?” But in foreign country a child is taught, “What are you doing?” Here lies the difference. The language we hear more we learn it more. But India in present time India has developed a lot. We can find students of L.K.G talking in English today. But this scenario is of big cities. 

From my personal experience I would like to share that I shifted to Bihar in 2013 from Delhi. The education level is totally different in both the states.Even the college going students in Bihar does not even understand English. How can one expect that they can talk in English?  In government school of Bihar English isn’t a compulsory subject till 10th. Student need to study English only for 2 years i.e in 11th and 12th. The drawback lies here. A person who hasn’t read even letters of English till date how can he/she reads words and sentences? The shyness nature is there in most of the children. They prefer mugging up answers to pass the exam rather than understanding and learning it. 

Bihar has the least literacy rate in India but the poverty rate is higher. Only 10% families can afford those private tuitions for making their children learn English from childhood. For the rest 90% families we have Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla They are taking good steps for the education of the children. “Pathshala Funwala”  a part of this initiative is quite beneficial for the children. One just needs to give a missed call on  8055667788. The person giving a missed call will receive a back call and they have their own tricks and ways to teach the child. Seeing the present scenario of our country especially of the least developed state I willing will share about this initiative. I will try to tell about this to maximum people who desperately need this. I would be glad if the person reading my blogpost does the same. “Padhega India tab hi toh badhega India.”

“I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda



​Dear Parents, 

              I know I am small to write this. But then I felt I should make an effort to show you certain things that your children want you to understand but then fail to express or speak. I know, when a person become a father or mother he/she is more mature and more responsible. But while becoming more caring towards your children you forget the space your kids need. When a child is small he/she is much more attached with his/her parents. But as they grow up they prefer to be alone. In childhood days, they share every random things with their parents because at that time you people do not pass your judgement. You laugh on the stories but as soon as the child grows up he/she is being judged for everything. He/She start getting character certificate for his/her every act. When other relatives pass comments on him/her for not being good in studies. Trust me, your child expect you to fight for him/her. But you choose to remain silent thinking when our child will achieve something we will answer. No,Stand by your child everytime unless he/she is doing some crime.These days neither studying is easy nor the life is simple.

I know you will be thinking a child should only study and work hard. But if you ask me what problems does a child face in his/her life? I can answer you in a fully justified manner and I am answering it here itself. 

Let me come direct to the point. 

1. If your child is short in height everyone around him/her teases him. You know a child even when grows up feel complex inside but does not show outside. Then how can you expect a child of 14-15 year to accept the truth ? 

2. If your child is not fair in colour, he/she surely feel insecure. Many questions runs in their mind. They at times curse God. A 14-15 year old kid does not understand the difference between internal beauty and external beauty. 

3. Your child can like a person at any age. May be he/she choose wrong person but then feelings does not end. He/She may get into wrong relationship.

4. Your child makes friend who they may trust blindly. The same friends uses your child and ditch him/her.

5. Your child want to be topper of the class but he/she is stuck between Sinø and Tanø and which result to their failure. 

6. May be your child fall in one sided love with some person and the desire of getting that person and the fear of rejection is making your child restless. 

7. May be your child gets into bad company and start taking drugs and now would be feeling guilty.

8. Sometimes when your child fail when they do not expect at all. Trust me, your child can even think of commiting suicide.

There can be many more aspects in your child life. After all, being a child I can understand and feel mutual feelings of all the dear children around me. 
When you come to know that your child is in a relationship. You shout back at them. Take their mobile phone. Start dropping them to school and even picking them up. You do not leave your child for a minute. Do you think is this the solution ? I am sorry to say but if you think this is the solution you are very much wrong. If you do this to your child, he/she will hate you only, get far from you. You need to handle this patiently. You should be a friend in your child life.

You should be so supportive that whenever good or bad anything your child thinks he/she need to share the first person they think about should be their parent. 

If your child is feeling complex inside due to any weakness rather than telling them that only study matters,you think useless things and scolding them will make your child feel irritated. You must show them examples of person who had many weakness but today is ruling the world. This might make him feel relaxed.You know when once a child get far from their parent he/she forever get far. He/She will prefer their friends suggestions over everything. 

If you are a parent reading this, if you are a married couple reading and even if you are unmarried people reading this, I request you, it’s high time that you only maintain parent-children relationship with your child. You must be your child best friend.That friend to your child whom your child don’t fear to share anything. Trust me, be their secret holder without judging them,scolding them and see your child will surely be a shining star.

I hope I did not offend anyone who read this. If any of my words did hurt you, do forgive me considering me as your child. 

– Nidhi



​Being a single child to our parents would surely give us happiness at one point of time as we won’t have to share our toys with anyone else. Our parents love only us. When all the relatives come to meet us, they bring lots and lots of gifts for us. We are the only centre of attraction. All the love and blessings are showered upon us. Most of our demands get fulfilled in one go. We don’t even go through the insecurity as to whom do our parents love more. Because they have only “Us”!

 But but but these things do not last long. When we grow up and see around, we realize that parents’ love is equal for all the children. They never ever differentiate between their own children. Mind you, exceptions are always there! But majority doesn’t differentiate. They love their rockstar child as well as their dumb child equally. They are never ever ashamed of their children.

 When we grow up, we do miss having a brother or sister at home. I can’t say about others. But I really miss having one! Life is not at all a bed of roses and we can’t share everything with our parents even if we call them our “First Best Friend”. I accept that we can’t even share everything with our brother or sister but then when they are around, no matter elder or younger we can always get distracted from the things that are disturbing us from within or hurting from inside. 

When I am all upset, I give my sadness a new name, “Tiredness.” 

But then how can one control the tempest going through within the heart of theirs.

I know we have friends around who are no less than family. But then you can’t irritate them just because you want your mind to be diverted. You just can’t keep on calling and texting them because you want someone to keep listening to your grief. And there are few friends and everyone has their own life and own busy schedule. 

Secondly, there is really a big difference between laughing on things, keeping a smiling face and being happy from within. When one is happy from within, everything seems to give positive vibes. That person tries to spread positivity all around.But when the person is himself/herself going through the storm, they may laugh on jokes, act being normal but as soon as he/she is alone, he/she remembers things that disturbs him/her a lot.

Hardly people realize that the other person suffering from deep sorrow is much hurt than they express. Something we people expect a lot and hurt ourselves to the core. Sometimes we are such a fool that we hurt ourself even if the other person hasn’t said or promised anything.

After 21 years, I truly feel that being single child is not at all a blessing for anyone.  One should really have a brother or sister at home. With whom you can share random stuff and laugh. Listen to their stories of school and college and laugh more. Tease each other. Pull each other’s legs. Irritate each other to the core. And after few days one would surely forget their grief..!