​Dear Parents, 

              I know I am small to write this. But then I felt I should make an effort to show you certain things that your children want you to understand but then fail to express or speak. I know, when a person become a father or mother he/she is more mature and more responsible. But while becoming more caring towards your children you forget the space your kids need. When a child is small he/she is much more attached with his/her parents. But as they grow up they prefer to be alone. In childhood days, they share every random things with their parents because at that time you people do not pass your judgement. You laugh on the stories but as soon as the child grows up he/she is being judged for everything. He/She start getting character certificate for his/her every act. When other relatives pass comments on him/her for not being good in studies. Trust me, your child expect you to fight for him/her. But you choose to remain silent thinking when our child will achieve something we will answer. No,Stand by your child everytime unless he/she is doing some crime.These days neither studying is easy nor the life is simple.

I know you will be thinking a child should only study and work hard. But if you ask me what problems does a child face in his/her life? I can answer you in a fully justified manner and I am answering it here itself. 

Let me come direct to the point. 

1. If your child is short in height everyone around him/her teases him. You know a child even when grows up feel complex inside but does not show outside. Then how can you expect a child of 14-15 year to accept the truth ? 

2. If your child is not fair in colour, he/she surely feel insecure. Many questions runs in their mind. They at times curse God. A 14-15 year old kid does not understand the difference between internal beauty and external beauty. 

3. Your child can like a person at any age. May be he/she choose wrong person but then feelings does not end. He/She may get into wrong relationship.

4. Your child makes friend who they may trust blindly. The same friends uses your child and ditch him/her.

5. Your child want to be topper of the class but he/she is stuck between Sinø and Tanø and which result to their failure. 

6. May be your child fall in one sided love with some person and the desire of getting that person and the fear of rejection is making your child restless. 

7. May be your child gets into bad company and start taking drugs and now would be feeling guilty.

8. Sometimes when your child fail when they do not expect at all. Trust me, your child can even think of commiting suicide.

There can be many more aspects in your child life. After all, being a child I can understand and feel mutual feelings of all the dear children around me. 
When you come to know that your child is in a relationship. You shout back at them. Take their mobile phone. Start dropping them to school and even picking them up. You do not leave your child for a minute. Do you think is this the solution ? I am sorry to say but if you think this is the solution you are very much wrong. If you do this to your child, he/she will hate you only, get far from you. You need to handle this patiently. You should be a friend in your child life.

You should be so supportive that whenever good or bad anything your child thinks he/she need to share the first person they think about should be their parent. 

If your child is feeling complex inside due to any weakness rather than telling them that only study matters,you think useless things and scolding them will make your child feel irritated. You must show them examples of person who had many weakness but today is ruling the world. This might make him feel relaxed.You know when once a child get far from their parent he/she forever get far. He/She will prefer their friends suggestions over everything. 

If you are a parent reading this, if you are a married couple reading and even if you are unmarried people reading this, I request you, it’s high time that you only maintain parent-children relationship with your child. You must be your child best friend.That friend to your child whom your child don’t fear to share anything. Trust me, be their secret holder without judging them,scolding them and see your child will surely be a shining star.

I hope I did not offend anyone who read this. If any of my words did hurt you, do forgive me considering me as your child. 

– Nidhi



​Being a single child to our parents would surely give us happiness at one point of time as we won’t have to share our toys with anyone else. Our parents love only us. When all the relatives come to meet us, they bring lots and lots of gifts for us. We are the only centre of attraction. All the love and blessings are showered upon us. Most of our demands get fulfilled in one go. We don’t even go through the insecurity as to whom do our parents love more. Because they have only “Us”!

 But but but these things do not last long. When we grow up and see around, we realize that parents’ love is equal for all the children. They never ever differentiate between their own children. Mind you, exceptions are always there! But majority doesn’t differentiate. They love their rockstar child as well as their dumb child equally. They are never ever ashamed of their children.

 When we grow up, we do miss having a brother or sister at home. I can’t say about others. But I really miss having one! Life is not at all a bed of roses and we can’t share everything with our parents even if we call them our “First Best Friend”. I accept that we can’t even share everything with our brother or sister but then when they are around, no matter elder or younger we can always get distracted from the things that are disturbing us from within or hurting from inside. 

When I am all upset, I give my sadness a new name, “Tiredness.” 

But then how can one control the tempest going through within the heart of theirs.

I know we have friends around who are no less than family. But then you can’t irritate them just because you want your mind to be diverted. You just can’t keep on calling and texting them because you want someone to keep listening to your grief. And there are few friends and everyone has their own life and own busy schedule. 

Secondly, there is really a big difference between laughing on things, keeping a smiling face and being happy from within. When one is happy from within, everything seems to give positive vibes. That person tries to spread positivity all around.But when the person is himself/herself going through the storm, they may laugh on jokes, act being normal but as soon as he/she is alone, he/she remembers things that disturbs him/her a lot.

Hardly people realize that the other person suffering from deep sorrow is much hurt than they express. Something we people expect a lot and hurt ourselves to the core. Sometimes we are such a fool that we hurt ourself even if the other person hasn’t said or promised anything.

After 21 years, I truly feel that being single child is not at all a blessing for anyone.  One should really have a brother or sister at home. With whom you can share random stuff and laugh. Listen to their stories of school and college and laugh more. Tease each other. Pull each other’s legs. Irritate each other to the core. And after few days one would surely forget their grief..! 



Having a healthy body and living a healthy lifestyle is very much important for all human being. A good health is necessary as only if a person body is fit they can do their work. In our busy schedule we forget to take care of our body. A healthy body means when a person is physically and mentally fit.  Our body is one of the greatest gifts from God. So we must value it. If a person is unhealthy, they will always feel irritated and will not be able to enjoy their life. So it is very much important for every human being to take care of their health. Heart is the most important part of our body. Human heart regulates the whole body and if it works properly a person will be fit always.

There are few ways by which a person can keep their heart healthy by which the whole body will be healthy.

1. PROPER DIET: A person must always have proper balanced diet. They must include lots of fruits and green vegetables in their diet so that they remain fit. Having a nutritious diet will keep body healthy.  A person must increase intake of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in their diet. A person must try avoiding oily food and fried food as much as they can. If we eat oily food, there are greater chances that the person will suffer from high cholesterol and heart diseases.

2. AVOID ALCOHOL AND SMOKING: A person must always avoid having alcohol and smoking. This only damages their body and if they do not quit this habit, they will soon be suffering from heart diseases. There are few people who smoke and drink because they think that this would reduce their stress. But this is totally wrong as this only damage their body.

3. EXERCISE: A person must do regular exercise everyday because an old proverb says, “HEALTH IS WEALTH.” A person must do exercise and walking everyday because this will keep their body fit. When body remains fit, the person mind also remains fit and healthy and this will reduce chances of their being ill.
Apart from these steps, a person must drink a lot of water, do lot of physical activities, have proper sleep, avoid sitting for a long period. On this WORLD HEART DAY, we must pledge to take care of our heart and follow all the #ChhoteKadam to remain healthy.

​“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”




When we talk about a healthy body, we mean all the body parts are working fine and are healthy. The human heart is the main part of our system. If it stops working the person dies. Even if there is a small problem in heart, a human faces a lot of problems because of it. But in our busy schedule and with so much work pressure we forget to take care of our body. We sometimes knowingly and many times unknowingly our self do such things which damages our body parts.  There are few ways if we follow, we can keep our heart healthy so that it keep working properly.

1. STOP SMOKING: If you smoke, the first and the most important thing you must do is to quit smoking. Smoking is the biggest enemy of heart and if you don’t quit it, the smoke inhales can damage your whole heart and result to its blockage. If you research well, it is quite clear that many people die suffering from heart attack and it’s all because they have a habit of smoking.

2. REGULAR EXERCISE: It is wisely suggested by doctors that even if you are fit, even then every human being must do regular exercise everyday.  A person must walk at least 30 minutes every day. Apart from that, a person must try doing regular exercise every day. This will keep one’s body fit and healthy. If a person does regular exercise, there are very less chances that the person falls ill.

3. WEIGHT: Due to excess weight, a person suffers from many diseases.  If the body weight of the person increase too much, there are much chances that, that particular person suffers from heart diseases. A person must do a lot of physical activities to keep control on their weight. 

4. EAT HEALTHY FOOD: It is an old saying, “An apple a day keeps a doctor away.” So, if a person wants to remain healthy and fit they must eat much of fruits and vegetables. This will keep them feel full of energy. A person must totally avoid having oily food. Because eating oily food only increases weight and the person suffers from many heart diseases. Every person must try having a balanced diet. 

In short, no matter how busy you are or how hectic your life is, you must give time to your body. Don’t forget if the main system will be working properly your whole body will work properly so take a pledge on WORLD HEART DAY that you will follow all #ChhoteKadam to take care of your heart.

​“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”


Datsun Redi-Go


Even being a girl I always had a great love for bikes and cars. If I have to choose between the two,Cars would be my first priority as I never like hanging either with one friend or alone. I always enjoy going out with atleast four to five people together in a single vehicle. So with this purpose,Cars is on number one. And then there are some cars which fascinated me since childhood. Datsun a famous name which manufactured sports cars years ago. Datsun Redi-Go; the name itself is so unique and the name itself has the power to stop the people to know about it. Attractive things and cars were always my weakness. Before buying any thing, we check and learn every minute details about it. And when the thing is costly, and a luxurious one we think and discuss too much before purchasing. Let me share with you, some top features about Datsun Redi-Go.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate URBAN CROSS – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

The first thing people notice about any car is their design. Trust me, Datsun has one of the greatest design and one can feel like being a king or queen while having a ride in it.The exterior itself is quite stylish.
Moving towards the interior, the car again merits a point.The interior of the car has special features too.
The seats are quite comfortable and the car can occupy the whole family together. In other words, Datsun is spacious.It has D-cut Grille, high stance, head time running lamps, tail lamp design which surely looks modern and not outdated. Day lamp looks so useful and unique.The dashboard itself is also beautifully and wonderfully designed. Every driver need proper view of the back and Datsun again merits a point here. One can enjoy wider and clearer view of outside while driving in Datson. What does every car owner wants ? The fuel should not be misused. If you also desire the same then Datsun will prove to be your best purchase.
The audio system is excellent as everyone loves enjoying music when alone. Sometimes, even being in groups people prefer listening songs rather than gossiping while going on a ride. The turning radius of this car is 4.7 metre. Doesn’t it sounds interesting? Datsun’s gift you a super air conditioner in it. No no,not only the front seater will get cool air but even the back ones will enjoy the cool temperature inside Datsun in this scorching heat.
While reading its features and while writing it I was super amazed with it and I can’t wait to have a ride in Datsun.
There are many cars which have all the facilities and features and then their price are not affordable. But Datsun is the best so it is even less in price but best in features. Datsun will be a perfect buy for the Indian population. Rather than wasting time and thinking and comparing rush to the nearest store and book your Datsun. If you are lazy and not ready to go out in summer heat, but want to buy Datsun. I have a good news for you too, book your Datsun on Snapdeal.

I would love to have a ride on Datsun in the roads of Delhi around 3 am when the whole world is silent.



Only one day if in any house the mother goes out for some work or she is ill, the whole house seems to be upside down. Everyone keeps on running from one place to another. It seems that this house is unknown for rest of the members. They do not know where their own things are kept. The reason is the lady present in the house handles everything  alone. Whether the person is her husband  or her children. She takes care of everyone. She takes care from our morning coffee to our dinner.
She takes care from our clean clothes to our clean rooms. This isn’t  the story of a single house. It is the story of every household. As old people says,” Men earns and woman must do household chores. ” If this mentality would be prevailing then woman would have not been working today. But now even women’s are working and are walking steps by steps with their husband. It is very obvious that they earn because they want to support their life partner. If a woman after returning from job, can do all the household chores;  can’t each member of family help that lady a little bit. She would never ask for help because in her eyes everyone would be tired and need rest. But the family members must need to understand that even she needs rest. Nowadays every house has a washing machine so it is even easier for men to handle laundry work as for men doing kitchen work is bit difficult. The lady present in the house is also a human being and not a machine. She also get tired. Every human being rest when they return home from school or from job. But when a working lady returns she start caring for all the members of the family. It seems she is on duty even after returning to home. It is usually  seen that children learn what they see at home. So if they witness only the lady working,the daughter present in the house would be more worried about her future than her present. The daughter who is brought up like princess in her house becomes the fastest machine when she is married. Start teaching your son, if he helps his mother he would also learn to help his wife.It’s high time now. Every one is now educated. Now the time has come to change the society and the old mentality of people. Males must #ShareTheLoad with his wife.

“I am joining the Ariel #Sharetheload campaign at BlogAddaand blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.”




” Mom,please help me in keeping clothes properly.”
” Papa, I forgot to keep my maths book. I’m getting late. Please keep it. ”
” Mom, where is the lunch box ? “
” Papa, where did you keep my socks? “

This is a small  expert from a house where a child is taking help from both the parents. This isn’t the story of any random house but honestly, this is the story of my house. When I was six or seven years old I was like this. I used to dance on my parents head. I had equally taken help from both of them. This is because, since the day I have started understanding things, I have seen my father helping my mother in her works.
The video why is laundry only a mother’s job is so touchy and true. An old man who comes to his daughter house and see her working after returning from office. She does all household chores and office work side by side. Her father seeing her daughter like this regret that if he wouldn’t had prevailed the mentality that household chores are for woman, today her daughter would may be getting help by her husband. The old while leaving, leaves a letter for his daughter. He promises that he would now help his wife in works. When the man reaches his home,he himself goes to wash his clothes. Seeing his daughter working so much alone changes the old man mentality.  There was a survey conducted  by a third party for Ariel which revealed some facts :
* 2 out of 3 child thinks that washing clothes is a mother’s job.
* 78% of girls in India agree that they should learn laundry as they will have to do it when they grow up.
* 81% of married men in India agree that their daughter must learn household chores.
* 65% of married men in India agree that their children replicate their behaviour at home.
* 76% of married man in India believes that not keeping with laundry at home, still makes them a great role model for their children.

If this type of mentality still prevails, I am very sorry to say that we are teaching and giving a very wrong message to our next generation.

As I have seen my parents working together, and my father supporting my mother at every step, I am proud of him. I have seen my father washing clothes as well as utensils and he is not at all ashamed of it. The reason is he believes that working together leases everyone burden and one can spend lot of time with family and everyone can relax.  When I see my father doing this,it is very obvious for me to dream having a life partner like this. I would love to have a partner who would #ShareTheLoad with me. People should now change their mentality  and realise that females are not meant for doing all household chores alone.

“I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.”