Yaaron ki Baraat


Real friends are someone who are always with you no matter whatever the situation is. They will always be by your side holding your hands. If not many every human being has at least one special friend in their life. That one friend, who knows every secret, every problem and including every happy news too. In short, they know your whole life. No matter how much far or near they stay; they surely live each moment of their life with you. Sahiba Kharbanda , you are that special best friend of mine. We became friends when we both were in the time learning alphabets and numbers. Hardly, that time people know the meaning of best friend. At that age, we talk to people we like. Isn’t it? And surely that is the reason why we talked for the first time and became friends. In U.K.G we both became friends and with the promotion in the classes, there was promotion in our friendship too. From friends to good friends to best friend and now more like a family member.


( I am 1st left to teacher and Sahiba is 5th left from teacher. ) 

You are still my best friend but more a sister to me of same age. Someday, when I think of the days we spent together were very less in comparison to the days of our Long Distant Friendship. We studied in same school or in same city for only 6 years only. And then I shifted to Delhi. It has been 18 long years to our friendship and I love this. I was short tempered from childhood. And in childhood I used to fight with you a lot. And I remember to solve the fight, we would be writing letters to each other mother complaining. This was the cutest part. And I guess, no other would have done this apart from us. Time flew. Even I was living in Delhi, I missed you the most. No other friend of mine is as special as you. And I literally mean this. It is an old saying that no relation is maintained only if one person keeps it. I feel somewhere it is true. Even if the distant between us our too much but we were a call away. If I have to write about your qualities someday, I think I can write a whole book titled Best Friends For All The Births. You are the most polite, most friendly, most helpful, most beautiful friend of mine. The best part is I know whatever I share with you, you surely keep it only with you. You’ve always being so trustworthy. And apart from all this, I still remember the first card you gave me writing:

Roses are Red, Sky is Blue, Oh! My dear friend, I love you.

These words were for me, from a girl who was studying in 3rd class at that time but even we are grown up. This has been my most favourite lines. I would love to dedicate two lines from a bollywood movie,

Tere jaisa yaar kahan

Kahan aisa yaarana!

Yaad karegi duniya

Tera mera afsana


Even if we have been friends for 18 years we hardly have two pictures of us. For one we must thank our school and for other we must thank God that I was able to come to Jamshedpur in 2014 and meet you.

Last but not the least; please do not forget to tune in to Zee TV tomorrow at 8 pm sharp. What’s special? A new fun filled chat show YAARON KI BARAAT.. This will surely make you remind some of our conversations and fun we had for sure.. Let us watch a show together sitting apart in two different cities..😄
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