Love You Zindagi


​Dear Zindagi,

                         How do you manage handling so immature people like me? You are smiling reading this. But this is the biggest gospel. As you are always with us, we have become a bit mature. We don’t see you, touch you but we know you exist. You exist in everyone’s life and play a vital role. Today I am writing this letter because I want to pour out my heart. It’s never late to express. Isn’t it?

Zindagi, besides my parents you have taught me how to live and survive. How to love yourself? How to find beauty and happiness in ugly and bad things? You have been a great teacher whose teaching style is unique and mind blowing. Every human being whether it’s me or someone else around me must have hated you once in their life for sure. In my case, I hated you many times. I am really sorry for that Zindagi. Wish I could understand earlier your way of teaching and loving us. We immature people curse you every time when something bad happens with us rather than understanding that you surely have some better and best plans for us in your basket. 

Let me share you the times I hated you. I hated you the most, when I had to leave Delhi. Zindagi, trust me I had not cried that much when I was ditched by my best friend. I felt bad when my heart broke for the first time. But with time, I accepted the truth. But leaving Delhi, was the time I was not able to believe this truth. You know I would have loved the fact, when after leaving Delhi, I would have shifted to some another big city or to some other country. But shifting to Bihar was the biggest nightmare for me. I had really given up. When I was leaving and when I got admitted to new place every people around me asked me the same question. Do you know what? Everyone said, “People go to big cities after their schooling. I have seen first person, who did her whole schooling from Delhi and for higher studies came to Bihar.” Whenever someone would say this I used to cry a lot. I hated my life. I hated you Zindagi. But now living here for three years, I realized if my parents could really afford they would have never brought me here. If my uncle had not cheated my father, my father would never ever compromise with my studies and happiness. I was immature at that time. The only thing visible to me at that time was my dark future. I stopped talking to my parents. I used to fight with them a lot. Now I realise, the people who asked me these questions are not helping me financially. Even I shouted on my parents, they are the only one who are supporting me and have a belief that I will surely make them proud someday. Zindagi, I am thankful that you taught me this lesson. I feel ashamed the way, I fought with my parents rather than being their child I should have understand what they have been going through. Not to forget Zindagi, you made me realize the hidden talent inside me, my love for writing. If I had not been so alone, I would not have started writing. When some days, I receive messages like, “You write well. Wish to read more from you.” Trust me Zindagi, I feel like jumping and hugging you. When I win some writing competition, I am on heaven seven. When I receive winning badges and prizes from the sites I participate, I feel how much happy my parents are. Trust me, at that point of time, Zindagi I love you. 

Thank you Zindagi, for being my best friend, guide, saviour, teacher and for all those valuable lessons and selfless love you gave me. 

Sorry Zindagi, for hating you once upon a time. 

Forgive me Zindagi, for not realizing your worth.

 Love you Zindagi.

Lots of love, 


“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda”.


5 thoughts on “Love You Zindagi


    Hi! Night, I don’t know whether you are known to me or not. I have just read your post as “Love You Zindagi ” and became pleased. Zindagi is the most beautiful gift of God so it’s needless to worry about it. Be thankful to God and keep writing up. …….

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