I hate these three months of the year that is from April to June. It feels like these months are laughing at my shattered dreams, making fun of my emotions.
27th May 2013 :
“Mummy come fast. I cannot wait for a second more. ” I shouted.
” Coming ” She replied back.
I climbed down the stairs before she reached.
With big steps and pulling her fast, I reached Cyber Cafe.
” Hi, Nidhi. So early. Result hai?” Kunal bhaiya asked.
“Yes. Please open the computer fast.” I said.
In those three minutes, I had taken names of all Gods I could ever take. The crowd of students was increasing in the cafe and with each passing second, my heart beats were increasing. There were many known faces and many unknown too but the fear in every heart was same.
” 86%,” Bhaiya said.
“What? ” I was surprised.
I could not believe my ears. I was always an average student and after 5th standard, I have stopped getting more than 75%. Class 10th results were the biggest proof of it. Everyone was congratulating me. There were happiness and nervousness visible on everyone face.
It was only my mouth that was saying ‘Thank you to everyone. My heart was only shouting “Delhi University, Here I come. “ I was behaving like that teen girl who has her first crush. Butterfly were jumping in stomach in the same way that it jumps on the girl who feel her first love. When people were discussing venue for party I was just thinking “Delhi University “. In those five minutes of way from Cafe to Home I had thought everything. Which college will I get? When will the classes start? I may get my dream college too. Isn’t it? Oh! I forgot to tell you all. My excitement to study in Delhi University was at its peak. Even before the result had come I had bought bags, earrings, sandals, clothes etc.. A typical girl you see..
After reaching home the calls of relatives were waiting. I looked like a person working in some telephone company. From putting down one call to receiving that another call. But that day nothing irritated me. The day ended on a happy note.
Another day like all gangs even my squad had our plan to meet. Why will my parents stop now to go to a party? They just said ‘Yes,’ to my hangout. I was so excited to meet them all. We would be meeting after one month. We all were happy discussing which course to pursue and everyone just told their Dream College. Even I had my Dream College. With all smiles and happiness, promise to meet again soon I returned back home.
It is rightly said that excess of anything is bad. Too much happiness was just not digested in my life. Those two days happiness just turned into eyes full of tears when I reached home.
” We are leaving Delhi.” Parents said.
At once I thought it to be the only joke but the seriousness of their face just broke me.
The reasons to leave were genuine and I should have understood. But the love for Delhi, my dream for Delhi University overpowered those real reasons to leave Delhi. I tried my best to convince everyone but it was futile. With heavy heart I went to my room. From next morning I stopped talking to everyone. I started hating everything around. Parents, family members tried to make me understand but how would I understand. From the time I started living in Delhi, getting admission in Delhi University was my priority. I had said a Big No to all that hangouts, birthday parties in my 12th class. Hardly I would sleep 4 hours a day and someday it would also reduce to 2. I had worked damn hard to get good marks. No one ask 12th result when you go to college. When I had to leave Delhi, why did I just waste so much energy? I wanted to shout, fight and cry but tears did not flow. I could feel the harsh pain but could not show. Life just played dirty. Till previous evening I was counting days for when the college life would begin. From next morning the counting happened for how many days are left in Delhi.
The countdown was still happening. Just from awaiting those happy days to welcoming those sad days.
When I went to take documents from the school, I knew I was bidding bye to this place but now it was like forever. I still remember it was that day when I cried a lot. The teachers of that school were just another friend. They knew everything about us. It was that day when the pain spoke. I kept trying every day, hoped if some miracle happens but Alas destiny was already written.
Finally, 20 days finished and the calendar showed 18th June 2013. The day came when I had to say “Goodbye Delhi.” I won’t just miss the people, my friends but I would miss each lane, roads of Delhi. I have been in love with each corner of Delhi. From my Momos Corner to our gang meeting point, from those challi wale bhaiya to that tuition center from that temple visiting on every Tuesday to that sudden plan of ‘Golgappe Khane Chale? ‘ From that group studies to unlimited fun; everything was just fading in front of my eyes.
It was the first time in life when train journey did not excite me. Every year coming to Darbhanga would give me so much happiness that I would spend time with the whole family but this time I was hating that moment.
I don’t know why but why I just want to escape from these three months of the year. It feels they are haunting me. I was standing just four steps from the gates of Delhi University and could have entered my dream College but I was brought kilometers far from there. That dream of studying in Delhi University just died forever in my small heart.
People asked me why did I keep so secretive about my visit to Delhi in 2018? I just said, everyone, one-word “SURPRISE”. But the real reason was that I was afraid. Afraid of not reaching there, afraid of happiness again turning into sadness. I was afraid even after I boarded my train. Till the time I did not see ‘NEW Delhi’ board on Railway Station, I was not believing. Delhi you have always been my true love. This time you have given me much more love Delhi.

No matter where ever I stay in life, from the heart I will always be A Delhiites…


एक आख़िरी कोशिश आपको एहसास दिलाने की, या शायद मोहब्बत को अधूरा दफ़नाने की।


प्यार, इश्क़, मोहब्बत, इन तीनों शब्दों को मिला के देखे तो तो ये बात साफ दिखती हैं कि इन तीनों शब्दों में एक अक्षर अधूरा रह गया शायद इसलिए मेरी मोहब्बत भी कभी मुक़म्मल ना हो सकी। मेरी बस यही इच्छा थी कि अपने अधूरे प्यार को एक बार पूरा करके देखूं तो शायद जीवन को एक नई दिशा, एक नई उम्मीद मिल जाती, शायद बेरंग सी ज़िन्दगी इंद्रधनुष सी रंगीन हो जाती। इश्क़ इंसान की सबसे बड़ी ताक़त हैं, शायद जीवन को खुल कर जीने का हौसला देता हैं इश्क़। कौन कहता हैं कि इश्क़ तभी पूरा माना जाता हैं जब दो इंसान एक हो जाते हैं। दो दिलों के तार जुड़ने का नाम हैं इश्क़। मेरे लिए तो आपके लिए अपना बेपनाह मोहब्बत स्वीकारना ही सबसे बड़ी उपलब्धि हैं। ना जाने कितने ही अरसे से ये मोहब्बत दिल में छिपाए जिये जा रही थी। मेरी जीत तो उस दिन होगी जब मैं निडर भाव से आपके सामने खड़े हो कर, आंखों में आंखें डाल कर, आपसे हर उस शाम को लेखा जोखा बयान करूँगी और आप बस एकटक मेरी बातों को सुनेंगे। आसान लगता होगा न आपको मेरा सामने खड़े हो कर सारा दर्द छिपा लेना औऱ यूँ ही आपकी हर बात पर हंस देना। कैसे बीतती हैं हर रात तन्हाइयों में, ये सुनने की हिम्मत रखते हैं आप?

हमेशा मुझे लगता था कि सबसे ज़्यादा चोट एक नाज़ुक से रिश्ते के छन से टुटने से लगती हैं, लेकिन हकीकत सोच से काफ़ी परे हैं। तकलीफ़ की अनुभूति अगर करनी हो, तो किसीसे एक तरफा मोहब्बत करके देख लो। रोज़ यूँ ही आपकी नज़रों के सामने राह के भी अदृश्य सी रही हूँ मैं। ये नही कहती कि कुछ उम्मीद सी हैं आपसे। किस मुँह से मिन्नत करूँ, शायद आप को पता भी नहीं की ना जाने कितने ही ख़्वाब टूटे हैं आपके न होने से। एकतर्फे प्यार की कशक शायद ही आप समझ सके क्योंकि इस प्यार की ना कोई निश्चित मंज़िल हैं, ना कोई आसरा। हज़ारों प्रश्न हैं पर जवाब मांगू तो मांगू किससे। कोई हक नहीं हैं मेरा, ना आप पर, ना आपके खयालों पर।। आपसे मोहब्बत करना ख़ता हैं या या सज़ा, कुछ कहा नहीं जा सकता हैं। अगर ख़ता हैं तो अब हम ये गुनाह कर चुके। गलती शायद मेरी ही थी कि मैं मर्यादा का उल्लघंन करती चली गयी।। अब लाखों कोशिशों के बाद भी मेरा पीछे लौटना संभव नहीं हैं, ना आपको भूलना मुमकिन हैं।। हम बस कठपुतलियां हैं, हमारे किरदार निर्धारित हैं। हम बस निभाये जा रहे हैं।

यूँ तो फरवरी का महीना बहुत ही खास होता हैं हर प्यार करने वाले के लिए, लेकिन ये माह इसलिए भी ज़्यादा ख़ास हो जाती हैं क्योंकि इसी ही महीने में आपका जन्मदिन होता हैं। ख़ुद पर हंस पड़ती हूँ कभी कभी। एक अमोल नन्ही बालिका की तरह होठों पर एक अजीब सी मुस्कान तैर जाती हैं जब भी आपको देखती हूँ। उस दिन तो मुस्कुराहट छिप ही नही रही थी जब आपको उस ग्रे रंग के जैकेट में देखा था। एक बार बहुत हिम्मत जुटा कर आपके जैकेट की तारीफ की थी, वैसे दबे ज़ुबान में वो आपकी ही प्रशंसा थी जो शायद मैं खुल के करने के क़ाबिल नहीं। हर कोई आपका कायल हैं, आपने समझा होगा मैं भी उनमें से ही एक हूँ। आप भी क्यों हर अदने इंसान की बातें याद रखेंगे। आपकी हर गली में चर्चा तो आम हैं, लेकिन उन्हीं गलियों में एक राह ऐसी भी हैं जो दूर से देखने से सुनसान हैं लेकिन यहा अर्सों से इश्क़ आबाद हैं आपके नाम की। वक़्त भी इंसान के साथ अजीब से अजीब खेल खेलता हैं। कहा करती थी की इश्क़ हैं दिल्ली से, दिल तो आपके पास रह गया।

एक दिन बेइंतेहा व्याकुल हो कर आपकी नवीनतम तसवीर पर प्रतिक्रिया दे ही, मन नहीं माना तो चुपके से आपको ये भी बता दिया कि आपकी तस्वीर बहुत अच्छी हैं। ना जाने क्यों आपको राय दे डाली की आपको अपने उसी हाफ ग्रे जैकेट में भी एक फोटो डाल देनी चाहिए। कितनी सहजता से आपने शुक्रिया अदा किया था। मेरे नन्हे से मासूम दिल में एक नई सी उम्मीद जग गयी। इंतेज़ार में थी कि आप कभी उस जैकेट में कोई तस्वीर डाले और मैं उसे दिन भर निहार सकूँ। कमबख्त दिल तो बच्चा हैं जी, थोड़ा सा कच्चा हैं। जब भी आप पूछते हैं कि कुछ नया बताओ तो दिल तो चाहता हैं कि सब बता दूँ, दिल खोल के रख दूँ आपके सामने, लेकिन फ़िर बहकते कदमों को पीछे कर लेती हूँ।

अक्सर सुना था कि प्यार लोगों को बदल देता हैं।। जब खुद को बदलते देखा तब जा के यक़ीन हुआ। जिस हिंदी भाषा से हिचकिचाहट होती थी, आज बेहद खूबसूरत ढंग से आपके लिए अपने दिल का हाल बयाँ कर रही हूँ। कैसे सिर्फ लेख का शीर्षक देख के आपने समझ लिया था कि बहुत दर्द भरा लगता हैं। काश आप उस दर्द की गहराई का अंदाज़ा लगा पाते। एक तो समय नहीं होता आपके पास, इतने व्यस्त हैं आप। दूसरा क्यों आप मेरे लेखों को पढ़ने में उत्सुक होंगे। मेरे लिए लेख का हर अक्षर बहुत महत्वपूर्ण हैं क्योंकि हर लेख में जिस प्यार का ज़िक्र हैं वो और कोई नही आप ही हैं। समय के साथ इंसान बहुत कुछ सीख जाता हैं। पहले एक इतवार आपको देखे बिना बीतना मुश्किल होता था, वक़्त का खेल देखिए हुज़ूर आज एक साल बीत गए और आपको देखे आंखें तरस गयी। पहले जो इतवार काटना दुर्गम था अब उस इतवार का हर हफ्ते बेसब्री से इंतज़ार रहता हैं ताकि कुछ दो पल आपसे बातें हो पाए।

कभी लगा नहीं था कि यूँ बिना किसी इंसान को ना जानते हुए भी उससे बेहद मोहब्बत हो जाएगी। भीड़ में भी मेरी इंद्रिया आपकी आहटों की आवाज़ पहचान लेंगी। आपके बारे में तब भी कुछ नहीं जानती थी जब पहली दफा नज़रें मिली थी आपसे। जाना था तो बस एक हसीन सा चेहरा जिसकी एक झलक मेरे दिन को सूर्य की किरणों से ज़्यादा जगमगा देती हैं। ना आज आपके बारे में कुछ जानती हूँ जब बैरागी सी हो गयी हूँ आपकी मोहब्बत में। बस आपका नाम सुना हैं, और सुनी हैं आपकी आवाज़ जो कानों में बस सी गयी हैं। जाना हैं बस इतना कि आप संयम प्रिय हैं, आप धैर्यवान हैं, शाम में जैसे समंदर की लहरें शांत हो जाती हैं, वैसे शांति प्रिय पुरुष हैं और मैं आंधी की हवा की तरह चंचल। हर घड़ी बस एक ही तमन्ना रहती हैं कि कुछ लम्हे आपसे बातें करते हुए गुज़रे। आपकी आवाज सुनने की एक ललक दिल को झंझोर देती हैं।

पता नहीं इश्क़ आपसे हैं या आपके गंभीर स्वभाव से। इतनी कर्तव्यनिष्ठा, संजीदगी, कर्तव्यपरायणता कैसे हैं आप। आपकी वजह से मैं खुद को बदला हुआ देखती हूं। हर समय बेपरवाह तितलियों सी मचलने वाली लड़की आज धीरज धरना सीख रही हैं। इतने दिनों तक इश्क़ को खुद में संभाले रखना मुश्किल तो हैं पर मजबूर हूँ मैं। मेरा लेख पढ़ के हर कोई ये सवाल करता हैं कि क्यों हैं इतना दर्द, किसके लिए मोहब्बत संभाले चली आ रही हो। सच बताए भी तो कैसे? लेकिन हर क्षण ये ख्याल आता हैं कि कब आप ये प्रश्न उठाये और आपको सत्य बोल पाऊं। थक गई हूँ सच को झुठलाते झुठलाते।

आपने ही तो कहा था कि ज़रुर भेजना गर कुछ नया लिखो। दिल को छू जाती हैं मेरी कहानियां आपको। मन में बेचैनी अभी बची हैं। बड़े दिन हो गए उन आँखों को देखे हुए, अब उनके नाम पर ही दिल धड़क उठता हैं । भले ही दिन रात एक कर के अपने दिल की हर एक भावना इन पन्नो पर कई दफा निचोड़ डाला; पर दुविधा तो इस बात की हैं की आप पढ़ेंगे या नहीं ? खैर गलती तो आपकी भी नहीं हैं,काम की उलझनों में समय भी नहीं मिल पाता आपको । हैरानी तो हर बार मुझे खुद पर होती है की सारी वास्तविकता जानते हुए भी हर बार मुझे उम्मीद रहती है की आप मेरे शब्दों में छिपे हर एक भावनाओं को समझेंगे और मुझसे दो घड़ी ही सही पर एक बार मुझे खुल कर मेरे प्यार को कबूलने का मौका देंगे । खैर छोड़िये आपको तो हमेशा की तरह इस बार भी कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ेगा । अगर वक़्त मिलेगा तो पढ़ लेंगे आप नहीं तो ऐसे ही अनदेखा कर देंगे पिछले लेख की तरह ।

चलिए मैं ऐसे ही लिखती रहूंगी और आप हमेशा की तरह या तो समझेंगे नहीं या फिर समझ कर अनदेखा कर देंगे ।

पिछले दो लेखों की तरह; यह लेख भी इस बात पर ही खत्म करूंगी कि इश्क मुकम्मल हो यह ज़रूरी तो नहीं । प्यार ज़ाहिर हो ये महत्वपूर्ण हैं । साल भर से ज़्यादा हो गए उस एक पल का इंतज़ार करती हूँ जब आपके सामने अपने दिल मे छुपे हर एक शब्द कह जाऊं और आप चुप चाप सुने मेरे हर एक ज़ज़्बात को, हर एक दर्द को । भले सुनने के बाद आप मुझे यह ही कह दे की मैं आपके काबिल नहीं । यकीन हैं मुझे अपने ऊपर की मैं यह सत्य आपके मुँह से सुन कर भी अपने चेहरे पर वही मुस्करात कायम रखूँगी ।भले ही मेरा प्यार अधूरा रह गया , पर दुआ है अल्लाह से की आप को जिस से भी इश्क़ हो वह मुक्कमल ज़रूर हो । आपको न पाने का दुःख भले सारी उम्र रहे पर आपको पाने की कोशिश न करना का मलाल तो नहीं रहेगा।

एक अधूरी दोस्ती


सुनो,तुम याद तो बहुत आती हो लेकिन तुम्हें अब सिर्फ याद ही कर सकती हूँ । तुम शायद भूल गईं हो मुझे, हमारी दोस्ती को, साथ बिताए हर एक पल को लेकिन मुझे तो आज भी सब याद है । कई बार ऐसा महसूस होता है जैसे कल कि ही तो बात है जब हमारी दोस्ती कि कितने लोग चर्चा करते थे ।

जब मैंने दिल्ली में कदम रखा था तो मैं अनेको के भीड़ में खोई हुईं एक मासूम लड़की जिसे उस समय सब अपना लगता था । वक्त के साथ मैं वहाँ गुल मिल तो जरूर गई थी फिर भी वहाँ से भी भाग जाने का दिल करता था । हर कोई अपना कहता तो जरूर था पर मानता कोई नहीं था । बात तो उन ही दिनों कि हैं जब तुमने मेरा हाथ थामा था , मुझे गले से लगाया था ; वादा किया था उम्र भर यह दोस्ती निभाने की । लेकिन उस समय मुझे कहां यह पता था कि वादें तोड़ने के लिए ही तो किए जाते हैं ।

मेरे ज़हन में हर एक वो याद आज भी ताजी हैं । एक स्कूल में पढ़ते तो थे लेकिन वर्ग अलग था । कैसे हम अपनी नजर घड़ी की सुई पर अटका कर रखा करते थे और इंतजार करते थे घन्टी के बजने का । वो हर क्लास के बाद पाँच मिनट की मुलाकात आज भी स्मरण हैं । कैसे 4 बजे की ट्यूशन के लिए हम 3:30 ही पहुँच जाते थे क्योंकि हमारे पास बातों का ख़जाना जो हुआ करता था। वो हमारा पहला क्रश हमने एक दूसरे को ही तो बताया था । तुम्हारे पहले प्यार पर हमारा जासूस बन रिएलटी चेक करना सब याद हैं मुझे ।

ऐसी शायद कोई बात ही नहीं थी जो हमने एक दूसरे से छिपाई हो । लोग कहा कहते थे यह दो एक ही तो हैं । वक्त के साथ दोस्ती तो बहुत गहरी हुईं और लड़ाई का तो सवाल ही पैदा नहीं होता था । हर दुःख, हर सुख में हमने एक दूसरे को ही ढूँढा था । पर वक्त के साथ सब बदल गया।

ताजुब तो मुझे उस दिन हुआ जब मैंने तुम्हें अपने जीवन की सबसे बड़ी गलती के लिए रोकने आयी थी और तुम ने पलट कर मुझे कहा था, ” तुम होती कौन हो मुझे रोकने वाली? तुम तो मुझसे जलती हो, मेरी खुशी तुमसे बर्दाश्त नहीं होती ।” यकीन नहीं हुआ जिसके लिए कल तक मैं सब कुछ थी अचानक उसके लिए कौन हो गयी । लाखो की भीड़ में खो सी है हमारी दोस्ती।

तुम्हारा हर एक शब्द कांटो कि तरह चुब रहे थे लेकिन फिर भी दिल मान नहीं रहा था । कैसे तुम्हें उस खाई में गिरने देती ? बहुत कोशिश कि थी तुम्हें रोकने की पर न तुम रूकी ; न हमारी दोस्ती बची । एक जटके में हमारी दोस्ती का नामों निशान मिठ गया हमेशा के लिए ।

ऐसा नहीं था कि तुम्हारे बाद मेरी किसी से दोस्ती नहीं हुईं पर तुम्हारी याद आज भी आँखों में आँसू भर देती हैं । चार साल की दोस्ती को टूटे हुए आज सात साल हो गए हैं लेकिन याद उतना ही आती हो। मन में चाह है तो सिर्फ इतनी कि जिन्दगी के सफर में तुम से एक मुलाकात जरूर हो ।



All That Is Unseen, all that never really blossomed under the sky of truth. Embracing the voices coming from within and when these personalities started interlacing with each other, everything fades. The storm of facts started unfolding the time Nasia interceded for Arav’s nightmare, for he didn’t know whether what seems to be real is actually there or is an illusion from within his own mind, anymore. It’s amusing that, how unreal the truth can become-how one feels about being unchained to fly but having short lived freedom- how one believes the seen but later encountered to be a game of betrayal, an elaborate set of unreal illusions that wheeled to destruction..


“All That Is Unseen ” by Sahil Bhambri is a perfect one time read. The cover of the book is designed in an unique way. A total different cover. Even the title of the novel is quite interesting. The word “UNSEEN” in the tile adds amazing effects to readers mind. The blurb of the novel will force you to pick up and read this novel. The book holds the story of Arav and Nasia. The story is all about a writer and a painter. The two amazing artists meet and create a wonderful story for the readers to read. The author has written this novel brilliantly. The book just doesn’t hold the theme of love and friendship but the novel holds a serious issue within it. The book is an easy read. The language of the book is easy to understand. Overall, I enjoyed reading this novel and the story will stay within me. I recommend this novel to everyone. I am sure it will touch your heart.

RATING : 4/5

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Love and Life; the four letters small word carries all the burden. We human being is blessed with the brain but still, we tend to do the foolishness. We make stupid decisions of our life and regret later. To the people who regret their decisions they take in their life, I would love to say; never ever regret any decision in your life. Every decision we take teach us a lesson for life no matter what the consequence was of the decision.
We get attached to many people in our life. Some stand with us for life and some leave us in between. They go when we need them the most. Consider those people who leave you as a blessing in your life. WHY? The reason behind because they left you can now have new true relations in your life. I have usually seen people giving a big full stop to their life after their breakups. I won’t lie. Everyone does.
Honestly, breakups do break the person badly. They break emotionally, mentally. At times for years, they just become lifeless soul. The human heart within them dies. There is always a conflict between people what hurts more? Relationship v/s One-sided Love.
Even I am a part of the same conflict. At times I feel relationship are more terrible and another moment I feel One Sided Love hurts more.
The beginning of every relationship is just so beautiful. Honestly, at times, I have fallen in love with a couple. There are couples I have admired the most. Seeing them in love deeply have made me at times forced to feel that being in a relationship is just so cute and lovely. Years later, when I see that same couple separated; it hurts me too. I start losing faith in love. But if you hear stories of both sides of the coin you will feel that their separation was the right decision. But getting separated from your partner hurts badly. You see thousands of dreams of future with them. You plan many things. You are all prepared to spend whole life with them and then something worse happens or either one of them was faking the relationship. I strongly feel moving out from a relationship is somewhat easy. At least you know what has actually happened. You know you have been cheated. You know the answers to the questions. I have seen people growing more mentally strong after their breakup. I salute all those brave souls.

Talking about One Sided Love, I always feel weak. First of all One Sided Love happens randomly. That Unexpected love strikes in the heart right away. You are clueless for a moment and the person is all over your mind and heart. First of all, you are scared to express your feelings to the person you love. I always used to say people to go and express their love boldly. They will be at least clear getting answers. But when going through the same phase today I feel confessing your love is the biggest struggle. Thousands of bad thoughts run in mind every time I think to confess my love. The fear of losing him as a person too stop me every time. I spend most of the evening thinking same questions every day. Does he know I love him? Am I not right match for him? Does he know I am deeply in love with him? Is he ignoring? There are several questions with which I am fighting daily. I even don’t know if I will get answers to these questions. There is a hope in the heart that what if he accepts my proposal. But then everything ends on WHAT IF?
To me, One Sided Love hurt the most. We keep on fighting every day. We even don’t know what we are fighting but we still keep the struggle on…

TO THE PEOPLE READING THIS, If you have read it till here A big thank you for having so much patience. I have a small request to everyone reading this.If you are in a relationship please be loyal to your partner. Being cheated in one of the worst phases a person has to go to. To overcome that pain sometimes life ends. To others out here, if you know someone loves you or have feelings for you; the least you can do is respect their feelings. At least you can talk to them politely and explain them rather than being rude towards them. The person who is being treated so badly starts finding faults in themselves. Never make fun of their feelings. Remember they love you without any expectation. At last to the people who are going through with me in the phase of being in one-sided love, I would say Have faith in God. If you are meant to be together you will be,otherwise, think Destiny has something more best for you in its stock.

Keep Loving.. ❤




Quite early in his life, Aman had been labelled a ‘weirdo’. His side-parted, oil soaked hair and gawky physique made him the butt of jokes among his peers. There is nothing spectacular in his life—he studies all day, has never had an interaction with a girl that lasted more than five minutes, and scribbles his inner musings into his best friend, a personal diary.

Deep down, however, the guilt of being considered a social killjoy by the society starts to have a negative impact on him.

When forced out of his solitary shell into the action-infused warehouse that is ‘college’, Aman’s life takes a drastic U-Turn. Owing to a Chemistry project, he is forced to partner up with Kiara—a cheerful, carefree soul who tucks away her dark, brooding past upon arriving in Manipal.

What follows is a series of awkward encounters and quirky adventures; ones that throw them in the deep end and make them face their worst fears.


Anubhav Shrivastava completed a degree in Engineering before the writing bug struck him. His first book – One Last Time was released when he was twenty-three years old and was an instant bestseller. He is an active blogger and is enthusiastic about movies, fitness and good food.He has previously been invited as a speaker at various literature fests and colleges like BITS Pilani, ISB Hyderabad, Cambridge, IIT Kanpur, etc.

Ananya Roy is a second year student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. Hailing from Pune, she’s accustomed to lovely people and lovely weather.Intensively poetic and inherently clumsy, she strives to make the world a happier and more beautiful place to live in.


“Letters In The Rain” is the second book by Anubhav Srivastava that I read. The only change this one had that it was a co-authored book. Honestly the author managed to impress me both the time.
The blurb of the book had madr it quite interesting and it will force the readers to turn the pages.The cover of the book could have been designed more better.

The book consists of two main characters Aman and Kiara. College Days always add many beautiful as well as bitter memories in everyone’s life. The same happened in Aman’s life as well. Always a school topper and talking less will people was what school days Aman used to be. He continued the same personality in initial days of college too but then with the passing of days they was a vast change in his personality. One could relate with many parts of the book and I bet many readers would relate to the whole story of the book.
In short, this book proved to be a perfect read for me. The less characterization gave more perfection to the story. The language of the book was quite simple to understand.Both the authors had worked great and done a marvellous job. Although, I has expected a different ending but still I loved reading each page. I would recommend this book to everyone who is reading this review.

RATING : 4/5

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Living a healthy life is a necessity for every human being in today’s time. The reason behind is if a person does not take proper care of his/her body they will suffer from several diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle does not damages one part but whole body suffers. That is why, it is always suggested by doctors to have a balanced diet. Each vegetable is important for human body. Among all the proteins and vitamins, Vitamin E is often neglected by many people. People neglect it because of lack of knowledge. Vitamin E is as much important source necessary for body and most importantly for the hairs and skin. A human body should consume 27 mg per day Vitamin E. There are various sources to add Vitamin E in your daily life. Almonds are one of the best sources to get Vitamin E. Apart from Almonds ; Spinach, Pinenuts, Avocado, Broccoli, Papaya and Olives are other food items that are highly rich in Vitamin E. Several diseases such as chest pains,blood pressure can be prevented if proper amount of Vitamin E is consumed everyday. Although I am very well aware of the fact that consuming Vitamin E is necessary and even I know all the various sources through which we get it. Still being a lazy person I started hunting for oil and moisturizer that had Vitamin E in it. From that day to present day taking Vitamin E became a daily routine of my life. No doubt, they were good to for skin and hair but then they were costly. Right at that moment, I was searching another means of getting Vitamin E and then I came to know about ‘Evion Supplements’ . This brought the ray of happiness back to my life. It has been three years since I am using #Evion. Every week one packet is consumed and at time two packets too. Rather than swallowing the tablet with water I started using other methods. I chose to apply Vitamin E directly on the needed areas. Whenever I oil my hair, I cut two capsules of Evion and extract the oil from it. Mix it with my preferred Coconut Oil and Olive Oil and then apply on my hair. This has surely reduced my hair fall and have added growth and volume to my hair. Another amazing usage of Evion I did is whenever I apply Aloe – Vera Gel on my face I mix it with Evion, Vitamin E capsules. These small tricks proved to be great source of energy for my skin. There is a good change in my skin. The problem of acne has reduced much and even skin glows. Thank you #Evion for being my true selfless friend. This post is a part of http://www.evion.co.in/