Childhood is one of the best parts in anyone’s life. We have heard this from our childhood, “Bache maan k Saache”. Isn’t it? And this statement is very much true to some extent. No matter, how much you teach something to a child, he will only do what his heart says to do it. One get easily friend to anyone they meet only if that person touches the child heart. Every person when first time goes to school surely cries. Everywhere there are only new faces around them. Teachers try their best to make each student feel comfortable. I remember being admitted to Kerala Samajham Model School in Jamshedpur. This was my first school. I cried a lot on the very first day a lot. I did not like anyone. But till recess time, I liked everyone around me. We all became friends and even shared our lunch boxes. The girl who did not wanted to go to school the first day, was dying hard to go to school the very next day because of being excited to meet those new friends. Among all those friends, there was a girl, Sahiba who became my closest friend. We both used to sit together in class and won’t leave each other for a second. Everyone knew about the bond we share. If we saw each other talking or sitting with someone else, we would fight a lot. It was like we owe each other. Whenever we would fight we would be seen writing letter to each other mother and next day we would be friends again. I am sure that no other pair of friends would have done this.The purest friendship where there was no politics and hatred. After 5th standard, I left Delhi due to some issues.  I remember, she came to my house requesting my father not to take me to Delhi. But God wanted something else. It has been 18 long years to our friendship.  We lived together only for 6 years. In short, the time we spent together is so small if compared to our Long Distance Friendship. Distance never became a barrier to our friendship but it made our friendship stronger. Calling you from STD booth was like best thing I could do when I shifted to Delhi. After I left Delhi, we met once in 2014 and that was the most perfect moment of our lives. You are the most polite, trust worthy friend of mine. I still remember the card you gave me in class 3RD writing,

“Roses are Red, Sky is Blue, Oh! My dear friend, I love you. ” 

We don’t have many photographs together but even these two photographs are like a jackpot in our life.

Class 5th group photograph

When we met in 2014

In the movie, “Dear Zindagi” Shahrukh Khan is Jug in Alia’s life, in the same manner Sahiba you are the “Jug” in my life. Proud to have a friend like you and I love you ❤
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There is no human on this planet that is without a friend. Every human being on this planet has one or two special friend in their lives that are always there with them. Everyone has their Jug in their life. Like Alia Bhatt has Sharukh Khan in her life in the movie, “Dear Zindagi”, we also have someone whom we call our Jug. I have always been an emotional person. I won’t count it as one of my positive qualities because people can easily make me fool, convinces me for what they want. This surely has landed me in serious problems many times in life. People doing this weren’t my enemies but my so called friends only whom I thought are the best people around me. I guess childhood is one of the best phases in one’s life. At that time people whom we call friends are always your friends. There isn’t any politics involved in that friendship. But as we grow up some friends are like friends with benefits, dual faced friends. When I shifted to Delhi from Jamshedpur, in the school I got admitted I made lots of friends but a lot of fights too happened every day. I was bullied in the school for my dark colour and I felt alone. May be even after having lots of friends, I had no friends around me. Last two years in that school were more miserable for me because I came to know truths of many so called best friends. Anyways, every one of us had to change our school after 10th. I had made up my mind that I won’t go in that school, where rest of my schoolmates will be going. I was done with them and always wanted to leave them now. I can’t fake something for a long time and when it comes to friendship, I can never ever do it. I took admission in a new school where no old classmates were with me. I was even scared that I don’t know anyone in that school except a name, “Aakriti”. I asked my new classmate about that girl and came to know that she was from some other section and was not present that day. Hardly, I made any friend on the first day of my school. Next day, that girl herself came to meet me in my class and from that day she has always been by my side. Thank you, for coming that day as I found an honest friend that day. History repeated itself to me even in my new school and this time it was worse. I was bullied a lot there also for my colour. I was not so confident and that time so I could not even fight back and an 11th class student complains to teacher doesn’t look good so I preferred to ignore. But this time, I surely had a true friend with me. Aakriti would never let me feel alone for once. Every day she would make sure that she comes to me during recess time and in all the free periods. I was happy to have her in my life. After a year, I left that school but the bond with Aakriti was never broken. It grew stronger. She has been the first true best friend in Delhi. I am like an open book to her. I have shared everything about my life with her. After I left that school, we never met but that never affected our friendship. She has been the dearest friend of mine. I even left that city but she is still the part of my life. She isn’t now just a friend of mine; she is a sister to me. Yes, a sister from another mother. We both are friends since more than 6 years but we don’t have a picture together. We haven’t gone for parties, hang out together. I cannot perfectly write the bond we share. I feel short of words when I need to express this. Aakriti, you have been a great friend, teacher, sister, and much more to me. You have guided me when I was wrong. You have scolded me when I was doing wrong and trusting wrong people. You have accepted me with all my flaws. You have been the most precious gift, God has given me. I would have written many posts on your birthday’s , would have tagged you in many pictures on Instagram or Facebook to express what you mean to me but today by writing this on my blog, I expressed it all and I can proudly say, “You are the Jug in my life.” 

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Love You Zindagi


​Dear Zindagi,

                         How do you manage handling so immature people like me? You are smiling reading this. But this is the biggest gospel. As you are always with us, we have become a bit mature. We don’t see you, touch you but we know you exist. You exist in everyone’s life and play a vital role. Today I am writing this letter because I want to pour out my heart. It’s never late to express. Isn’t it?

Zindagi, besides my parents you have taught me how to live and survive. How to love yourself? How to find beauty and happiness in ugly and bad things? You have been a great teacher whose teaching style is unique and mind blowing. Every human being whether it’s me or someone else around me must have hated you once in their life for sure. In my case, I hated you many times. I am really sorry for that Zindagi. Wish I could understand earlier your way of teaching and loving us. We immature people curse you every time when something bad happens with us rather than understanding that you surely have some better and best plans for us in your basket. 

Let me share you the times I hated you. I hated you the most, when I had to leave Delhi. Zindagi, trust me I had not cried that much when I was ditched by my best friend. I felt bad when my heart broke for the first time. But with time, I accepted the truth. But leaving Delhi, was the time I was not able to believe this truth. You know I would have loved the fact, when after leaving Delhi, I would have shifted to some another big city or to some other country. But shifting to Bihar was the biggest nightmare for me. I had really given up. When I was leaving and when I got admitted to new place every people around me asked me the same question. Do you know what? Everyone said, “People go to big cities after their schooling. I have seen first person, who did her whole schooling from Delhi and for higher studies came to Bihar.” Whenever someone would say this I used to cry a lot. I hated my life. I hated you Zindagi. But now living here for three years, I realized if my parents could really afford they would have never brought me here. If my uncle had not cheated my father, my father would never ever compromise with my studies and happiness. I was immature at that time. The only thing visible to me at that time was my dark future. I stopped talking to my parents. I used to fight with them a lot. Now I realise, the people who asked me these questions are not helping me financially. Even I shouted on my parents, they are the only one who are supporting me and have a belief that I will surely make them proud someday. Zindagi, I am thankful that you taught me this lesson. I feel ashamed the way, I fought with my parents rather than being their child I should have understand what they have been going through. Not to forget Zindagi, you made me realize the hidden talent inside me, my love for writing. If I had not been so alone, I would not have started writing. When some days, I receive messages like, “You write well. Wish to read more from you.” Trust me Zindagi, I feel like jumping and hugging you. When I win some writing competition, I am on heaven seven. When I receive winning badges and prizes from the sites I participate, I feel how much happy my parents are. Trust me, at that point of time, Zindagi I love you. 

Thank you Zindagi, for being my best friend, guide, saviour, teacher and for all those valuable lessons and selfless love you gave me. 

Sorry Zindagi, for hating you once upon a time. 

Forgive me Zindagi, for not realizing your worth.

 Love you Zindagi.

Lots of love, 


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Dear Zindagi, My favourite teacher


Dear Zindagi,

                           You are the most precious thing in every human life. But some people really don’t know your worth or doesn’t care about it. I am very sorry Zindagi,as once upon a time, I was going to end my life. But dear Zindagi, You are my favourite teacher. Do you want to know why ? I will give you so many reasons for it. It’s because, I never learnt to accept failure. But Zindagi,you taught me to accept failure and rejection in life. Zindagi, till date, you gave me very little happiness of my life.But I know, you must have stored something big and rocking for my life. That’s the reason, I stopped quiting. I am fighting everyday with a big smile on my face. There are many incidents which made me sad but Zindagi, you taught me to stand, fight and live once again. I guess, I haven’t complained about anyone this much but I had lots of complaints from you. There were some days and night of few months when I hated you the most. But it was like,you did not wanted to give up on me. It felt you were determined that you won’t let me fall down. You taught me the valuable lessons of my life which I would love to share.

1. Parents are the most important people in everyone’s life. Listen to them. If they refuse for something,agree to them. One day or another, you will regret not listening to them.

2.Everyone around you is not your friend. Act wisely and trust people. The world is mean and some people around are with you with some aim. 

3. Don’t believe in showing off. The day you will success, everyone will see it themselves.

4. Very few people are born with silver spoon in their mouth. So work hard, and achieve all the success and fame yourself.

5. One of the most important lesson, you taught me is, Life is so much precious. Don’t think of attempting suicide or ending your life because someone left you who promised that they will never leave you alone.   “Live for yourself.”

Zindagi, you are filled with various emotions and you try showing all of them to us. Zindagi, the day, my best friend whom I considered as my best brother ditched me, the day I hated you.I wanted to end up my life. The day, when my heart broke for the very first time, was the time I hated you so much. The day, I had to leave Delhi, and my dream of studying in Delhi University broke. Trust me,Zindagi, I hated you the most. I had worked so hard in 12th so that I get admission in Delhi University and because of poor financial condition, after my schooling I had to leave Delhi, I hated you a lot. I had really gave up. I did not wanted to fight anymore. It was very much difficult for me to leave Delhi and shift to Bihar. I did not wanted to study anymore.

But Zindagi,now I realize, if my brother had not broken my trust,I would never stop trusting people blindly. If my heart would not had been broken, I would have never knew the true meaning of love. If I had not left Delhi,I would have never understood how parents manage to give every possible thing to their children.If I had not left Delhi,I would had never started writing. In this new place, I did not like any people and so I started penning down my emotions. And today,I have very deep love for writing.   Although, you snatched much from me but now I don’t have complaints. The way you teach us is different and unique. Elders around us keep on saying and teaching same things to us and we don’t listen to them. Once Zindagi, you teach us the same lesson we never ever forget it and we even pass the same to our younger ones. 

So,Thank you Zindagi, you taught me the most valuable, precious lessons of life. Zindagi, you are quite similar to those teachers in school, who are very much strict from outside,keep scolding you. But in heart, they want your success. Zindagi,you make us fall, so that next time we walk, we walk with open eyes. Happiness and sadness are like two side of coins and Zindagi you makes us teach the worth of each of them. 

I love you Zindagi, because you gave me too and I know you are having some block buster happiness for my life. Sorry for complaining.You are my most favourite teacher and will always be as no one other than you would have been holding me tight, when I shouted on you and wanted to run away from you. Dear Zindagi, you deserve the biggest thank you.❤ 

Loads of love


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Yaaron ki Baraat


Real friends are someone who are always with you no matter whatever the situation is. They will always be by your side holding your hands. If not many every human being has at least one special friend in their life. That one friend, who knows every secret, every problem and including every happy news too. In short, they know your whole life. No matter how much far or near they stay; they surely live each moment of their life with you. Sahiba Kharbanda , you are that special best friend of mine. We became friends when we both were in the time learning alphabets and numbers. Hardly, that time people know the meaning of best friend. At that age, we talk to people we like. Isn’t it? And surely that is the reason why we talked for the first time and became friends. In U.K.G we both became friends and with the promotion in the classes, there was promotion in our friendship too. From friends to good friends to best friend and now more like a family member.


( I am 1st left to teacher and Sahiba is 5th left from teacher. ) 

You are still my best friend but more a sister to me of same age. Someday, when I think of the days we spent together were very less in comparison to the days of our Long Distant Friendship. We studied in same school or in same city for only 6 years only. And then I shifted to Delhi. It has been 18 long years to our friendship and I love this. I was short tempered from childhood. And in childhood I used to fight with you a lot. And I remember to solve the fight, we would be writing letters to each other mother complaining. This was the cutest part. And I guess, no other would have done this apart from us. Time flew. Even I was living in Delhi, I missed you the most. No other friend of mine is as special as you. And I literally mean this. It is an old saying that no relation is maintained only if one person keeps it. I feel somewhere it is true. Even if the distant between us our too much but we were a call away. If I have to write about your qualities someday, I think I can write a whole book titled Best Friends For All The Births. You are the most polite, most friendly, most helpful, most beautiful friend of mine. The best part is I know whatever I share with you, you surely keep it only with you. You’ve always being so trustworthy. And apart from all this, I still remember the first card you gave me writing:

Roses are Red, Sky is Blue, Oh! My dear friend, I love you.

These words were for me, from a girl who was studying in 3rd class at that time but even we are grown up. This has been my most favourite lines. I would love to dedicate two lines from a bollywood movie,

Tere jaisa yaar kahan

Kahan aisa yaarana!

Yaad karegi duniya

Tera mera afsana


Even if we have been friends for 18 years we hardly have two pictures of us. For one we must thank our school and for other we must thank God that I was able to come to Jamshedpur in 2014 and meet you.

Last but not the least; please do not forget to tune in to Zee TV tomorrow at 8 pm sharp. What’s special? A new fun filled chat show YAARON KI BARAAT.. This will surely make you remind some of our conversations and fun we had for sure.. Let us watch a show together sitting apart in two different cities..😄
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​Sometimes we see dream for us but sometimes we see dreams for our parents too. Ultimately, parents are those who will fulfil your dreams and help you reaching your goal. Parents kill their own desire, own dreams to fulfil all their child dreams without wasting time.  When I was a child, I used to play Teacher teacher with my friends. We used to collect our old notebooks and would be acting as checking them. We would behave as teacher and scold those friends who were children. We grew up and mobiles and computer became our new friends. We would be engaged with them. But I started loving teacher’s job. I decided that I would become teacher someday. I was small enough to understand that there was a post above teacher too and a institute like college too. When someone would day they are in first year of college, I would think they are in 13th class. When I grew up, I understood words like lecturer and college too. While I was very clear with my dream that I will become English teacher in some big school as English was and still is my most favourite subject. One random day, I asked my father that what did he dreamt to become when he was a child?

  “Lecturer”, he spoke.

“Why did you not become then?’ I questioned again.

“Situations were not in my favour and I needed a job soon.” He said with teary eyes but added that he wanted me to see working as a lecturer. I did not discussed much over this at that time.

I was silent then but his words kept on revolving in my mind.  I decide that what if he was not able to become lecturer, I will try my best to fulfil his dream. No! No! Now it is actually my dream. I am the only daughter to them, so it is my responsibility to think about them and their dreams. From childhood, whatever I desired for was in my hands. Why not, should I make an effort to fulfil their dreams and make them happy?  

After completing my schooling, I chose to do Bachelor’s in English. I completed my graduation and I am all set to do my Masters’.

My father is guiding me, helping me and providing me the best tuitions for my subjects and if all goes well, very soon, very proudly I would be saying,” Dad, your daughter is lecturer today.” 
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​Dreams are something which everyone sees since the day, they start understanding things. When we are small from that time, people start asking us what we want to become when we grow up. Every child shares their dreams with their elders. Some want to become doctor, some engineer and some child want to become teacher. Every child sees big dreams from their small eyes. When we children grow up, many times our aim our dream changes but many times we are determined to fulfil the same dream we saw in our childhood. The first person with whom every child shares their dream is his/her mother only. A child is pretty confident that this lady would try her best to fulfil this dream and if it is not fulfilled, their mother would not make fun of them. The same is with father. They are the backbone of child. In short, parents play a vital role in fulfilling child dreams. 

                                                                  When I was a child, I had a habit of penning down every story given in my textbook. So that when I go to other class, I would still be having those stories with me. With the passing of time, I even started noting down stories from newspapers too. This was in short my hobby. One day, while we were having our breakfast, I said to my parents that rather than just penning down stories, I wished if I could write stories of my own. That would be totally mine creation. My parents took my dream seriously. In the next parent teachers meeting, my parents shared this with my teacher. Next day, in school my teacher called me to staff room and gave me a diary. 

“Whatever happens with you the whole day and what activities you do whole day write it down in this diary in the form of diary entry.” My teacher said.

I was too excited that now something I would write of my own. But when I started writing, I understood this was not easy. My parents explained me few things that how should I start to how to end it. They guided me properly, my teacher checked it every day and after some days without any help, I was confident while writing.

Years passed, but my habit of writing diary did not stop till my 10th board. Due to the exam pressure, I stopped writing. Even after exams, studies occupied me too much and writing went far away from my life. After my 12th class examination, I started writing down again. But this time, not any diary entry but a short story. I wrote it with a pen name Shruti. I shared it on my face book page. I got many likes and comments. This boosted up my confidence. I started writing more. When I did not understand what to write about, I would ask my readers, my friends and my parents. One day while surfing face book, I saw a short story contest. I was nervous but my mother told me to send it. Without giving a second thought, I sent it. The happiest moment was when the story got selected to be published in an anthology. From that day, I started writing more and got published in many anthologies. Now I write for my page, for my blog and for few other websites.

I would really thank my parents, my English teacher, my readers, my critics and my friends. It is all because of them, that I keep on writing more and try improving it day by day. 
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