AUTHOR : Kevin Missal

PUBLISHER : Kalamos Literary Services, LLP

ISBN-13 : 9788193503300





1. What makes your book different from other books available in market ?

Not many people have written about Kalki and mixed it with five different genres- Romance, mystery, drama, suspense, fantasy. 

2. How much time did you spend on research before writing the book ?

Well my research has always been off and on. I read few Puranas, watched a bunch of videos, read about Kalki Avatar from a historical point of view. I began researching for another novel which was based on Aswatthama but it ended up being used in this. 

3. Writing for you is… ??


4. What challenges did you face before getting published your book ?

Marketing problems. It’s always marketing. 




1. Tell us about yourself?

Well, my name is Manvendra Kumar but people generally call me Mannu. I grew up in a small town of district Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. I completed my graduation in Mechanical Engineering from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida in 2014 before taking up a job in corporate firm. I am currently working in NTL Electronics India Ltd, Noida as a design engineer. I wanted to be a singer but destiny wanted something else.

Cooking is my favorite time pass. Apart from this I love watching sitcoms and travelling with friends. And yes I love photography too but only when someone offers me his/her DSLR because I don’t have my own Camera by now.

2. Writing for you is .. ?
Writing is something that gives me peace. This keeps me busy in nights. This gives me exactly the kind of rest and relaxation your body needs after a long working day. 

3. Who inspired you to write… ?

There were two things which continuously inspired me during this journey. In the initial phase, my dream girl. She always stood by my side and encouraged me to work harder. This book is a tribute to her and her family. I used to be wanderer, a maverick before she came in my life and when she arrived, the trajectory of my life changed.

In the last phase, when I was about to complete the book and searching publishers, I decided that I would donate half of the book’s earning to an NGO. And the day I made this decision; I felt a different kind of energy and enthusiasm within me. Every time I felt low, I reminded myself that, Manvendra, you are not writing this book just to make money or get fame; may be your book’s earning could make someone’s life better; could feed him/her for a month or more than that, could get him/her a new pair of clothes, could pay his/hers a month’s school fee. So you have to write and get it published at least for that someone.

4. How much research did you do before writing this book?

I did a lot. I want to tell you; reading was never my hobby and still it is not.  In the initial phase, I searched almost everything on Google like- how to start, how to write a particular scene, how to write an effective character description etc… etc… I don’t think without the help of Google I would have been able to complete this book in 7-8 months.

5. What were the challenges you faced while writing and getting this book published?

The biggest challenge was how to start. Initially, there was nothing creative was striking in my head but I kept writing… writing shit. I wrote and deleted and I did this till around one month. In the middle of the book, many times I went through the writer’s block.  Sometimes I spent whole night sitting in front of my laptop and ended up writing only 2-3 lines.

The second challenge was making a proposal to impress the publishers. It took me around 15 days to write a 600 words’ synopsis. It is always a tough task to summarize your 200 pages into a single one. 

Since I work in a private firm, so whole day I spent in office. I only get time in night for doing anything personal.

7. Who are your favorite authors?

Honestly Speaking, I am a writer by chance. I just read 5-6 books in my whole life and that too when I started writing this book, just to get an idea about “how to write a book.” So, basically writers were never the source of inspiration during my writing journey and I have no author in my ‘favorite author list’ by now.

8. Tell us why one should buy and read your book?

This book has a perfect content who loves to read rom-com. This book has everything that a common reader seeks in a good novel- humour, love, emotions. This book would make you believe in the power of true love. The ones, who dare to love and believes in “Never give up” phrase must read this book.

9. When can we expect your next book?

I have started working for my next project. If everything goes well, it will hit the market next year.

10. Any message for new writers?

Two things I would want to say. First – “Never give up”. When I started writing this book; I was very scared because the hardest thing in writing a story is where and how to start. Nothing new will strike in your head in initial days. But be patient; keep writing shit and one day surely something good will come out. And second- always put your source of inspiration in your head because that inspiration will motivate you in your bad times. That inspiration could be anything – your lady, your parents, your children or someone else.

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 BLURB :Mickesh Roy, on the very first day of his office, meets Gauri Trivedi in an elevator and her beauty leaves him spellbound. His sole aim was to woo her and for that he left no stone unturned.

He reads a quote on Quora: “Even if the path taken is a malicious one, it is justified if the destination is a temple” and does every damn thing which could have taken him a step closer to his love. 

He tried all possible funny and cute proposals until Gauri rejected him straightforwardly.

They say everything is fair in love and war, and for him, it was a combo. The one-sided love and the war, he had to fight against all odds. 

And then Gauri decides to take a new job in Kolkata, without giving a second thought about Mickesh. And this hammered the last nail in Mickesh’s coffin. He is heartbroken and completely shattered.

But will Gauri ever recognize his colossal efforts or she keeps playing the part of a confused girl? Is she going to take her new job or will Mickesh follow her to the eternity? Will she accept his proposal in the end or the doors to her heart are as cold as Arctic?

Accompany Mickesh in his journey to find out what it takes him to solve the complex equation of his first love when it is entwined together with social stigmas.

“On the moon, between the stars” is the journey of an ordinary guy and his extraordinary efforts to get his love.







Shreyas is a 21 year old guy currently pursuing his B.Tech in Electrical Eng. from VNIT Nagpur. His love for history since his childhood prompted him to write his take on the story of Asoka who was one of the towering figures in the history of India.

Apart from writing, his hobbies are songwriting, composing music, painting watercolors and sketching with pencils. He loves hiking in the hill forts of Maharashtra, is fond of blues & southern rock music, plays the guitar.

He is currently working on a startup to provide quality services to the end users of Transformer and Switchgear products in the country.

He is also presently working on the second part of this trilogy which shall be called The Scourge from Taxila.

He can be reached on theasokatrilogy@gmail.com


1.Tell us about yourself ?
Hi! I am Shreyas, currently studying electrical engineering at VNIT Nagpur. My debut novel, called ‘The prince of Patliputra’ has been published recently and is available in the market. Apart from writing, my hobbies revolve around songwriting, playing lead guitar and trekking in the hill forts of Maharashtra.

2. Writing for you is …. ? 
Writing for me is a restless activity! To me, there is no other joy which compares to the completion of a story. While the story is being written, I am totally jumpy and agitated. But when a story is complete, it can be any story, whether a short story or a 100k words long manuscript, the completion of a story brings its own sense of calm and achievement that can be compared to trekking to the top of a mountain peak. Sure, we have a long way to go to descend after that (I.e. Publishing and book marketing), but the calm of being high on the peak of the mountain is what brings me joy.

3. Who inspired you to write ?
Reading and watching movies inspired me to start writing. My first stories were fan fictions. Then, I began to copy styles of famous authors until I finally developed my own style. Now days, whenever I read a new book, it drives me to go write something. Same is with watching a good movie or a nice TV Series. That is the way I deal with my writer’s block.

4. “The Prince Of Patliputra” is your debut book. What made you choose to write this historical book ?
I was visiting a mountain pilgrimage called Girnar in Junagarh district few years back. It boasts of a vast Jain temple and also the highest point of Gujarat state. When I enquired who had built the Jain temple, the answer I received was it was built by Chandragupta Maurya. The question which came to my mind is why was a king from Patliputra faraway, building temples at the edge of his empire? Afterwards I visited a underground network of Buddhist caves nearby. I was impressed by its architecture. “Who built these caves?” I asked and the answer that came was “Samrat Ashoka.” This was the incident that drove me to find out more about this great Grandfather-grandson duo and the outcome is the Asoka trilogy.


5. How much research you did before writing ?
I was visiting a mountain pilgrimage called Girnar in Junagarh district few years back. It boasts of a vast Jain temple and also the highest point of Gujarat state. When I enquired who had built the Jain temple, the answer I received was it was built by Chandragupta Maurya. The question which came to my mind is why was a king from Patliputra faraway, building temples at the edge of his empire? Afterwards I visited a underground network of Buddhist caves nearby. I was impressed by its architecture. “Who built these caves?” I asked and the answer that came was “Samrat Ashoka.” This was the incident that drove me to find out more about this great Grandfather-grandson duo and the outcome is the Asoka trilogy.

6. What were the challenges you faced while writing and getting published? 
The greatest challenge I faced was of course is the plotting of the book. Any book must have a great plot, it must have a great climax, or else, people will not love it. The chapters must end on anticipation; The plot must be a page turner. Lot of thinking time goes into the plotting of the story but once the plot is perfectly prepared, everything else flows very smoothly. I have detailed my experiences in writing a historical fiction like ‘The Prince of Patliputra.’ In my blog here.

7. Why readers must read this book?
The Prince of Patliputra is not just a historical Thriller. It is also a philosophical treatise. For sure, on the front end, it is a story about Ancient India, set in the times of the Maurya Empire and focuses on the rise of two Emperors: Chandragupta Maurya in 326 BC and Asoka in 272 BC. But its scope is far greater than just telling a story about A game of thrones. It is the political discussions of Chanakya and Radhagupta in the story that are the most important part of it.  Their thoughts on issues of religion, society, economics and warfare which are reflected through their conversations are still relevant in the modern world and that philosophy of the great minds of those times is what I am trying to convey though this story.

8. Name few books you love the most and why?
I’d like to take the liberty to mention two books here. The first one would be ‘Atlas shrugged’ by Ayn Rand. The book introduces the philosophy of objectivism and preaches that selfishness is the greatest virtue of human life. The other one would be ‘The man who speaks with flowers.’ By Glenn Frey which is a biography of the American Inventor George W Carver whose life was the emblem for selflessness.

9. As this is just the first part of the book,where can we expect the other part ?
The next book of the Asoka trilogy shall be called The Scourge of Taxila. I have already uploaded sample chapters from this book at https://authorshreyas.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/the-scourge-of-taxila-coming-soon/ The second part will detail the great siege of Patliputra by Sushem in 270 BC as well as by Chandragupta 50 years ago and will end at Asoka’s coronation as Samrat. The third book then will venture into the times during and after the Kalinga war.

10. Message for new authors…. ?
I am a budding writer myself so I’m sure just having one book published out there does not qualify me to give advice to my peers. What I can always do is share my experiences. What I noticed while pitching my first manuscript to everyone was that publishers prefer a writer with an established audience over a good story any day. So If budding writers can maintain a blog and write about a topic which really moves them, then they can generate a good amount of following which will be invaluable to them when they pitch their first story for publication. Also, having skills in video editing or let’s say image processing will also help them to create professional book marketing tools like ‘Book Trailers’ and ‘promotional posters’ but that is definitely a bonus and not a necessary point. To summarize, write about topics you really want to write about, generate a fan following who love your persona and be open to new ideas is what I’ll want to tell them.


Facebook link : https://www.facebook.com/shreyas.bhave.9
Page link : https://www.facebook.com/theprinceofpatliputra/
Twitter link : https://twitter.com/shre14uses
Mail id : shre14uses@gmail.com
Links to buy the book : http://www.amazon.in/The-Prince-Patliputra-Shreyas-Bhave/dp/9352015509?tag=googinhydr18418-21&tag=googinkenshoo-21&ascsubtag=78a651bb-c27d-4ad6-9f60-62ac805513df




An Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from Jadavpur University, Sourabh Mukherjee works in a senior leadership position in a leading global consulting and technology services firm.

Author of several publications on emerging trends in business and technology, Sourabh has been a speaker in various national and global conferences and technology summits. Sourabh has a flair for writing and traverses between the worlds of technology and literature with ease. Sourabh has also been featured in Flokka’s list of 30 all-time great quotes on soul-mates. A keen observer of human behaviour and cultural diversities, Sourabh loves travelling and has travelled across USA and various countries in Europe and Asia.
An avid reader of fiction, Sourabh is equally passionate about photography movies and music.


1.Tell us about yourself?
                  An Electronics and  Telecommunications Engineer from Jadavpur University, in my day job, I work in a senior leadership position in a leading global consulting firm. With several publications on emerging trends in business and technology, I have been a speaker in various national and global conferences and technology summits.
I started my writing career with the popular e-books Nargis Through my Summers and Loves Lost. My short stories in various genres were also published in international e-zines like Romance, Under the Bed and eFiction.
In the Shadows of Death is my debut novel. A psychological thriller, set in the city of Kolkata, In the Shadows of Death is a whodunit with a heart-rending emotional core, that was published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors in December 2015. The book has been received very well by readers, has been rated highly by reviewers, and has found special mention in publications like The Hindu, Hindustan Times, New Indian Express, The Free Press Journal, Absolute India tabloid and so on.

2. Who inspired you to write ?
           Jeffrey Archer is an all-time favourite. I think he is an institution when it comes to storytelling – whether it’s his novels or his short stories.
I have been a big fan of Agatha Christie – mainly because of Poirot’s methods of investigation, the witty repartees, the human emotions at the core of the crimes. The Byomkesh Bakshi stories by Saradindu Bandopadhyay have inspired my writing immensely.
Among more recent crime authors, I like the Alex Cross stories by James Patterson – not just for the thrills, but also for the underlying human emotions. I was floored by The Devotion of Suspect X and Malice by Keigo Higashino. I love the Cormoran Strike books by Rowling more because of her superior writing style and the characterization of Strike. I am hooked to the works of Gillian Flynn.

3. Writing for you is.. ?
          Writing is a passion that actually allows me to unwind. Sometimes, stories have grown from thoughts I pen down at airport lounges or on long flights during my business travels. I believe if you are really passionate about something, you end up finding time for chasing your dreams.

4. Tell us about all your book which have been published so far?

I started my fiction writing career with the popular e-books Nargis Through my Summers  and Loves Lost. Nargis Through my Summers and Loves Lost were released in one cover as Romance Shorts. My short stories in various genres were also published in international e-zines like Under the Bed, eFiction and Romance. I won the Golden Pen Award in the Monsoon Romance Contest organized by Sulekha.com in 2014, which came as a huge motivation.And then, In the Shadows of Death was published in mid December 2015 by Srishti Publishers.

5. When is your next book coming?

I am currently working on the next Agni Mitra thriller ‘The Colours of Passion’ which would be released this year. Indian English fiction sees a void in terms of a pan-Indian detective, though we are a huge nation of English speaking people. Agni is my attempt at creating such a contemporary, relatable detective and since he has been received very well in the first book, a series could definitely be on the cards.

6. What were the challenges you faced while writing your first book?
The amount of research one needs to do before writing a book depends largely on the subject.
Let us take my latest novel as an example. ‘In The Shadows of Death‘ deals with homicide investigation and coming from an entirely different professional background, I did a fair amount of research into areas like forensics, autopsy procedures, DNA studies, cyber forensics and so on.
These, of course, were supplemented by my own studies on criminal psychology, which is a subject of personal interest.


7. Do you find any change in your writing style from your first book to this one ?

The way I look at this is, I write only about human relationships. The many ways in which they unravel and manifest themselves end up creating stories that sometimes excite us, scare us, or make us sad – leading to corresponding categorization of the stories into genres like Romance, Horror, Drama or Thriller. But, it’s always the complicated and unpredictable human nature at the core of everything.

8. When do you prefer writing?

Honestly, I do not follow a fixed routine when it comes to my writing.
I create a basic structure and chapter outlines and then I start writing the chapters with the basic premise in sight. And I let go, letting the sights and the sounds in my mind take over. It is, therefore, extremely important for me to be in the ‘appropriate’ frame of mind to write. I need to be in those situations myself. Therefore when I am writing a story, there are days when I am not in the ‘appropriate’ mood that the work demands, and I do not write a word.
What I always hear from my readers is that they can visualize the scenes, and relate to the characters. And now you know why.

9. Tell your readers a little bit about “ In the Shadows Of Death”.

In The Shadows of Death is a fast paced psychological thriller unfolding in the city of Kolkata, with Agni Mitra, Assistant Commissioner of Police, investigating into a series of murders of adulterous women, even as he has to battle storms brewing in his personal life. The voice of the serial murderer, whose identity is undisclosed till the climax of the story, runs in a parallel track across the novel providing the reader with insights into the killer’s traits, his actions, and his emotions.

The detective is not portrayed as an infallible law enforcement machinery. He is a human being dealing with personal issues. The character of the serial-killer, on the other hand, is not uni-dimensional either, and a parallel track throughout the novel in the voice of the killer provides insights into the dark recesses of the killer’s mind.


10. Message for new writers…. ?

It is important to create real, identifiable characters in a story – unless of course one is writing a fantasy or a superhero story. Correct use of the language is essential. An author should ensure that a story progresses at a uniform pace – a story that slows down after an energetic start is a big let down. Finally, it is not about the length but always about the impact of a story. I have read 1-page stories that have left me thinking for days.

Facebook link : http://www.facebook.com/authorsourabhmukherjee

Mail id : thestoryteller1974@gmail.com


Amazon: http://www.amazon.in/Shadows-Death-Detective-Mitra-Thriller/dp/9382665579
Flipkart: http://www.flipkart.com/shadows-death-detective-agni-mitra-thriller-english/p/itmed6437bgzfgcz
Infibeam: http://www.infibeam.com/Books/shadows-death-sourabh-mukherjee/9789382665571.html

Kindle edition: http://www.amazon.in/Shadows-Death-Detective-Mitra-Thriller-ebook/dp/B01BIRL5I4




Varsha Bansal ex Chartered Accountant student left her CA studies in search of doing something innovative and this inventive thought makes her Author.
After writing many articles for other blogs, articles and stories and contributing author of two anthologies she crafted her own book.  Keen observation about the society stimulates her to write this book.
She likes to surf net, reading motivational books and fairy tales, watching TV, interact with new peoples, to dream and believe “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.
Her dream is to start an NGO from her mother‘s name, where every determined child can complete his or her dream and can give contribution for the nation development because she believes “today base creates tomorrow building.”


1. Writing for you is… ?
Writing for me is like a hidden passion which came out with such a reflection, which changes  Everything in my life including my profession.

2. When did you start writing ?
I started writing three years ago in May 2013.

3. Who actually inspired you for writing?
Actually there are lots of people who inspire me to write and many incidents are related to it , but my mom is the biggest inspiration in my life to do anything.

4. Is this your first book or you have any previous published work ?
As a single author it is my first novel and before it I have been contributing Author of two Anthologies that is “THE PINK THRONE”  and “THE AUTHOR PRIDE STORY BOX”.

5.“Miss To Mrs. Agarwal”, tell us about the book ?
Miss To Mrs Agarwal is story about an Agarwal girl who doesn’t like her society norms and practices due to which she don’t want to marry in a Agarwal house, but she falls in love with an Agarwal guy only and after it how she deals with her custom, started to love her culture and last ho she brings changes in the society is the story all about. Story consist o drama, love story, romance, emotions, and a complete package with a social message why change is must ☺


6. What are your other hobbies?
My other hobbies are listening music, reading fairy tales and motivational books and quotes and interacting with new peoples.

7. Do you have a blog? If yes, please share the link.
Yes I have ☺ it is http://www.chimerastory.in

8. What were the challenges you faced while getting the book published?
As first of all as a starter I was not much aware about more publication houses and had faced many rejections also. But with God mercy I met with Sachin Shresta owner of Shades Publication who planned and make my publishing work not only easy but done it delightfully 



9. When can we expect your next book?
I wish it will come by the end of this year or may be before ☺

10. Message for new writers.. !

As I am also learner, the only suggestion I can give to upcoming writers and my fellow writers is that just keep the pace believe yourself and your God. 🙂

Facebook linkhttps://www.facebook.com/varsha.bansal.9

Twitter link – https://twitter.com/varshaBANSALFCA

Page link – https://www.facebook.com/Miss-To-Mrs-Agarwal-448660055334872/?ref=hl

Mail ID  varshabansalfca@g









         Dr. Madhu Vajpayee- the writer was born somewhere in those hospital corridors where she has spent the last two decades of her life. Witnessing life at such close quarters pushed her to capture its enigma in her words and slowly it became her passion. After writing several scientific papers and chapters in books, this book is her second journey in literary world, the first being SEEKING REDEMPTION.
Having done her graduation, MBBS from King Georges Medical University (KGMU), Lucknow she went ahead to pursue her post graduation, MD from AIIMS, New Delhi. She was a consultant at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and was associated with management of patients living with HIV/AIDS. She is now settled in Melbourne, Australia with her family, where she is devoting most of her time to writing, the passion that she couldn’t pursue earlier because of the demands of medical profession and commitment it requires.
When not creating stories, Madhu enjoys reading and travelling.


1. Writing for you is ?


2. When did you realise that you must write ?

    As long as I can remember but until my first book Seeking Redemption happened, I was writing mostly for myself as a food for my soul.

3. What was the first ever thing you have written ?

    I wrote a poem when I was around 15 or 16 year old.

4. How do you manage your work ?

   Previously I was working full time. It was quite difficult for me to find time for writing in my busy medical profession. But now I only work part time and that’s why I can manage to find time to write.

5. How much time did you spend on research before starting with ” Seeking Redemption “?

To be honest, I never spent even a single minute on any research. It was a spontaneous attempt at writing something formal for a bigger audience. Belonging to medical profession and living and experiencing the issues that the book highlights made my job easier.


6. What made you choose this title of the book ?

  Very interesting question! I really took a long time in deciding this particular title. Now why I chose this because in my book, my characters want to be redeemed from the
curse that have been thrust upon them because of the caste based reservation system. They are actually seeking redemption from such retrogressive system that threatens to destroy their future.

7. What challenges did you face while writing this book ?

  I was working full time when I wrote the first draft. Time constraint was the biggest limitation. Besides that I did experience writer’s block, uncertainties and fear of failure.

8. At what time do you prefer writing ?

Not any particular time! I write whenever I feel like. It’s a spontaneous activity rather than any forced routine.

9. When is your next book coming?

Most probable by early next year.

10. Message for budding authors?

Never give up. We are bigger than anything that can happen to us. Write because you love it. Not because you want to become author like everybody else. To get opportunity to be a published author will just be a coincidence and perhaps also your good fortune!



* Website/Blog: http://madhuvajpayee.blogspot.in/

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/MadhuVajpayee

* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madhu.vajpayee

* Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7349761.Madhu_Vajpayee

* Mail id: madhuvajpayee@gmail.com

* http://www.amazon.in/Seeking-Redemption-Madhu-Vajpayee/dp/938431515X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1445843068&sr=1-1&keywords=seeking+redemption

* http://www.flipkart.com/seeking-redemption-english/p/itmdpgxvfchyfffs?pid=9789384315153&ref=L%3A-7443402891902171581&srno=p_1&query=seeking+redemption&otracker=from-search




Arpita Bahl, a management degree holder from International Management Institute, New Delhi, is also an engineer in electronics and communication from ABES engineering College. She has done her schooling from Somerville School, New Delhi. But all throughout, she had also been an ardent book reader and lover. Her passion to write found direction when in the last days of November 2014, she decided to put her thoughts into words by penning her first book down, and therefore declined her job offer at Goenka group to go full-fledged with the dream. She now hopes to leave a mark in the writers’ world through her debut novel, Until the Sun Sets.


1. What inspired you when you started writing?

I have been reading books since I was eleven. A while before I started penning down my book, I came across a very beautiful and inspiring quote, and it was “Anyone who can read well, can write well”. I was impressed and inspired because all the scenes, stories and thoughts which used to come up, die down and were interweaved with each other in my head found a way out on paper.
Around November in 2014, while I was reading this one book, suddenly one of the major scenes of my book materialized write in front of my eyes. It involves both the protagonists when they are about to fall apart. This is the scene where I started my book from. And the rest of the book shaped up gradually. 

2. Everyday how much time do you spend on writing?

My time for writing everyday depends greatly on the way my thoughts are flowing at a particular moment, and whenever I find them constructive, I write them down. Usually when I sit down to write, it can also go up to 6-8 hours in a day. And many a times it also stretches to days without writing when no substantial thoughts come in.

3. “Until The Sun Sets”, is not only about romance. It has thriller, mystery in it. How did you come up with this plot?

I started writing with the scene when the two protagonists are just about to fall apart from each other. Form here itself, I knew it was something big which had led the both of them to that point and position in their lives. That’s when the suspense and mystery element of my story started slowly pouring in.

4. What challenges did you face while writing and publishing this book?

I feel that whatever one does for the first time, he/she is bound to hit rough patches and hard grounds before they are finally able to come up with anything substantially satisfactory. Right from internal apprehensions, fear of failures, fear of taking the wrong decisions, to the external issues like sending your script to different publishers, waiting for their response, unsure whether they turn out to be positive or negative.
Things like these are bound to happen with everyone who starts anything new.


5. When do you love writing? Any particular time or place?

I prefer writing in the early hours of the day, majorly in the first half. I really like to sit on my bed while writing.

6. You love reading. Isn’t it? Which are you favourite books?

Every single book is a whole world in itself and I love each and every that I have read. Currently I am reading Looking for Alaska and it’s quite engrossing.

7. Can you tell us in brief about, “Until The Sun Sets? “

Until the sun sets is a story about Arjun and Savya. When Arjun returns from the US to a family that’s as close to being dysfunctional as it can be, his life takes a complete turn when he meets Savya and falls for her. But their love is short-lived as they soon get exposed to a reality which they never thought could exist. And they find it staring right at them. A pre-destined future which could put Savya’s entirety into an irreparable peril is what Arjun comes face to face with. And then he finds himself at a point where he needs to decide for himself, for her and for the both of their lives together.
But what he forgets was that he wasn’t the one controlling anything. It was always someone else pulling their strings right from the beginning. Something else was directing them to the finality.
It is a story of love, revenge, hope, dreams, reality and many more facets that you will go through once you start reading it. 

8. To complete your dreams, you left your job. Now when your book is complete do you think your decision was right?

I stand by my decision and in all senses I feel it was absolutely right. Writing this story has made me meet Arjun and Savya. Every reader can connect with the fact that when we read, we enter the world the writer has created for us and feel everything along with the people involved in the story. I have my own world to fall into again and again now.
It is like I have grown as a person, I have learnt a lot through my writing. I have given rise to a whole new set of people around me and it feels amazing.

9. What are your other hobbies?

I like travelling a lot and reading of course.

10. Message for new authors?

In life, whenever you find yourself stuck with an idea, something that you don’t know how to shove off your mind, no matter how hard you try, the same thought keeps coming back to you, understand and accept that it is here to stay. Stop running away and start working on it, develop the thought, expand it and grow it. And in no time, your dream will be there right in front of you, in your hands, smiling at you as a reality.

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