​Sometimes we see dream for us but sometimes we see dreams for our parents too. Ultimately, parents are those who will fulfil your dreams and help you reaching your goal. Parents kill their own desire, own dreams to fulfil all their child dreams without wasting time.  When I was a child, I used to play Teacher teacher with my friends. We used to collect our old notebooks and would be acting as checking them. We would behave as teacher and scold those friends who were children. We grew up and mobiles and computer became our new friends. We would be engaged with them. But I started loving teacher’s job. I decided that I would become teacher someday. I was small enough to understand that there was a post above teacher too and a institute like college too. When someone would day they are in first year of college, I would think they are in 13th class. When I grew up, I understood words like lecturer and college too. While I was very clear with my dream that I will become English teacher in some big school as English was and still is my most favourite subject. One random day, I asked my father that what did he dreamt to become when he was a child?

  “Lecturer”, he spoke.

“Why did you not become then?’ I questioned again.

“Situations were not in my favour and I needed a job soon.” He said with teary eyes but added that he wanted me to see working as a lecturer. I did not discussed much over this at that time.

I was silent then but his words kept on revolving in my mind.  I decide that what if he was not able to become lecturer, I will try my best to fulfil his dream. No! No! Now it is actually my dream. I am the only daughter to them, so it is my responsibility to think about them and their dreams. From childhood, whatever I desired for was in my hands. Why not, should I make an effort to fulfil their dreams and make them happy?  

After completing my schooling, I chose to do Bachelor’s in English. I completed my graduation and I am all set to do my Masters’.

My father is guiding me, helping me and providing me the best tuitions for my subjects and if all goes well, very soon, very proudly I would be saying,” Dad, your daughter is lecturer today.” 
“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt .”



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