​Dreams are something which everyone sees since the day, they start understanding things. When we are small from that time, people start asking us what we want to become when we grow up. Every child shares their dreams with their elders. Some want to become doctor, some engineer and some child want to become teacher. Every child sees big dreams from their small eyes. When we children grow up, many times our aim our dream changes but many times we are determined to fulfil the same dream we saw in our childhood. The first person with whom every child shares their dream is his/her mother only. A child is pretty confident that this lady would try her best to fulfil this dream and if it is not fulfilled, their mother would not make fun of them. The same is with father. They are the backbone of child. In short, parents play a vital role in fulfilling child dreams. 

                                                                  When I was a child, I had a habit of penning down every story given in my textbook. So that when I go to other class, I would still be having those stories with me. With the passing of time, I even started noting down stories from newspapers too. This was in short my hobby. One day, while we were having our breakfast, I said to my parents that rather than just penning down stories, I wished if I could write stories of my own. That would be totally mine creation. My parents took my dream seriously. In the next parent teachers meeting, my parents shared this with my teacher. Next day, in school my teacher called me to staff room and gave me a diary. 

“Whatever happens with you the whole day and what activities you do whole day write it down in this diary in the form of diary entry.” My teacher said.

I was too excited that now something I would write of my own. But when I started writing, I understood this was not easy. My parents explained me few things that how should I start to how to end it. They guided me properly, my teacher checked it every day and after some days without any help, I was confident while writing.

Years passed, but my habit of writing diary did not stop till my 10th board. Due to the exam pressure, I stopped writing. Even after exams, studies occupied me too much and writing went far away from my life. After my 12th class examination, I started writing down again. But this time, not any diary entry but a short story. I wrote it with a pen name Shruti. I shared it on my face book page. I got many likes and comments. This boosted up my confidence. I started writing more. When I did not understand what to write about, I would ask my readers, my friends and my parents. One day while surfing face book, I saw a short story contest. I was nervous but my mother told me to send it. Without giving a second thought, I sent it. The happiest moment was when the story got selected to be published in an anthology. From that day, I started writing more and got published in many anthologies. Now I write for my page, for my blog and for few other websites.

I would really thank my parents, my English teacher, my readers, my critics and my friends. It is all because of them, that I keep on writing more and try improving it day by day. 
  “I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”



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