Love makes you smile, Love makes you cry, Love drives you crazy. But, Do you believe that love could be inspiring too? Something that gives you strength to do the impossible. A spoiled and aimless person, Aditya, suffers from suicidal instincts due to his failures in life. Ananya is a beautiful, bold and courageous girl. She is a successful journalist with a striking personality. What happens when Aditya meets Ananya?“It Happens Only In Love” is an inspiring story of success with love by its side.
Amit Singh hails from Lucknow. He is a computer science graduate. Lives in New Delhi and is currently working with DXC Technology, Noida. He is very fond of reading novels, loves to play guitar and travels in his spare time. He has a poetic heart and loves to write poems and stories.

The title of the book ‘It Happens Only In Love’ says it all. There are many things that happen only in love. We see many people getting success after their heartbreaks. On the other hand, there are few who work hard only for getting their love. This book consisted the story of a college-going guy who was never ever serious about his studies and his career. He only knew how to enjoy life with friends. After he graduated and he passed anyhow he started feeling lonely. All his other friends were focused on what they had to do. They had their after plans set already. But Aditya only knew how to enjoy life.

It is said that a person only works hard when they have to get something anyhow. The same happened in Aditya’s life. One random day while switching channels his eyes glued to a news channel. This was the turning point in Aditya life. Ananya who was just a stranger to him suddenly became the most important part of his life. To meet him he did whatever he could. He even started finding jobs for himself.

Overall, I completely enjoyed reading the book. The book is simple yet the story within the pages make it interesting. The author could have focused a bit more on the other characters of the book too. For sure the book is not at all predictable. The mystery remained on each page. But going through the last few pages my heart was sinking. It made me emotional. But it is said true love wins over all the problems. The book justifies this point totally. Everyone who would pick up this book would completely enjoy reading it.

RATING : 4/5





1. Tell us about yourself.

Well, Professionally, I am a Chartered Accountant and also hold a degree in law and commerce. I work with Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group. So that much about my work! I have also been a –tennis player competitive table-tennis player. Although I do not play anymore, the game continues to be a big part of what I have been and
learnt in life. I am also a brooder. I can be with myself for hours on end. I
like simple pleasures of life. I do not have too many extravagant interests.
I do not have many friends and I do not make friends easily but I have a
set of friends who I am comfortable with and we are pretty thick.Apart from this I am a huge cricket fan and an ardent admirer and follower of stand-up comedy, which I think is one of the toughest arts to

I had never been a reader but now I have taken to it like a fish to water.
Novels and stories happened pretty late to me. Irony is, that I loved to
write always but I was never much of a reader. But as I said this has
changed and thankfully so.

2. When did you realize your love for writing?

I always loved writing from ever since I can remember. As an introvert the written word gave a huge outlet to me and my thought processes. As I grew up and looked around me, I realised there was a lot that I wanted to say and I found the idea to articulate those thought processes into written words, very stimulating. I think I had a natural flair but I definitely have had to and continue to hone my craft. There is definitely a long way to go but I am decently satisfied with my start.
The idea of writing stories brings the best out of me. I like to pass on my
thoughts to the reader in the form of stories. There are lots of things that I
want to say and saying them through stories is definitely enchanting for

3. How much research did you do before penning down the book?

If you look at my stories, they are all fictional stories but relate to certain events in our recent and distant history. So I had to do some soul searching and fact finding, before I ventured out to write them. It was interesting and a great learning experience.

4. In brief tell us what your book is all about?

I have always believed that stories are nothing but a reflection of lives and times that we live in. This world is nothing but a fragmented collection of tiny stories just put together. I always had a strong observational streak in me. When I looked around me there was so much that I saw. I have always believed in the power of writing.
So when I looked around me and felt anguished or despaired I knew there
wasn’t much point to just keep rambling and ranting about it. It needed to be given some structure. And so I felt stories were the best way to put these ideas across.
You will see such emotions being reflected in all my stories. The
inspiration for each of them comes from situations existing around us.
And I have tried to capture each one of them as objectively and neutrally
as I could. I am sure the reader will be able to identify with not just the
characters in each story but the story itself.

5. Any message for budding author?

There are no short cuts. I am a newbie myself but there’s definitely one piece of good word that I’d like to share with my compatriots. Read a lot and write a lot. Believe in yourself and be very
patient. Instant success and recognition is not for a writer barring precious few. If you love writing then everything else should be secondary. You will achieve it with time though.




1. Prashant Kaul in 5 words?
 Persistent
 Passionate
 Placid
 Polite
 Personable

2. Writing for you is…..?

Writing for me is the best form of stress buster. When I feel down, I write something to boost myself. I don’t write out of any compulsion, I write because it gives me peace and tranquillity. In my life if there is anything which I cannot set right, I can always change it with the power of written words.

3. In a nutshell, what your book is all about?
It’s about love, sacrifice, friendship, family and about self belief.

4. At what time do you prefer to write?
I am working as a Zonal HR Manager with HDB Financial Services (a
HDFC group company), so I hardly get any time from 10 to 6. Usually I
prefer to write in the evening between 8 – 11 p.m. Most of the pages in
my first novel I have written in the evening.

5. What are your hobbies except writing?

I am a big time movie buff, and love to watch movies. I read a lot, though
my speed is bit slow. I read all kind of novels genre could be thriller,
suspense or romance. A good story and nice characterization is what
attracts me the most in a novel. I love to sing.

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Nakul, a fifteen-year- old boy from Delhi who has been raised with a silver spoon, visits a quaint little village in Madhya Pradesh. The crudeness and modesty of the village changes how he perceives different aspects of life. There he comes across Prakash, the son of a paddy farmer, who is the yin to his yang – their contrasting ideas on life fail to stunt the growth of their nascent friendship as ultimately it is their exuberance and a taste for adventure that bring them together.

In the midst of their tale is the charming and talented Aakanksha who lives in the shadow of a spotlight. She goes through the motions of life according to the perceived ideals of society, consistently feeling a void, for she lacks a genuine friend.

One Last Time is an eclectic and delectable fusion of Nakul’s superficial urbane sensibilities, Aakanksha’s confounded solitude and Prakash’s rustic but sagely naiveties – one that will change their destinies forever.
Anubhav Shrivastava graduated with a B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics from Manipal Institute of Institute of Technology in the year 2015. He is extremely passionate about cricket and movies.He has previously worked as a Consultant in Fractal Analytics and currently works in OLA.


One Last Time is an enjoyable one time read. The book won’t bore you. The cover of the book is designed well. The title is perfect, matching with the story line of the book. The book holds story of the kids of school days. What differentiate the book from other books in market is that this book does not add many showy elements within it. A simple book I must say.

Nakul, a city boy who runs miles away from the name of the village falls in love with the village life.

He learns few lessons of life. The story is all about the selfless bond of two friends Nakul and Prakash. Nakul purely a guy from city and Prakash a simple guy living in a village. But it is said right that it only take few seconds to like a person. The same was with these two boys. The bond of friendship grew so stronger between them that Nakul was fully determined to visit his grand mother village even in next holidays rather than going to Australia. I enjoyed reading the dialogues between everyone. I loved the cute friendship Aakansha and Nakul shared.

No doubt, the book is different from all those existing in market nowadays. But the authors could have made it a bit interesting. The writing style was simple and it could have been improved a bit. Moreover, it was not necessary to mention One Plus 3T every time. It could have been replaced with mobile. Despite few flaws; overall, I would say I had a good time reading this book.

RATING : 3.5/5





Akash, a.k.a. The Love Guru, has had the best of his days in his undergrad years as the heartthrob of college, popular for his skill in acting, directing and romance making, known for his poems and for his loyal friendships. Despite being a little lazy and mediocre in studies, he was the centre of everyone’s attention. However, everything changes when he joins the masters program in the same college. No longer Mr. Popular, Akash feels like an outcast amongst his new batchmates. Having broken off with his college sweetheart, his own confidence has taken a blow. He misses his old days, old friends and old life. Inspite of being at the same campus, he feels lost and lonely. Every now and then, his mind and soul drift back to his undergrad days. Then one day, Simran walks into his life and it changed forever. Did she change his life? Did they become good friends? Did Akash correct his ways after meeting Simran? Did he start taking his life and his studies seriously? The book captures the journey and transformation of an ignorant teen into a mature man through a rollercoaster of emotions of love, friendship, responsibility, maturity, dignity, pride and above all self belief. Flip through the pages of this book to enjoy the story of an ordinary guy Akash, who found himself in extraordinary situations.


Anand was born on August 16, 1980, in Patna. He now lives in Mumbai, with his wife. Post Graduated from Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Manipal University) in 2007, he got married in 2013. He is a marketing professional and has worked for various Pharmaceutical companies like Macleod’s Pharmaceuticals, Pharmed Limited, Aurobindo Pharma etc. Currently he is working as Therapy Manager with Innovcare Life Sciences. Despite being a hardcore marketing professional for the last ten years, he invests his lone time reading (literature, history and motivational books) and writing (poetry and novels). He is a die hard fan of cricket and seldom misses a live match on TV. “A Twisted Tale” is the first fiction novel by Anand Kumar, who has captured the essence of a student’s college life in his book. The protagonist, after completing his undergrad education, decides to pursue a post-grad degree from the same college. However, the transition is not as easy as he had assumed. The place which he enjoyed tothe core during his undergrad years, becomes agonising for him later. He is no longer the same person, neither is his approach. Things change again when he finds someone special. No, not a girlfriend. Flip through the pages of ‘A Twisted tale’ to unravel the twists and secrets behind the topsy-turvy life of this college go-er.


A twisted tale by Anand Kumar is a good one time read. The people who have left college years ago or even those who just left their college and entered to the world of job will love this book the most. It will be like a refreshing treat to them.Good old time memories will be for them. And the people who are in college nowadays will relate to everything. I felt like I am one among those characters present in the book. And the last category of people who are enjoying their school days even you will love the book and get more excited about entering college life. 

The cover of the book is beautifully designed. The title is apt according to the story. What I liked the most in the book that the story did not end in the way every reader would imagine. The book shows how a good friend can change a person,  his/her mindset. Like the main protagonist of the book there are many people around us who are good in studies but don’t work hard to get good marks. But those same people excel quite well in other fields. I got nostalgic while reading the friendship of Akash and his friend of graduation days. Overall,the book was a wonderful read.. I bet everyone will love this book. The narrative style of the author is good. The language used by the author in the book is simple and easy to understand. It was a short and delightful read.
RATING : 4/5





There will be times when you feel you have the best relationship, ever . . .There will be times when it will be the worst that has happened to youThere will be times when you know you are getting into something horrible, something that will not stop till it destroys you,

And yet . . .You are pulled so inextricably, unstoppably . . .She was my true love, I knew that. So despite being married and having children, I still went ahead with our affair. I hid it from my wife and colleagues. I told lies so I could be with her-it was that amazing! But I couldn’t hide from the dark truth she was keeping. It pulled me into a vortex of danger so deep that I lost all I had. It happened to me and if you think it won’t happen to you-think again.

Akash Verma is an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of two internet start-ups in the fashion and food sectors. Prior to this, he was in the corporate sector, in organizations such as Coca-Cola, Big FM and Red FM. His work has taken him across the country and he uses this experience to give context to his stories. He has authored three books till now: It Happened That Night, Three Times Loser and A Broken Man. Akash is currently based out of Gurgaon, India. He is also interested cinema, literature, history and travel.

I guess from August I am reading one after another amazing books. This is the first book by Akash Verma I am reading and the author left no chance to make me fall in love with his book.  I read the book in 1 go. When you reach to the middle of the book you just cannot let the book to close before reaching the end. 

The cover of the book is brilliant. The title of the book is perfect. It totally fits with  what the title of the book is. The book does not just hold the love story but has many dark deep secrets within it. I got so engrossed while reading that I said that I was myself living between Dhruv, Shalini and Anuradha. 

 No doubt, Dhruv committed the biggest sin but at last he realised what he was doing. We can still find boys like Sid  in our society and even politician like that which is mentioned in the novel. 

Over all, the book was an emotional ride having elements of romance and  thriller. The writing style of the author is good and the book is quite well edited. One can pick up this book again to read. I bet you won’t feel like getting bored.

RATING : 4.5/5





AUTHOR : Kevin Missal

PUBLISHER : Kalamos Literary Services, LLP

ISBN-13 : 9788193503300



1. What makes your book different from other books available in market ?

Not many people have written about Kalki and mixed it with five different genres- Romance, mystery, drama, suspense, fantasy. 

2. How much time did you spend on research before writing the book ?

Well my research has always been off and on. I read few Puranas, watched a bunch of videos, read about Kalki Avatar from a historical point of view. I began researching for another novel which was based on Aswatthama but it ended up being used in this. 

3. Writing for you is… ??


4. What challenges did you face before getting published your book ?

Marketing problems. It’s always marketing.