Having a healthy body is very important for every human being. A person needs to maintain his/her body well. Having a healthy body does not only mean having Abs. A person needs to have a healthy body for living a healthy life. A person who is mentally, physically healthy is considered to be a healthy. If a person is not healthy it affects his/her total lifestyle. A person suffers from obesity, heart-related problems, blood pressure and much more. In the modern era, it is expected from everyone that they take care of their body. From childhood, we have always heard that if one person in a family gets ills, this affects the whole family health. Everyone should try their best to become active rather than becoming a couch potato. I would like to share my tips for leading a healthy life. 

* Drinking water had been always the most difficult task of my life. I very well knew the fact the first step to maintain the body healthy is by drinking plenty of water. I took 2 bottles and labelled them as my morning and evening challenge. Drinking water became my challenge. I had to finish those two bottles anyhow to win the challenge. Gradually now I am used to drinking water.

* Music has always been my weakness. From completing my assignment to writing my blog post I would always listen to music. My love for music made me dance. I dance 15 minutes on those typical Bollywood weddings songs. It acts like a small exercise and fun together.

* Traffic and I have always been biggest enemies. I hate those long queues of vehicles and that continuous horn sounds. Rather than taking up auto or rickshaw, now I prefer walking to college. 

* All the junk foods and those colourful soft drinks were my love. I substituted those soft drinks with fruit juices, And for junk food, I started preparing them in food with using only Saffola oil and lots of green vegetables. 

* Morning breakfast always begins with either fruits or saffola oats. A healthy breakfast is very important for the body.

* In the evening I play with small kids also. It’s fun and all together my body burns calories too.  The kids have more stamina and they will make you ruin a lot if compared to the people of your same age group.

Rather than following a strict plan, I started planning things to work in a funny way. This helped me to do things from heart happily and gave positive effects to my body.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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