“The Cost of Love” is a fictional read inspired by the Nirbhaya case. It raises a genuine concern on the pre-existing Juvenile act in our country, which has now, fortunately, been amended. Aaryan, a software engineer working at an IT firm in Delhi, is sentenced to death. He is found guilty of brutally murdering Himanshu and raping a 28-year-old girl. Aaryan is only left with five days and during his last days, he decides to pen down his story. Aarushi, orphaned at the age of five, has only one dream i.e. to become an IAS officer. She is bold, beautiful and determined not to fall in love, until her dream comes true. Aaryan does every possible way to impress Aarushi and promises her that unless she expresses her feelings, he won’t say, “I Love You.” Everything was going smooth, until that unfortunate night when Aarushi decides to express her love to Aaryan. That night, Aarushi was brutally raped. Was he Aaryan? Why did he do this to the girl whom he loved madly? Discover the purest love story and walk through the journey of Aaryan and Aarushi.


Saurabh Singh is a Technical Marketing engineer by profession at a product company based in Hyderabad. He hails from the steel city of Jharkhand, Bokaro Steel City. He is also the author of “College 2 Company…journey of an engineer.” ‘The Cost of Love’ is his second fiction novel inspired by Nirbhaya case.


I have always loved reading those books which have an emotional touch in them. Most of the books I have read had brought tears to my eyes. But honestly, The Cost Of Love is the first book which brought tears to my eyes in the beginning itself. The words Aaryan wrote for Aarushi in the small note were heart breaking. 

When I live in the world where people are struggling with own problems, the author introduced his readers to Nikhil, a friend who I guess is difficult to find in real life. The cost of Love is not just the story of Aaryan and Aarushi but it holds the problems of society, lack of proper law and order in our country.  The author has very well shown each aspect in his book. No love story is like a bed of roses. One has to cross many hurdles in their life to win their love. Like every love story, even Aaryan had to cross the hurdles but no one knew that his love story would be the most difficult one. I salute Aarushi, despite having her own struggles from childhood she thought of society. She wanted to change the world. Her strong determination made her fulfill her dreams. I have a very bad habit of guessing the story beforehand. Even this time I did the same and failed. The story had a totally different ending of what I had thought. 

 The astrologer part made me laugh a lot. Aaryan confused asking questions like, “Is she following me, or is she really so powerful?” adds more humor to the book. 

I would like to quote some of my favourite shayaris: 

 “Kisi roz tere dil ki darwaze mei dastak denge, Aaj is oor khade hai, ek din tere rooh mei honge.”

“Jinke sapne asmaan chune ke the, woh zameen par hi fanaa ho gaye.”

 “Tujhe bhula sakhu, woh bahana khojta hu Apne dil ko behla saku, woh fasana khojta hu Jis Bhagwan ki log khaate hai kasme, woh Bhagwan khojta hu Meri ruuh jo tere sath chali gayi, Aaj ussi ruuh ko khojta hu” 

The language used by the author was simple. The narrative technique style was good. I would love to re read this book again and again. The Shayari’s used by the author in the middle was awesome. 

I would suggest this book to everyone. I feel no one will get bored reading this book. Everyone will feel connected when they will be turning the pages. I regret reading this book as an e-book. I wanted to hold this book in my hands. This has been the loveliest read of mine for this month.

RATING : 5/5


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