Life is a fast-paced Twenty20 game and you need to keep playing to win. Abhi and Aditi are siblings who want to realise their dreams in the ever upgrading world. In the midst of all the struggle and success, they get entangled in a strange web. If they are not able to resolve the crisis in twenty days, their very existence can come under threat. In short, they have to hit sixes on every bouncer thrown at them. Not just with the world outside, this ordeal is also a fight with one’s own character and principles. 

Unwanted situations, unexpected turns, money and sex push them deeper into the web. Manipulations and treachery become the order. The hunter becomes the hunted. A vicious circle of betrayal and debauchery is created. ‘Twenty Twenty’ is a story of betrayal, deceit and relationships, where a master planner devises games, to get to his own ambitions.


Anuraag Srivastava, having done his schooling and college from Lucknow, has been a banker for over eighteen years now. Presently based at Ghaziabad, he has written more than a hundred poems in Hindi and English. A learning guitarist, an amateur photographer and an avid reader, he is a multi-faceted person. He also runs a blog for sharing his views on spirituality and general philosophy.


​”Twenty Twenty a race against time” by Anuraag Srivastava is one of those book which I read completely in one sitting and ended up saying, ” Waaaohhh what a twist. ” Starting with the cover, it is designed perfectly well which matches with the theme. The title of the book is adding cherry to the cake as it is the best title for this book. Reading the blurb of the book one can guess the book to be totally different from all the book currently trending in the market. The book all over revolved around the life of Abhi but even his sister Aditi part in the book was equally important. Abhi had to return twenty lakhs rupees to Raghu bhai and how is sister’s life was at danger. Aditi had listen to the threat given to her brother but rather than discussing with her brother, she started thinking ways to arrange the money. Even Abhi was trying to manage money at his own level. People say world is really a small place. On one hand where Aditi tried contacting Rajal whom she knew from many years but had a great fight with him. On the other hand even Abhi got a work but his boss was Rajal. Apart from these characters there are many more important characters. I liked the whole book. The author has maintained the pace well. I just found that Alka and Rajal part was too much at some places. The secrets get exposed when we turn pages after pages. The biggest secrets comes out in the last few pages. The language of the book is quite simple. Overall, the book was an enjoyable and small read. 

RATING : 4/5



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