A quest to identify seven deadly sins 

A mystery behind seven keys that were passed to seven men 

A deadly race against time to seek atonement 

On the outskirts of New York City, Jim Morgan, an international bestselling author learns through God that he had committed seven sins in his previous life. Clues lie in the six novels he has written, that would lead him to the mystery. But the novels won’t reveal everything to him. With seven days on hand, he must walk in the direction that faith leads him in, to reach the lost chamber of Seven Planets. Unless Morgan understands the secret behind his past life and the sins he committed, his chance to live will be lost forever.


Bharat Madan is an author, motivational speaker and a personality developer. He has been a meritorious student through his time at college and holds an MBA from Amity University. He received the prestigious Shree Baljit Shastri Award and Best All Round Student Award, the highest awards at his university.

 His journey as a writer began after he finished his education. His first piece of fiction, the story of a college boy over three years, was set aside in favor of his decision to make a debut with a more mature and conceptually unique novel.    

 As a motivational speaker, he has inspired thousands of students in reputed schools in Jaipur. Through his writing and speaking skills, Bharat endeavors to add value to the lives of students and make their personalities forces to be reckoned with.

After pressing demands from his listeners, Bharat started a Youtube Channel called “Bharat Madan” to share his ideas through the digital platform. 
 He derives inspiration from his mother who raised him single-handedly after he lost his father at a young age.


Ever heard that God visited a person and had a talk with him? No! Then, meet Jim Morgan, to whom God visited. Jim Morgan is an international bestselling author. The cover of the book is designed quite well and matches with the theme and plot line of the book. The blurb of the book in one read is quite catchy and one cannot stop himself from turning the pages. And once you turn the pages, I bet, you just can’t put it down before you reach to the last page. The starting itself is so intriguing. The best part is Bharat Madan chose a totally different theme if compared to other authors of the present time. The story begins with Jim Morgan coming to know about the seven sins he has committed in the previous birth. Jim Morgan is informed by God that all his sins are mentioned in the book. One can feel the connection with the characters while reading the book. The number ‘7’ is quite significant part of this book, from 7 sins to 7 planets, from 7 persons to 7 novels. Jim has completed his six novels and his working on his seventh one. The book isn’t just about sins and past birth but has a relation with science and astrology. 

The language of the book is simple and the author has done a great work. It is surely a well-researched book. The author very well knew how to hold readers interest till the end. I would suggest this book to all those who are looking to read something totally different and new. I am sure each reader will enjoy this mystery thriller having lots of suspense. 
Rating: 4/5

Order the book from: 



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