Svetlana had never known pure love, till she meets Brajesh… Brajesh is a fun-loving, mischievous and caring Indian prince who visits Russia and captures Svetlana’s heart. He christens her as “”His Matryoshka.”” 

Once his work gets done, he leaves for India, taking Svetlana’s heart with him. 

Unable to forget him and confident of his love for her, Svetlana travels to India in search of her prince. 

Does she find him? What happens to her love? How does the international politics affect her life? 

Inspired by true life incidents, The Day Before… I Died narrates the love between Svetlana – daughter of the infamous dictator Josef Stalin – and Brajesh Singh, an Indian Kunwar. 

The murder, trails, betrayals and the hope leads to more agony.

Ashi Kalim is an avid traveller, explorer and a home maker. Writing was a hobby for her from her childhood days. Her fascination for English literature started during her school days when she started writing poems and scribbling, under the guidance of her Mentor Sister Avita – Bethany Convent School. Further, her education did not confine itself to prestigious Allahabad and Aligarh Muslim Universities. For her, Learning is a lifelong process. She pursued her passion for writing and the outcome is this Novel.

She was fostered by her mother, who gave words to few Bollywood Songs, and Shamim Ahmed – Shamim – is an eminent poet of Oudh area.

During her college days, she took to entrepreneurship in education and is also a Restaurateur.

She has also worked with Defence Academy as an education trainer. Her struggle in bringing up her three-year-old child made her more resilient and brave.

Hope is the asset of life.


The Day Before I Died is the story of a girl Swetlana. Starting with the cover, it was designed quite well. While reading the book I had predicted a different story in my mind but by turning pages failed my prediction failed. The story totally came out to be different. The book was quite engaging. The poems in the middle was very nice. This book shows culture of two nations. One can at time imagine things happening right in front of their eyes . Swetlana, a Russian girl who belonged to a politically rich family but still she is not happy. She meets a man Brijesh from India and falls in love with him. The author has potrayed each character quite well. I would love to appreciate the author for the name of the characters which was giving their impact on the story. 

The book was short yet was not lacking anywhere. But at points it was difficult being a reader to get connected. It was a historical and romantic read. I will recommend this book to everyone who is finding something short and interesting to read. 

RATING : 4/5


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