Open-Eyed Meditations is a beautiful compilation of thoughts wherein each meditation takes you on a journey to the past, bringing a secret herb to heal a problem of the present.
A true distillation of ancient wisdom tips for modern lives, this unique self-help book uses the wisdom of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to solve your everyday problems.

Beyond the storyline, something deeper is waiting to be discovered from these ancient texts. This book is an attempt to uncover the hidden layer of wealth that is cleverly packaged within the commonly known storylines.


Shubha Vilas holds a degree in engineering and law with a specialization in patent law. But in essence, he is an author, a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach, and a storyteller par excellence.

His leadership seminars, wherein he addresses the crucial needs of top-level management through inspiring seminars, are popular in corporate houses. Shubha Vilas periodically interacts with the youth in premier institutes across the world, inspiring them to live a life based on deeper human values.Travelling across the globe and meeting people from all walks of life, he teaches the importance of being governed by dharmic principles, meting out spiritual lifestyle tips and contemporary wisdom to deal with modern-day life situations.

Open eyed meditation is one of the most amazing book by Shubha Vilas. Earlier, I have read there books by him, ” Ramayana” series, which were outstanding in their own way. Starting with the cover of the book it is amazing. It was  beautifully designed. The best thing about the book was it was a solution to all those problems whose solution we keep on asking from others or to ourself. This book has given us so many great examples to understand simple things which we usually fail to understand. Till date I had always heard, ” Close your eyes and meditate. But today by turning the pages of this book, I totally agree with what Shubha Vilas said. There are 64 chapters in the book and then some chapters  are definitely worth reading twice or thrice at the same moment. Starting with “Yoga Of communication” we learn that what all actually combines to become yoga of communication. One also learns how yoga of communication be applied to improve the health of relationships. The Paralysis by Analysis Syndrome is yet an interesting one. I enjoyed it more and read it twice again because the first line took all my attention.

Are you an over-thinker who analysis everything to the point of exhausting to the point of exhaustion?  This line in short depicted my character. Yes, I am an over-thinker who analysis all that to the point I really get exhausted. This lesson really taught me a great lesson. Another great chapter was, ” Why don’t I make the right decisions in life.” Many of us have this question in mind and this book will answer you the question. Another most asked question is, “Why do people I once loved now appear detestable ? ” The answer to this question is explained in a beautiful manner. Ravan of Ramayana was gone long back but it do exist today too and the book tells us where will be find Ravan of today’s time. There are many more interesting chapters in the book like, ” Is real love in Kisses and Gifts”, “Are you Angry against Anger”, ” Do I lack something? ” , ” Leading Through Mistakes”, ” Keeping Old Friendship Intact with changing time” and many more. There are few lines from the book that I really liked.

* Many problems don’t need to be solved, they need to be just tolerated. 

* Problems are your best chance to prove your maturity. Anyone can take maturity in fair weathers, but to act nature in tough climates is a sign of a seasoned traveller. 

* When a bad problem comes in contact with a good attitude, the result is an inspirational story.

* Living relationship thrive on acceptance and strangle on expectations.

* Incompleteness is a free and completeness is a myth.

While reading the book many other attractive lines caught my attention.Overall, the book was not only a good read but surely a wonderful read. From the first page to the last page it was great. I would suggest people of all age group to read this book and not only once but surely twice or thrice.

RATING : 5/5


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