The three Khans, Akbar, Amit and Chris, spelt their surnames differently but the Indian filmgoer still liked them. They were the uncrowned kings and superstars of the Hindi film industry. ‘Uncrowned’ meant there was no clarity about who was better than the other. This confusion was on display from the way they tried to run down each other in private and public. Baba Ram Karim was everything rolled into one-a philanthropist, businessman, film financier, race horse breeder, educationist and much more. Some called him Don behind his back! The three superstars indulge in ruckus and childish behaviour during Baba’s famous Iftar party where they were invitees. A furious and unhappy Baba plans retribution and calls it Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh.


N. S. Ravi holds a master’s degree in economics from Delhi University. He has had a distinguished career in senior positions in public and private sector enterprises dealing in jewellery, infrastructure, textiles and apparel in Europe, Africa and India. He speaks English, Hindi, Tamil and French. This is his second book. His first book titled, Those were the days was a non-fiction published in 2015. Ravi currently lives in Delhi with his family. 

He can be reached at


” Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh ” is another most wonderful piece of work written by N.S. Ravi. Yes, I used another because I have read the first book by the author which was surely praise worthy. The title at first confused me but by turning the pages everything was quite clear. The cover of the book was simplw which could have been more attractive. The book revolves around the lifes od three Khans Akbar Khan, Amit Khan and Chris Khan. Starting with the book it at first gives the background details of the characters of the book. The author in a very well manner way presented the details about the life in bollywood and the struggle they face. The author has very well managed writing each part of the book. The author did a great work by maintaining the suspense till the last point of the book. The curosity of the author would not die till till last. The story takes different twist and turns. The egos’ of the three Khans’ and the way Baba Ram Karin wanted to teach them all lessons in commendably presented. The story was beautifully narrated. Each character was given equal importance. While reading the book we could relate to our daily life at some points. The language used by the author was simple. The book was quite lengthy and a non-reader would definetely hesisate to pick it up. Last but not the least, the pictorial images in the book was one positive point and so was the glossary of Indian words and their meaning in the context of usage in the book. Overall, an amazing book recommended to all age groups. 

RATING : 4/5 


– Nidhi


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