​Dear Parents, 

              I know I am small to write this. But then I felt I should make an effort to show you certain things that your children want you to understand but then fail to express or speak. I know, when a person become a father or mother he/she is more mature and more responsible. But while becoming more caring towards your children you forget the space your kids need. When a child is small he/she is much more attached with his/her parents. But as they grow up they prefer to be alone. In childhood days, they share every random things with their parents because at that time you people do not pass your judgement. You laugh on the stories but as soon as the child grows up he/she is being judged for everything. He/She start getting character certificate for his/her every act. When other relatives pass comments on him/her for not being good in studies. Trust me, your child expect you to fight for him/her. But you choose to remain silent thinking when our child will achieve something we will answer. No,Stand by your child everytime unless he/she is doing some crime.These days neither studying is easy nor the life is simple.

I know you will be thinking a child should only study and work hard. But if you ask me what problems does a child face in his/her life? I can answer you in a fully justified manner and I am answering it here itself. 

Let me come direct to the point. 

1. If your child is short in height everyone around him/her teases him. You know a child even when grows up feel complex inside but does not show outside. Then how can you expect a child of 14-15 year to accept the truth ? 

2. If your child is not fair in colour, he/she surely feel insecure. Many questions runs in their mind. They at times curse God. A 14-15 year old kid does not understand the difference between internal beauty and external beauty. 

3. Your child can like a person at any age. May be he/she choose wrong person but then feelings does not end. He/She may get into wrong relationship.

4. Your child makes friend who they may trust blindly. The same friends uses your child and ditch him/her.

5. Your child want to be topper of the class but he/she is stuck between Sinø and Tanø and which result to their failure. 

6. May be your child fall in one sided love with some person and the desire of getting that person and the fear of rejection is making your child restless. 

7. May be your child gets into bad company and start taking drugs and now would be feeling guilty.

8. Sometimes when your child fail when they do not expect at all. Trust me, your child can even think of commiting suicide.

There can be many more aspects in your child life. After all, being a child I can understand and feel mutual feelings of all the dear children around me. 
When you come to know that your child is in a relationship. You shout back at them. Take their mobile phone. Start dropping them to school and even picking them up. You do not leave your child for a minute. Do you think is this the solution ? I am sorry to say but if you think this is the solution you are very much wrong. If you do this to your child, he/she will hate you only, get far from you. You need to handle this patiently. You should be a friend in your child life.

You should be so supportive that whenever good or bad anything your child thinks he/she need to share the first person they think about should be their parent. 

If your child is feeling complex inside due to any weakness rather than telling them that only study matters,you think useless things and scolding them will make your child feel irritated. You must show them examples of person who had many weakness but today is ruling the world. This might make him feel relaxed.You know when once a child get far from their parent he/she forever get far. He/She will prefer their friends suggestions over everything. 

If you are a parent reading this, if you are a married couple reading and even if you are unmarried people reading this, I request you, it’s high time that you only maintain parent-children relationship with your child. You must be your child best friend.That friend to your child whom your child don’t fear to share anything. Trust me, be their secret holder without judging them,scolding them and see your child will surely be a shining star.

I hope I did not offend anyone who read this. If any of my words did hurt you, do forgive me considering me as your child. 

– Nidhi


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