​Being a single child to our parents would surely give us happiness at one point of time as we won’t have to share our toys with anyone else. Our parents love only us. When all the relatives come to meet us, they bring lots and lots of gifts for us. We are the only centre of attraction. All the love and blessings are showered upon us. Most of our demands get fulfilled in one go. We don’t even go through the insecurity as to whom do our parents love more. Because they have only “Us”!

 But but but these things do not last long. When we grow up and see around, we realize that parents’ love is equal for all the children. They never ever differentiate between their own children. Mind you, exceptions are always there! But majority doesn’t differentiate. They love their rockstar child as well as their dumb child equally. They are never ever ashamed of their children.

 When we grow up, we do miss having a brother or sister at home. I can’t say about others. But I really miss having one! Life is not at all a bed of roses and we can’t share everything with our parents even if we call them our “First Best Friend”. I accept that we can’t even share everything with our brother or sister but then when they are around, no matter elder or younger we can always get distracted from the things that are disturbing us from within or hurting from inside. 

When I am all upset, I give my sadness a new name, “Tiredness.” 

But then how can one control the tempest going through within the heart of theirs.

I know we have friends around who are no less than family. But then you can’t irritate them just because you want your mind to be diverted. You just can’t keep on calling and texting them because you want someone to keep listening to your grief. And there are few friends and everyone has their own life and own busy schedule. 

Secondly, there is really a big difference between laughing on things, keeping a smiling face and being happy from within. When one is happy from within, everything seems to give positive vibes. That person tries to spread positivity all around.But when the person is himself/herself going through the storm, they may laugh on jokes, act being normal but as soon as he/she is alone, he/she remembers things that disturbs him/her a lot.

Hardly people realize that the other person suffering from deep sorrow is much hurt than they express. Something we people expect a lot and hurt ourselves to the core. Sometimes we are such a fool that we hurt ourself even if the other person hasn’t said or promised anything.

After 21 years, I truly feel that being single child is not at all a blessing for anyone.  One should really have a brother or sister at home. With whom you can share random stuff and laugh. Listen to their stories of school and college and laugh more. Tease each other. Pull each other’s legs. Irritate each other to the core. And after few days one would surely forget their grief..! 


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