​Kabir, Amaira, Kushank and Suhani – four very different people bound together by love and friendship – struggling to find the motto of their lives. Four individuals striving to find themselves. Four threads entangled together and four lives recuperating each other – No Matter What I Do is the story of these four youngsters, on a journey to find themselves.

The love story narrates tales of reversing stereotypes and finding individuality. But will they really find their reason to live?


Devanshi Sharma is a twenty-one-year-old dreamer from the city of food, Indore and strongly believes in hope. An alumnus of Miranda House, Delhi University, Devanshi has always been a chatterbox. She enjoys talking and that has won her many debates. A person who sticks to her principles, she takes inspiration from her parents. Her family is her lifeline. Apart from writing, she enjoys dancing and eating. This is her third novel.


I would love to put this book into one of my most favourite category. I would say this was one of my best read for the month of December. The cover of the book was beautiful and title of the book was quite apt.From the first page of the book to the last page of the book, I loved reading each and every part was an enjoyable read. The story begins on a different turn and with the ending of the book things were different. I loved all the characters of this book. Starting from Mrs. Khanna decision I liked the book. No other person on this planet can understand their children capabilities other than their mother. The author writing style was awesome. She did not extend any part much. The author has very well balanced while writing each and every aspect. While reading the book,I could feel the places. Delhi has always been my love. And honestly,when I read ‘Kirti Nagar’, I wanted to run to that place all over again,(*So many memories*). Moving towards the book,I loved Suhani character. I enjoyed reading when she took stand for herself. All over every main character in the book was a lovable character. The author very well brought up the issue of ragging. Amaira was one of the most strongest and lovable character in the book. Kushank was also a nice guy but he did not took stand on right time. Kabir was one of my most favourite character. He was the most honest, simple and a  good human being. I really enjoyed reading the whole book. I am waiting for the sequel of this book. I would read this book all over one more time. 

RATING : 5/5



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