​”A boat race. Sounds fun” “Not for me. Oh, but I can be a cheerleader.” No doubt a Toddy effect. “Yeah dude. So Pandey is going to design the next aircraft carrier ship.” “And Bansal, you’re going to brand this into the first Water Olympics.” “And I shall win the race and marry Kala in the most lavish wedding Mevalloor has ever seen” Yeah, welcome to the world of Ordinaries! Extraordinary In 2007, at the height of the Global IT boom, Manoj Bansal and Rajesh Pandey, two newly-releasedprisoners of Engineering with mediocre grades and a looming IT future, set out for Trivandrum for their Corporate Learning Programme (CLP). Torn between their past miscues and topical aspirations, they hope to find their true calling.Whilst in a confused, depression ridden transitory phase, they soon run into their fellow trainee, Adish Matthew – a Malayali Computer engineer, and a village simpleton Mutthur Sankunni – the no-hope skipper of MaruthiVallam, gearing up for the annual Vallamkali. Bound by a common thread of mediocrity, they shun the modern world’s great expectations and take off on a spree to discover the tranquility of the God’s own country. Until one day…when a Tsunami of mishaps rocks their life, impelling them to join hands and transfigure into the four kissing circles, fighting the most irrelevant battle of our times: To be or not to be, extraordinary.


Nitin Tiwari is an Indian Filmmaker, screenwriter/author, and multimedia content consultant and has been part of some award winning and prestigious National and international projects. The core strength of Nitin Tiwari is his versatility and ease of research oriented content creation in the field of art which is highlighted by his work in almost every field and form of story-telling. The most fundamental aspects of his work is meticulous research which could be seen in the detailing of the subject matter. 


“The Kissing Circles” by Nitin Tiwari is a mixture of fun, laughter, entertainment and various other emotions. Starting with the blurb, it was quite catchy at once. The cover of the book was also beautifully designed matching up with the theme and title. 

The book revolves around the life of three friends Rajesh Pandey,Manoj Bansal and Adish. The story starts with Rajesh and Manoj reaching to Digisys Consulting Services hostel. After deciding what are their lucky number they finally got a room which they both had to share. All the three of them goes to Kerala to work in an IT company. All three of them surely have different stories about themselves.After the friendly emotions Umms and Shelja are introduced. The three friends decides to go to Adish’s village. They there met Mutthur who is again one of the most important character in the book. Mutthur is in love with Kala and their story is not simple. Mutthur has to face many challenges to get Kala. While reading we also come to know about the love story of Jacob and Sara in 1962. I really felt bad for Rajesh at one point of time. One heart break in anyone’s life changes their life. Rajesh was on the same track but thank god he did not just waste his life. The trio goes to Aleppy to celebrate with Digifellows to celebrate their salary day. Where Rajesh was quite sad, Manoj and Umms had a different story. For Mutthur his  boat  was a key to get Kala but it was burnt on same day. Now neither he had time to make a new one nor he had money to buy. I love the way how Nitin managed to write about  different characters and balancing the equation of the book. We also learn about Maruthi Vallam. Our lifes could be summed up as kissing circles. The three circles are basically Rajesh, Adish and Manoj and the inner circle is Mutthur. It was surely a bit lengthy book but definately an interesting one. It was one of those page turner. The curiousity of the reader would end up on at the last pages.The book is highly rich in terms of vocabulary.The book had theme of love, friendship and definately will know more about Kerala and would fall in love with the place. The book was informative too. One comes to know about Maruthi Vallam. Secondly we also come to learn about a legend attached to Pal Payasam. The narrative style of the author along with the writing style was amazing in its way. The book did confused me in the starting chapters but after few pages then the book just rocked. Our elders usually says that, ” God has better plans for us. ” The same was with Rajesh’s life. The book made me quite happy reading Mutthur success. The two quotes, I loved the most from the book are : 

* “Coincidences are strange at times. At “all” times. But when they occur, they invariably seem inconsequential to our lives. “

* “Love is forbearing,love is kind. In a mysterious harmony, a soul it doth bind.”

Overall, the book surely proves to be an amazing one time good read for everyone. 

RATING : 4/5



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