A year and a half ago while cleaning my closet I found a few hand written notes. It reminded me how I used to write notes whenever I had something to say but couldn’t really express it well. And that is how the thought of this project popped up in my head and heart, says Soniya Kapoor, compiler and the publisher of the book. We all have stories deep within our hearts, and we desire to share it with our people. These are not just made up stories, these are the words of the soul. Real stories expressing the raw emotions. We all have a couple of messages,saved in the draft box, few apologies written on the pages of our diary, and our confessions written on the last page of the journal. We decided to go a little old school and asked people to share their real-life stories expressing the raw emotions. From the Closet of The Heart – a book of love, gratitude, remembrance, and apologies, is a collection of real-life stories written by writers from the different parts of the world. Stories that are so relatable that you would want to hug the book close to your heart. With this project, we have made an effort to applaud the human emotions…


There was a time when I would write many short stories and would be getting it published in various anthologies. I regret not sending my story or my letter to this anthology. Wish I could have managed some time to pour of my feelings on paper. “From The Closet Of Heart ” is an anthology consisting of stories and letter written by 49 different people. The book contains emotions of love, hatred, confession, secrets and many more. All the stories were just best in their own way because real feelings or emotions never lie. After reading one story, I would really wish to read more about that one. The urge to know more would not die in my heart even if the story ended. There were many stories which were reflecting my life. It was like I am reading my life’s story penned down by another person. All the stories have special place in my heart but then there were some which just forced me to re read it all over again. 

The first story is, ” Dear Dad” by Rhea Binoy. This story just touched my heart. There are many people who have fathers’ blessing with the. They can talk to their father but they really don’t care. And then there are many who wish to talk,speak their heart but cannot. 

Second story was, ” Open Letter To My ex Best friend” by Marcus Tan just made me remember my ex best friend. 

Although I don’t have a pet at my home but my love and affection for them is much more than that. Jim Rhyne story, ” Thunder” was one of the best story from this book. 
” A Letter To My Mom” by Aastha Mehra made me realise how much mother do for us. Even I wish to write a letter to my mother. 

” Two Voices, One Soul” by Deepankshi Shah is story of two best friends and one of the most emotional story. 

” My Happily Ever After” by Nikita Goel is a story how she fought and then won her love and happily got married. 

“And So,I put an end to your Chapter” by Yashi Srivastava made me remind of my one of the best friend whom I called my best brother. Wish I could over come with the memories that how he was just using me for his benefits.

” Water” by Medha Dubey will make everyone realise that we must not ignore the calls of our loved ones even if we are busy or tired. 
“Keep Smiling”,She Had Said by Nisha Raju is another emotional story of two best friends. Friends like Nisha are rare to find. 

“For the Known Unknown Friend” by Tanvi Taparia will remind you of many people who were once close to your heart.

“From A Girl’s Diary” by Shashwati Patil, is a true feeling of a girl. I will make sure that I will make my dad read this letter.

Last but not the least, ” An Epitome Of Love” by Satish Velini is one of the story which brought tears to my eyes. 

Other stories were also amazing in its own way. Letters written to mother, father,grandmother, grandfather is something which will make them happy. And you know even if I write thousands things, I am very bad at expressing and I wish someday even I write letters to everyone. I really do ! 

Overall the book was just an amazing read. The book reflected the hard work of the team members too. The cover of the book was beautiful. One can’t get over this book by reading once, the book will force you to read it twice or thrice. 

*I really wish Artson Publishing House comes with part two of this book and I would contribute my letters and stories. *




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