Would you give up your high-paying job and comfortable personal life to drive ten thousand kilometres across India? Just for fun!Three twenty-something’s dare to do just that! While the two boys take turns to drive, the girl gives voice-over as they record their entire journey on a handy cam.Ab, Sasha and Unnati are ordinary youngsters, rendered special by the feat they accomplish. As they recount their adventures, I crave to live their journey. They look at each other with a glint in their eyes, as if refurbishing those memories while narrating their spooky time at Bhangarh Fort, strange escapades at Wagah Border and Sundarbans, car breakdowns, wild animals, near-death experiences and highway robbers! It’s nothing less than crazy. I doubted if I’d ever have the gumption to create such experiences. So I did the next best thing – I penned a book about them and their road trip.

Colorful Notions is a journey of three young hearts on the Indian terrain and into the inner recesses of their souls, giving a new perspective to relationships, love and life.


Mohit Goyal holds his Master’s degree from Cranfield University, England. A successful entrepreneur for past 11-years; he is currently heading an international logistics conglomerate with presence in several Asian countries. He resides in New Delhi. Been acknowledged and awarded for many of his short stories in past; he conceived this idea of ‘The RoadTrippers Series’ to combine his love for travel, food and philosophy.


Colorful Notions by Mohit Goyal is a story of three friends Sasha, Abhay and Unnati. The blurb of the book was quite catchy and would urge the reader to turn the pages as soon as possible. The cover of the book was too designed beautifully. All these three friends plans a road trip covering all the parts of India. Roadtrips are always love for many people. But when one explores whole of the India it is just super awesome moment when we want the time to stop. The three childhood frienda finally decides to take this trip. Abhay parents were divorced and Abhay was not in good  terms with any of them. These three friends were not just on road trip for fun but there were on trip because they wanted to capture those moments and make a short film on it. In those three hours, they want to show people the whole of India. Abhay was in short, the producer,editor and director too for this movie. This book reflect stories of love, friendship, jealously, care and misunderstanding too.

 Mohit has done a wonderful job while writing about each part of India. The way he explained and elaborated to the extend which was needed was awesome. Shashank character was most cutest and he was the foodie. His love for food would irritate Unnati sometimes. Abhay secret love for Unnati was also shown in the book and the way he managed to control his emotions was also great. Overall, the book was quite an enjoyable read. I loved each character and part of the book. I loved character of Abhay’s mother too. The language of the book was easy to understand and would refresh your memories if you have gone to a roadtrip and if you have not gone then your desire to go on a roadtrip would increase for sure. 

RATING : 4/5




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