This collection of tales about the lives and loves of five women traces their long, eventful journeys. Meet Pooja, a teenager forced into the flesh trade but determined to escape and get justice. Shrawani who dreams of becoming a bureaucrat despite all the trials life throws her way. Avni who is torn between her childhood friend and her brand-new boyfriend. Harsha who is trapped in a loveless arranged marriage while still being haunted by thoughts of her forsaken lover. Geshna who falls head over heels for a high school sweetheart only to find her own life shrinking to accommodate his. These stories are about the odds stacked against these women in their paths to love and success, and their hope that the next turn that they make will be the one that leads them to the happiness they are longing for.


Kamini Kusum is a management professional working in an MNC. In her eleven years of professional experience, she has worked in top IT companies such as TCS and HCL. She is a movie buff, while writing is her passion. She lives in Delhi with her husbands and two daughters. 


I always loved those books whose characters take place in my heart, whose story get placed in my mind. Kamini Kusum’s, “Secret, Sins and Struggle is one such book.” The book is bascially based on the lives of five girls: Pooja,Geshna,Shrawani,Harsha and Avni. All five of them had their own struggle, secrets and few sins they committed. Starting with Pooja’s life, this little girl had just a small wish to get educated and go for higher studies. I have heard old people in my village saying,” When mother dies, even the father becomes step father.” Pooja father willingly or unwillingly did injustice to her daugher by getting influenced with his second wife. If her father would have supported her, she would had never taken such bold step of running away from house.  When she started her journey alone, twice she was trapped. But then it is rightly said, ” If there are thousands of bad people around us, surely there are hundreds of good people too.” So even after all the mess she finally met a good person. Now talking about Gnesha’s life, I would say that we can see girls like this at every next door. Sacrificing her own career,her own happiness, parents’ dream for the sake of love has been the story all over. But if that sacrifice is fruitful, the loss can be recovered but if the sacrifice is unnoticed, the whole world get upside down. 

Shrawani,the girl who always wanted to be an IAS officer. She worked hard for it, but sometimes the luck did not favour something she got distracted from her studies because she loved a guy Ashwin. And then after every attempt she used to fail. But everyone’s bad times too has a limit just and entry of Sambhav in Shrawani’s life made her life fine. The next story, “Sin” is about a girl life Harsha whose marriage was fixed with Snehil. But the girl loved Anish for seven years and had made all plans to run away from marriage. But Snehil did not give her a chance to run away and the marriage happened. Even after the marriage, Harsha love for Anish never died and she committed such a biggest mistake of her life for which she would had regreted her whole life if Snehil would have not supported her. The last story is about a girl Avni who was  in love with a wrong guy. Avni’s friend Soumya always tried to protect her but Avni was not ready to listen but Soumya never left  Avni hand and always was by her side. 
The book overall had various emotions. The pain of Pooja to the sin of Harsha, each story had a very deep lesson.

Among all the stories, Gnesha’s story and Harsha story touched my heart the most. It’s because we can find many Pooja, Shrawani and Avni around us. But characters of  Gnesha and Harsha are found sometimes  in most of the girls. I loved each and every part of the book. The author has very well written all the five stories. The writing style of the author was nice along with the language of the book was easy. It was indeed a good and emotional read. 

RATING : 4/5 


– Nidhi


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