I have been professionally practicing tarot since 2002, and seeing the accuracy of the predictions made by me while interpreting the cards gave me a high. I would charge a small fee as an exchange for reading cards and giving remedies when I started counseling people, and I’d donate the money to charity for a good cause.

However, I decided to make this a full-fledged profession and have been working toward my goals of being self-sufficient ever since while looking after the needs of those who trust me with their issues.

This is my second book, and I would like to think this as a sequel to my first, more to do with the yearly predictions for the year 2017 and other mysteries.

I’m doing what I love the most; my passion has become my profession! I hope you enjoy the predictions and benefit from them!


Nisha Mehta has been born and brought up in Bombay, now Mumbai, completed her education there. Besides holding a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, she has a diploma in Child Psychology. She has delved into various fields and has been a professional artist holding exhibitions and taking orders for her clay moulding and pottery.  

She has also worked in schools as a teacher and then as a talent co-ordinator in the advertising, films and television industry.

She gave up all this when she shifted to Delhi and restarted with her painting and interior work which she had to give up due to allergic reactions to the chemicals used in paints. That is when she was literally pushed into using her hidden talents as a psychic and began pursuing her career as Tarot Reader. 

After being successful in her field as a guide and having counselled many of her clients from various fields, she took to writing her own book, mostly a self help guide for those interested in the art of tarot. Nisha is also a Reiki Grandmaster. 


“My Tarot – Something Paranormal ” is another amazing book by Nisha Mehta. As the author herself said, that this is the sequel to her first book and being a reader of both her books;I can’t deny this. I had no knowledge about Tarot Card Reading but both Nisha’s  books made me learn a lot about all this aspect. I had personally liked her first book,” My Tarot Something Else” (Book Review Link). 

Now when talking about her second book, My Tarot – Something Paranormal, this book is also very knowledgable. The aspects I loved about Nisha’s book is that even after choosing about Tarot Reading while writing a book,she has written in such a great manner that we people would love to learn more about it.  “Tarot is not restricted to images and their interpretation only”, is a quote from this book and the book surely does full justice to the quote. Another catchy thing in Nisha’s book is “Something Else”. All the zodiac signs will get to know about their next year along with Something else  which is just like a suggestion for each sign. One also come to know about Tarot and Its Dangerous Cards through this book. Card like,Death Card, The Devil Card and The Tower Card  etc.. and its meanings are also explained in a proper manner. The book also holds predictions through numbers and when I read birth date and Zodiac sign prediction from 1st chapter, it almost matches. When I read the part Oracle Advice For 2017,I really felt that the author knows my whole life even if I haven’t shared anything with her. Tarot Reading is really  magical and now I believed it. A person who does not know anything about your life, and when you read whole book specially when I re-read my zodiac sign part, my birth date part and my advice part I was shocked. One also learns about Colours; Vibrations and frequencies along with the seven main chakras that resonates with the colours of the rainbow. We also learn about where each chakra is situated and for what it is associated. I loved the ways given by the author how to be attractive to others with color management. Towards the end one learns about What is Paranomal. Few people call spirits for fun and that is the worst thing a person does. Automatic Writing part was just explained so well. At the end, the author also shares her experience. There were many things in the book from which we can learn a lot. Overall, I loved this book and it does not seemed to be boring. I would love to read few parts of book again and again and I would suggest everyone to read this book. 

RATING : 4/5




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