Fourteen thirty one is the year remembered for the martyrdom of Joan of Arc. But another landmark event was unfolding in a future French colony. Cambodia was a cultural cauldron of Hinduism, Mahayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism. The largest metropolis of the pre industrial era was also facing a climate change calamity. The story unfolds in fifteenth century Cambodia and travels to China, Sri Lanka, India and the Middle East, as Princes Adithya and Mahendra set out to seek help for their beleaguered country. Will the splendid twin cities of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom survive? Who wins the heart of Mandagini, the warrior princess?


Ezhuth Aani (Dr Ananthakumarasamy Ramanathan) is a specialist vascular and general surgeon in Australasia.He has trained or worked in 6 countries across four continents, meeting people from over a hundred nations. Drawing on his rich experiences from exposure to various cultures the author has a uniquely inclusive world view.

 Dr Ramanathan is very creative. He has patents for an antifog mask and a syringe holder. He has also published a new method of calculating dates. He has had the privilege of naming an operation after his birth place Yarl.

Writing under the pennames Aani or Ezhuth Aani (pen), Dr Ramanathan has written two novels and an anthology of poems in Tamil. He has published an English novel “I am the Lord.” This is his second novel in English.


I never preferred reading historical books or books of king, kingdom fight and all that genre if I have other options to read. But “Another Tales Of Two Cities” just took my heart. It was an amazing book. The title of the book was very apt with the theme and plot of the book. Moving towards the blurb, I must say,  the blurb was quite interesting and one inner self force them to turn the pages. The cover of the book was beautiful too. Starting with the plot it was very beautifully started with a fight between a princess and a prince. The princess wanted prince to surrender and accept his failure but the prince was determined too and he won. It is rightly said, ” Where there is much hatred,love blossoms. ” The same was with these two. Their hatred, their fight, one’s defeat, other winning, one in pain led both of them to fall in love with each other. The book was basically about how Adithya and Mahendra both aim was same to do better for their country. The story was about basically of two kingdoms Angor Wat and Ankor Thom. Apart from that how both of them fell in love with the princess Mandagi. Although Mandagi loved Aditya how she got married to Mahendra because when Aditya travelled and did not return for long time, they assumed him to be dead in the battle.

 The book even tells how Aditya faked to a Buddist and learns aspects of Buddism. There were secrets of Mandagini birth too. However, when Adithya returns there are more twists and turns. Not for forget, the horse Vibhanji was a part of love birds happiness, sorrow, departure, love and all the meetings. Overall, it was an intriguing book. I must say, it is definately a page turner. The characters are well characterized and there is a flow in the whole story. The language of the book was highly standard and ofcourse, a one time good read.

Rating : 4/5

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