Everyone needs to relate to “something else” that they own or possess. This book is a mix of experience and study where matter is presented to you in a simplified form. The reader will be able to connect the cards with their experiences, which will help them to understand not only the cards but also their own life situation. The major arcana comes with images that can be focused on for meditation purpose to gain a better perspective about the card or for your own personal healing. These images also come with practical, easy-to-follow solutions presented as “something else” to make significant efforts for healing your lives and improvise the reading. This book is a great guide for anyone who wants clarity about cards and their meanings.


Nisha Mehta has been born and brought up in Bombay, now Mumbai, completed her education there. Besides holding a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, she has a diploma in Child Psychology. She has delved into various fields and has been a professional artist holding exhibitions and taking orders for her clay moulding and pottery. 

She has also worked in schools as a teacher and then as a talent co-ordinator in the advertising, films and television industry.

She gave up all this when she shifted to Delhi and restarted with her painting and interior work which she had to give up due to allergic reactions to the chemicals used in paints. That is when she was literally pushed into using her hidden talents as a psychic and began pursuing her career as Tarot Reader. 

After being successful in her field as a guide and having counselled many of her clients from various fields, she took to writing her own book, mostly a self help guide for those interested in the art of tarot.

She believes that her book will make a mark and help people from approaching fake and wannabe readers who dupe people with their false advice and attitude.

“My Tarot – Something Else” is her first book and her second book “My Tarot – Something Paranomal” is also available in the market.
*Stay tuned to to know the review of My Tarot – Something Paranomal *


I have read and reviewed genres like Romance, Thriller, Mythology etc.. I particulary even love these genres in comparision to non-fiction. But reading, “MY TAROT-SOMETHING ELSE” was completely out of the box context for me. When I read the blurb, I found it interesting and the cover of the book was beautiful which said it all. Before turning the pages, I had thought the book to be a boring one and it won’t please me. But the book broke my imagination. Trust me, it is a great book. One can learn so many things from it. My point of view changed after reading the whole book. It was quite an intriguing read. This book won’t prove to be an amazing book for Tarot Card readers but this will prove to be an amazing read for everyone. This was the first time, when I read something related to Tarot Card and all but in the very first time, I found it an interesting and good read. The author has very well explained each chapter. There are few lines in the book which I  liked the most and would like to share : 

* Cards act as a bridge between the known and the unknown.

* Before working on your issues, know what you have to offer so that you will be able to gauge the complete depth of the situation you are in.

* Be a learner & guidance will be given to you, one way or another.

*Staying within limits will yield great results.
*Success and victory after hard work is yours to enjoy.
*Stay grounded while you are being appreciated for your hard work and efforts. Do not allow yourself to be fooled by false praise.

Apart from these amazing quotes and lessons the book contains  images with more inspiring quotes.  There are various chapters in the book like -Why Tarot Is dependable?, Chapters on Emperor, Lovers, Arcana, Devil, The Key to Reading Cards etc.. One will surely find the answers and all the points given by the author, amazing and knowledgeable too. The language of the book was quite easy to understand. It was written in a proper way. Things that I totally loved in the book was, 


* Advice

*Something Else..

Secondly, the images with inspiring quotes also takes a positive point. Nisha was able to connect to her readers through her book. Overall, one should read this book more than one time. 

RATING : 4/5




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