Childhood is one of the best parts in anyone’s life. We have heard this from our childhood, “Bache maan k Saache”. Isn’t it? And this statement is very much true to some extent. No matter, how much you teach something to a child, he will only do what his heart says to do it. One get easily friend to anyone they meet only if that person touches the child heart. Every person when first time goes to school surely cries. Everywhere there are only new faces around them. Teachers try their best to make each student feel comfortable. I remember being admitted to Kerala Samajham Model School in Jamshedpur. This was my first school. I cried a lot on the very first day a lot. I did not like anyone. But till recess time, I liked everyone around me. We all became friends and even shared our lunch boxes. The girl who did not wanted to go to school the first day, was dying hard to go to school the very next day because of being excited to meet those new friends. Among all those friends, there was a girl, Sahiba who became my closest friend. We both used to sit together in class and won’t leave each other for a second. Everyone knew about the bond we share. If we saw each other talking or sitting with someone else, we would fight a lot. It was like we owe each other. Whenever we would fight we would be seen writing letter to each other mother and next day we would be friends again. I am sure that no other pair of friends would have done this.The purest friendship where there was no politics and hatred. After 5th standard, I left Delhi due to some issues.  I remember, she came to my house requesting my father not to take me to Delhi. But God wanted something else. It has been 18 long years to our friendship.  We lived together only for 6 years. In short, the time we spent together is so small if compared to our Long Distance Friendship. Distance never became a barrier to our friendship but it made our friendship stronger. Calling you from STD booth was like best thing I could do when I shifted to Delhi. After I left Delhi, we met once in 2014 and that was the most perfect moment of our lives. You are the most polite, trust worthy friend of mine. I still remember the card you gave me in class 3RD writing,

“Roses are Red, Sky is Blue, Oh! My dear friend, I love you. ” 

We don’t have many photographs together but even these two photographs are like a jackpot in our life.

Class 5th group photograph

When we met in 2014

In the movie, “Dear Zindagi” Shahrukh Khan is Jug in Alia’s life, in the same manner Sahiba you are the “Jug” in my life. Proud to have a friend like you and I love you ❤
​“I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda “.


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