There is no human on this planet that is without a friend. Every human being on this planet has one or two special friend in their lives that are always there with them. Everyone has their Jug in their life. Like Alia Bhatt has Sharukh Khan in her life in the movie, “Dear Zindagi”, we also have someone whom we call our Jug. I have always been an emotional person. I won’t count it as one of my positive qualities because people can easily make me fool, convinces me for what they want. This surely has landed me in serious problems many times in life. People doing this weren’t my enemies but my so called friends only whom I thought are the best people around me. I guess childhood is one of the best phases in one’s life. At that time people whom we call friends are always your friends. There isn’t any politics involved in that friendship. But as we grow up some friends are like friends with benefits, dual faced friends. When I shifted to Delhi from Jamshedpur, in the school I got admitted I made lots of friends but a lot of fights too happened every day. I was bullied in the school for my dark colour and I felt alone. May be even after having lots of friends, I had no friends around me. Last two years in that school were more miserable for me because I came to know truths of many so called best friends. Anyways, every one of us had to change our school after 10th. I had made up my mind that I won’t go in that school, where rest of my schoolmates will be going. I was done with them and always wanted to leave them now. I can’t fake something for a long time and when it comes to friendship, I can never ever do it. I took admission in a new school where no old classmates were with me. I was even scared that I don’t know anyone in that school except a name, “Aakriti”. I asked my new classmate about that girl and came to know that she was from some other section and was not present that day. Hardly, I made any friend on the first day of my school. Next day, that girl herself came to meet me in my class and from that day she has always been by my side. Thank you, for coming that day as I found an honest friend that day. History repeated itself to me even in my new school and this time it was worse. I was bullied a lot there also for my colour. I was not so confident and that time so I could not even fight back and an 11th class student complains to teacher doesn’t look good so I preferred to ignore. But this time, I surely had a true friend with me. Aakriti would never let me feel alone for once. Every day she would make sure that she comes to me during recess time and in all the free periods. I was happy to have her in my life. After a year, I left that school but the bond with Aakriti was never broken. It grew stronger. She has been the first true best friend in Delhi. I am like an open book to her. I have shared everything about my life with her. After I left that school, we never met but that never affected our friendship. She has been the dearest friend of mine. I even left that city but she is still the part of my life. She isn’t now just a friend of mine; she is a sister to me. Yes, a sister from another mother. We both are friends since more than 6 years but we don’t have a picture together. We haven’t gone for parties, hang out together. I cannot perfectly write the bond we share. I feel short of words when I need to express this. Aakriti, you have been a great friend, teacher, sister, and much more to me. You have guided me when I was wrong. You have scolded me when I was doing wrong and trusting wrong people. You have accepted me with all my flaws. You have been the most precious gift, God has given me. I would have written many posts on your birthday’s , would have tagged you in many pictures on Instagram or Facebook to express what you mean to me but today by writing this on my blog, I expressed it all and I can proudly say, “You are the Jug in my life.” 

​“I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda “.



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