Are you a working lady? Are you having responsibilities as a wife or a mother? Do you too sometimes get into confusions over prioritizing personal and professional decisions? If yes, we have got all your feelings grabbed in this piece of ‘art’. 

Nainika’s pleasant life suddenly went haywire when she received an SOS call from her mother. Her mother was barely able to speak over the phone and almost cried out in pain. Nainika ran home to find her mom sprawled on the floor, unable to move, That very moment she realized that life has brought her to face a whirlpool of emotions. On one hand her dutiful care towards her mother and on the other her undying love and responsibility towards her husband and a future that lay ahead, Her mind was in a stage of confusion as she began to ponder. 

What will Nainika do to overcome this phase? Whom would she choose? Will she stay to nurse her mother back to health or partner her husband to the USA? 

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Everyone of us, once in our life;faces such situation in our lives that if we have to choose between two sides and we feel like going to both of them and can’t leave one but unfortunately we can choose only one. Revathy’s, “Myriad Of Emotions”, is one such book. The book revolves around the life of a girl Nainika. She is too much close to her mother Kaushalya and Nainika is both a son and daughter to her mother. Nainika herself is a working lady and recently she and her husband Prithvi has planned to shift to other country. But Nainika’s mother falls seriously ill and now Nainika is in big dilemma whether she should go with her husband or she should stay here taking care of her mother. If she choose the second option, she would be on the verge where there are chances for her marriage to break. She is much confused and cannot take any decision to choose anyone. Nainika would leave her mother, only if her father Vasudevan would be loving his wife and would be taking care of her. But Nainika knew that no one would be there to take care of her mother. Prithvi suggests her to contact some old age homes where her parents would be taken care of. Nainika was not in a situation to trust some old age home. With heavy heart, she tried searching about them and a girl Chaturvi came to their life. Overall, the book was an amazing read. It really showed the dilemma daughters and sons faced in their real life. 

One could easily connect to the character in the book. It was definately a small yet interesting read. Many things in the book made me emotional.This statement in the book, surely did touch my heart. 

“The solution does not lie in being argumentative or even fruitlessly rebelling because you would be termed as a rebel without a cause, since the thought process being expressed by the older generation is a well ingrained one! The solution lies in the very understanding of why such prosaic demands are being made.”

RATING : 4/5

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