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 When Arya Fell Through the Fault is the magical, coming-of-age tale of Arya, a 12-year-old boy from San Francisco, who is ridiculed by bullies. Anything to do with his ethnicity—food, traditions or the fascinating mythological stories he has been raised with, has become the building block of unpleasant school experiences. In the wake of an accident that confines his once vibrant mother to a hospital ward—kept alive by tubes and machines—Arya clings to the only remnant of their bond: an old, battered copy of the Ramayana, India’s ancient epic story of Rama’s battle against demons. One night, Arya falls through a fault in the earth into the Wild Woods, where Ravana—the demon king—strategises to destroy his Ramayana—the last copy left—and threatens to rewrite history from his evil perspective. Will Arya be able to save the story of Rama, heal his mother and return home to tackle the demons in his ordinary world? 

Answer the question below : 

Every parents tell their kids,  stories about  Lord Rama and his fight against devils. 
1. But do you think, todays’ generation apply this to their life ? 
2. When there are so many devils all around,Can Rama exist in todays’ time?

Comment below your answers before 20th November 2016. Winners to be declared on 25th November.



  1. Neha

    1.I believe young generation do apply it to some extent as young generation is quite expressive and vocal about their rights and when they feel they are being exploited they do react. They may not be very spiritual and think of it like Lord Rama but they do fight against evil.

    2. Every era had goods and bass, heroes and villains. So when now evils are strong in today’s time, of course people using qualities of Rama do exist to fight them. Rama was not just a sincere son but he had been a great warrior, a strong leader too. Today’s Rama may not be as polite and calm like our Lord Rama but he might still follow his qualities

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  2. According to me yes we ( because we are the today’s generation ) apply it on our today’s relief too , we are becoming rama in course of fighting rhe devil , but there are certain things that we have not adopted from him , like he senr sita just because someone else pointed a finger , but nowadays people are more like what evidence you have and all the gender equality thing , which is good as it has given an amazing respect to every one around .

    Rama’s in today’s world exist and we can found them everywhere , a boy saving hia friend from getting bullied or a girl saving herself from the abusers .. eveyone is rama in there own way ❤

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  3. 1) Well I must say that the history is repeating. Whatever happened in the past, it is once again coming back in our present. Though the form is different this time but the nature is same. There used to be Rakshaks who were very well known for destroying the world and the Dev used to fight with them. Now a days, we have people in form for rakshaks. There is evil and so there has to be a Rama. So, yes ultimately for evil, one needs to apply the theory of Rama, to fight the people who does bad to them.

    2) Yes, yes. Like in Ramayana, there were so many devils, still Lord Ram with his little group saved Sita. Even today, people forms a group to fight with those devils around us. Be it corruption, rape, child abuse or anything. And its not that if there is so many devils, there cannot be a Rama. Certainly there can be, if one keep himself calm and composed then even if there is thousands fighting against one. One can win!

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