The trio Amar, Akbar and Anthony had no clue whatsoever about their goddammit indecisive-careers-and-indefinite-struggles. 

And that was because they were born with the Peter Pan Syndrome and were simple enough to be tricked by anyone, including their mystifying girlfriends—Meghna, Farah and Sarah. 

And as is the fate of all morons, they were drawn into trouble—deep trouble—of hiding crores of rupees of black money in secret offshore companies. 
Will their mistake of turning a blind eye to the philosophy of ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ cost them their careers and put them in prison? 


Will Lady Luck change their fortunes forever? 


“Jeet Gian was a happening person till he became a chartered accountant (and got married). He was born and brought up in Kutch (Motto: Nobody knows where it is) before permanently and successfully settling (after marriage) in Dubai.
His present dream is to become the President of India and continue his writing passion full time without tensions and work at Rashtrapati Bhavan (Motto: We deliver best ISO-certified awards), New Delhi!
He is a great communicator and is on good terms with clients, media, and almost everyone around him, except his in-laws. He has been interviewed by Dubai TV, Zee TV-Gulf Pulse, CNN Arabia, Radio 103.8, and on many occasions by his mother-in-law!
Divya, his life and business partner (only in profit), is also a chartered accountant. Both are blessed with two kids: a daughter, Falguni, and a special-needs son, Krishna. For Divya, children come first; the rest of the world is just Tom, Dick, and Jeet.
He is up by 5 am, even if holidaying on Star Cruise, and is a fitness buff. Plus, he eats once every two hours, just like how babies do.
Jeet is a published author, and his debut effort is named The 3 U-Turns of My Life, which is well-received by nurseries across PAN India and it is highly recommended by doctors for patients suffering from insomnia!
For more information about Jeet, call his mother directly on the toll-free number: 1800-MENTAL HOSPITAL.”


“The Three Wise Monkeys” by Jeet Gian is life story of three chartered accountant Amar, Akbar and Anthony. Starting with the cover of the book, I must say that the cover was amazing showing three monkeys with most funniest expressions and lots of money around them. The cover was attractive and can force the readers to buy the book. 

Moving towards the blurb, it is quite catchy and one cannot leave the book without reading it. The novel is an inspiring one for everyone but specially for youth of today’s time. The song,” We shall overcome” reminded me of my school days. The actual monkeys are three human beings who are Chartered accountants. They have failed many times but they did not loose hope. Lots of times, they would have decided to do something and faced lots of diffculties but never thought of quiting. The language of the book was quite easy to understand. The thing I loved the most that rather than writing a love story which are in trend these days, Jeet chose to write something out of the context in a super amazing manner. The book made me laugh a lot. The narrative style along with the way author presented each part was wonderful. Overall, it was an amazing super awesome read. The novel took all the positive points with it, except that it was a very long read. A non-reader will fear picking it up even if the cover and blurb attracts them and for reviewers who have a last date danger with them, need to carry this book everytime along with them to read. 

RATING : 4/5




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