“The Story of a Suicide” is a gripping novel that tells the stories of Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani, whose lives are interconnected in a web of love, passion, revenge and deceit. Today’s youngsters are expressive, self-absorbed, independent, afraid, hurried, fearless, fame hungry, but surprisingly resilient. In a world that makes unreasonable demands of them, many are disillusioned about their education, relationships, jobs, sexuality, bullying, and abuse. In the backdrop of a powerful story and visuals, this project aims to reach out to young people, by verbalising their struggles through the story, informing the do’s and don’ts when they face challenges, and providing a platform to share their experience.


Sriram is a writer, social entrepreneur and compulsive dreamer. He founded NalandaWay Foundation, which works with children from the most exploitative situations in India, helping them using the creative power of arts, to become creative, learn life-skills, build self-confidence and succeed in schools. Named by the Outlook Business magazine as one of the top 50 social entrepreneurs in India, he has received numerous awards, including the World Bank’s South Asia development marketplace award, ‘Architect of the Future’ by Waldzell Institute, Austria, Ashoka Fellowship and more recently the Millennium Award instituted by US AID, Govt. of India, UK AID and FICCI. 


Honestly, I have never ever read any e-book. It is because, I don’t like reading it on mobile. Anyways, this was no an e-book. It is published on a website. I would not have started reading this book if its title would have been something else. But the title was so captivating that I could not stop myself from reading thia whole 31 chapters. The word Suicide compelled me to read it. I found it really interesting. Sriram Ayer, you have done an amazing work. This book is about love, revenge, hatred, passion and trust. The book revolves around the lives of four youngsters i.e Hari, Charu, Mani and Sam. If we keenly observe, we can find all these characters around us for sure. It is because many youngsters are facing problems which are mentioned in the book. Youngsters today don’t like sharing their problems. They keep their feelings, emotions inside them. Their feelings are left unspoken which make them feel suffocated. No matter, how much we say our society is modern and they are developing  but this is not true. In this transient world,we still have people with constant rigid mindset. Hari, even though was loved so much by his parents and elder sister but still suffered a lot in his childhood which he shared when he chose death over life. Mani could not manage studies pressure. Charu rejected Sam’s proposal, and turned to take revenge  but the camera captured the relation of Mani and Hari. Overall, this was an emotional read. Many girls are troubled as Charu was suffering. The author has very well expressed each problem and emotion. What I loved the most was apart from the story the author has given solutions to the problems youngster faces today.  “How do I ” section is a must read section and one should share it maximum. Apart from all this, this book will not only entertain your eyes but ears as well, because it comes in both in the form of e-book and audio book.

Which part of the book, I could relate the most ? 

I could relate much to the Charu part because being a girl, I could feel what she was going through. Apart from all this, one of my dearest friend has suffered from this so I have felt the pain one goes through.


Life is surely not a bed of roses. One has to suffer so much in life and have to face many problems. Life, in short, is full of struggle. Every human being is not strong enough  that they could handle everything in their life. Once I was ditched by my best friend. This was not at all expected.Even in my wildest dream, I had not though about this cheating. My heart was not at all ready to accept this truth. I decided to end up my life. But then my mother explained me a lot of things about life. I learnt that people who leave you,ditch you won’t be affected after your death but your family, your parents will be affected  a lot. You will gift them tears forever. These words got permanent sticked to my head.Whenever,I feel like losing, I take the problems in a positive way. I try my best to deal with them. I keep on saying, I am stronger than the problems. This gives me energy to deals with worries of life. 

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