Dear Sahiba,  #HelloOldFriend

I know,you are doing well in your life. We both are in touch through many of the social media applications whether it is Facebook,what’s app or Instagram. But we both became friends when people used to write letters to each other and stand in long queue outside STD booths to talk to their loved ones. Today,we are celebrating 16 years of our friendship and that’s why,I am writing a letter to you. I remember we were in 1st class, when we became friends in 2000. Not friends,actually best friends.I remember we used to give each other handmade cards on special occassions. We would quote our favourite lines everytime in each card.





I remember many incidents of our childhood friendship. When we both used to fight, we would write letters to each other mother, complaining and next day we were back to best friends. I remember when I was leaving Jamshedpur in 2005, you came to my home early morning requesting my father not to go. But even we had no choice and I shifted to Delhi. I never shared this with you but on my first day in new school, I cried a lot. I was missing you, my bench partner. I did not had landline or mobile at that time so I used to go to STD booths to talk to you. But with passing of years, life became occupied with studies and tuitions and we lost contact. In 2009, when my father bought first mobile. I was excited. I asked him if I could call you. He happily agreed but he said chances are less that they would be having same number. I was upset hearing this but still with a small hope I dialled. The bell was ringing and suddenly a hello voice came from other side. Your mother had received the call. And this how we came in contact again and this time forever. *Touchwood*

In Delhi, I made many friends but none as special as you. There are few who are in contact,and some got lost in the crowd. But I am happy, that I found my that friend back who was my childhood buddy.We somehow, managed to meet in 2014 and we could click a picture of us. This is the most memorable picture in my gallery with my childhood first best friend. 😍

I must stop writing now, oterwise this will soon turn into a novel. I miss you. Waiting for another grand meeting. 😁
Your lovingly,

Nidhi ♡

Cheers to our 16 years friendship and it will last till we are alive.😁


‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


7 thoughts on “A LETTER TO MY OLD FRIEND

  1. Sahiba

    I miss you Nidhi.. Soo much of love.. :* Thank god you called that day. Things are so beautiful between us. The love those days is still the same as the love today.. I still remember writing it first for you.. Roses are red, Sky is blue.. O my friend I love you 😀 Thank you for being there.. And for showing what true friends are.. ❤ love you.

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