” We will get caught. ” I said.
” Oh! Please,we won’t. ” My friend Samira said.
” Yeah, Nidhi is right. What if we get caught? ” Manvi spoked.
” Please, this will be last year of our school. ” Samira requested.
” OK Done! We will do the same as we decided. ” I said.
” Inform our whole group. ” Manvi said.
Actually, one random day before holi in our free period we had decided that we will play holi in school. Although knowing that our school is strict and we can be severly punished for playing holi in school.But then when our group decides one thing we do it at any cost. We had planned to play holi on the last day before holi holidays. We went to market and brought different colours. 
We even brought sweets so that we can even convence our teachers. Our group consisted of four boys and three girls. We always shared each and every plan and no body changed it. So as per the plan it was only the students who would play holi. That day we attended all the classes quietly. Even teachers were surprised by our so much attentiveness in the class. Even one teacher doubted us too but we handled it. So it was decided that during our last period we would play holi with whole class. It would be dry holi but an unforgetable one. It is rightly said that when you are doing wrong even your name is called for right thing,you get scared. My friend Manvi, the class monitor was called by the classteacher and was handed over the notice. When she came to class and announced the same we were in the situation that we are dead.
” If any children is caught with colours or playing holi in or nearby school they will be severly punished. The bags can be checked anytime and if even a single pouch of colour will be found it would be very bad for the children.” Manvi read out the notice.
We all were scared. I knew how our principal was and if we would be caught by chance no doubt we will be killed. I was the most favourite child of my computer teacher and I decided that it is the time that we must share this with her. It was difficult to convince the whole group but everyone knew that there was no choice left. I shared everything with my teacher as she was more a friend to me. She did not believe at first that I was the part of such a plan but then I said ” Dil toh baccha hai ji” which made my teacher laugh alot.
” Deposit the colours to me. I will speak to the principal and rest of the teachers. I won’t think you people would get permission. ” My teacher said.
All the excitement inside us was dead. Our bags for checked and nothing was found. It was the last period when we were about to play holi but till then also no message came from our computer teacher. We were packing up our bags when there was announcement from school ground that all the students of class 10th should remain in the school campus. We were now scared but we decided that we will be together. When the whole campus got emptied we went to the ground.
” You people are allowed to play holi with your classmates along with your teachers. But remember no water. ” My principal spoke up.
We were overjoyed and hugged each other in excitement.
We played dry holi. We clicked pictures. We enjoyed a lot and shared sweets. And yes, it was all because of our computer teacher so she became the most colourful personality in the school campus. This became the most memorable holi of my school life or I must say teen life.

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”



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