Holi, the festival of colours is not only for colours but it is also the festival of love and happiness. The festival brings joy in every house as well as in everyone’s life. No matter what class the person belongs to or what is the age of the person everyone enjoys the festival fully. The only thing which matters for everyone is food, colour and get together. Among all the festival, I like Holi a little more if compared to other festival because only in Holi the whole large family get together can be done from morning to night. Since childhood, Holi is one of my favourite festival. During my chilhood days, I was the naughty one in the whole family. Every elder had to run behind me. My mother used to hold my hand everytime. As soon as she used to leave my hand for a minute, Rajdhani would develop inside me and I used to start running. Four people would run behind me to catch me so that I don’t fall. I completely used to enjoy this moment. Like all other days I did the same on Holi. I did not like when some one applied colours on me. But I completely loved when I used to apply colours on others. 😉 I was too small to understand thing at that time. I saw everyone applying colours on each other. My father had bought me a water gun and taught me how to use it. I was loving it completely. I was splashing colours and waters in everyone. My mother had prepared delicious gujias, malpuas and many other items. While the colours applying ceremony was going on, I asked my mother to whom should we apply colours.
” To every people we know or we don’t know we can apply colours. It is the festival of colours and sharing love. ” My mother said.
” Bura na maano holi hain.” My neighbour came and applied colour on my mother face.
I understood that we can apply colours to everyone. So I went inside and applied colours on Alisha, Monu, Suzain and all other of them. The funniest part is Alisha Mini and Suzain were my soft toys and dolls. I loved them so much and I thought not to leave them alone in festival. I took them to everyone and told them to apply colours on them too as they are part of family. Everyone loved my innocence and applied colours at that time. Till date,on every Holi my family tease me about this sixteen years old memory.
“Childhood memories are always memorable. “
This was the most funniest, enjoyable Holi of my childhood. Wishing everyone A very happy Holi !

“I’m pledging to  #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”



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