” Mom,please help me in keeping clothes properly.”
” Papa, I forgot to keep my maths book. I’m getting late. Please keep it. ”
” Mom, where is the lunch box ? “
” Papa, where did you keep my socks? “

This is a small  expert from a house where a child is taking help from both the parents. This isn’t the story of any random house but honestly, this is the story of my house. When I was six or seven years old I was like this. I used to dance on my parents head. I had equally taken help from both of them. This is because, since the day I have started understanding things, I have seen my father helping my mother in her works.
The video why is laundry only a mother’s job is so touchy and true. An old man who comes to his daughter house and see her working after returning from office. She does all household chores and office work side by side. Her father seeing her daughter like this regret that if he wouldn’t had prevailed the mentality that household chores are for woman, today her daughter would may be getting help by her husband. The old while leaving, leaves a letter for his daughter. He promises that he would now help his wife in works. When the man reaches his home,he himself goes to wash his clothes. Seeing his daughter working so much alone changes the old man mentality.  There was a survey conducted  by a third party for Ariel which revealed some facts :
* 2 out of 3 child thinks that washing clothes is a mother’s job.
* 78% of girls in India agree that they should learn laundry as they will have to do it when they grow up.
* 81% of married men in India agree that their daughter must learn household chores.
* 65% of married men in India agree that their children replicate their behaviour at home.
* 76% of married man in India believes that not keeping with laundry at home, still makes them a great role model for their children.

If this type of mentality still prevails, I am very sorry to say that we are teaching and giving a very wrong message to our next generation.

As I have seen my parents working together, and my father supporting my mother at every step, I am proud of him. I have seen my father washing clothes as well as utensils and he is not at all ashamed of it. The reason is he believes that working together leases everyone burden and one can spend lot of time with family and everyone can relax.  When I see my father doing this,it is very obvious for me to dream having a life partner like this. I would love to have a partner who would #ShareTheLoad with me. People should now change their mentality  and realise that females are not meant for doing all household chores alone.

“I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.”



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