Only one day if in any house the mother goes out for some work or she is ill, the whole house seems to be upside down. Everyone keeps on running from one place to another. It seems that this house is unknown for rest of the members. They do not know where their own things are kept. The reason is the lady present in the house handles everything  alone. Whether the person is her husband  or her children. She takes care of everyone. She takes care from our morning coffee to our dinner.
She takes care from our clean clothes to our clean rooms. This isn’t  the story of a single house. It is the story of every household. As old people says,” Men earns and woman must do household chores. ” If this mentality would be prevailing then woman would have not been working today. But now even women’s are working and are walking steps by steps with their husband. It is very obvious that they earn because they want to support their life partner. If a woman after returning from job, can do all the household chores;  can’t each member of family help that lady a little bit. She would never ask for help because in her eyes everyone would be tired and need rest. But the family members must need to understand that even she needs rest. Nowadays every house has a washing machine so it is even easier for men to handle laundry work as for men doing kitchen work is bit difficult. The lady present in the house is also a human being and not a machine. She also get tired. Every human being rest when they return home from school or from job. But when a working lady returns she start caring for all the members of the family. It seems she is on duty even after returning to home. It is usually  seen that children learn what they see at home. So if they witness only the lady working,the daughter present in the house would be more worried about her future than her present. The daughter who is brought up like princess in her house becomes the fastest machine when she is married. Start teaching your son, if he helps his mother he would also learn to help his wife.It’s high time now. Every one is now educated. Now the time has come to change the society and the old mentality of people. Males must #ShareTheLoad with his wife.

“I am joining the Ariel #Sharetheload campaign at BlogAddaand blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.”



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