Kasam, Vows, Vaade, Promises are four different words having a simple and single meaning. These four short words have a very great impact on every relationship. When a relationship starts, it begins with Vaade and Kasame. What I feel is, it is useless to make those promises that cannot be fulfilled by you. And on the other hand, the person who asks for promises should not ask for those which cannot be fulfilled by your partner. Every girl has some wishes in her heart and she desires for some promises from her Mr. Perfect. Isn’t it ? Like all other girls, even I desire of having some promises from my partner. May be my future husband could be reading this blog post sitting in a corner of his room and if you are not reading no worries whenever I will meet you, I will make you read this. Apart from those seven vows which are taken during marriage, I want some more promises from him. I won’t ask for those promises that would be difficult for him to fulfill or that old saying becomes true, ” Promises are meant to be broken. ”
Let me present me my set of kasams that i want from my man, my second half.

* The thing I hate the most is Secrets. Even if my best friend hide secrets from me, my anger level rises up. I want my man to promise me that he will be my friend, and share everything from me. No matter, if he is in problems; he must even share that part with me. I can only digest one secret i.e if he plans a surprise party on my birthday or on our anniversary. Or if he plans a get together with my friends hiding from me. I won’t scold him for keeping these all as a secret.

* Just like your parents are special to you, even my parents are special to me. They are my life. I won’t like a bit if he ignore or disrespect my parents. I want him to promise me that he will consider my parents equal to his parents. I would love if both of us forget the thing of my parents or your parents. Let both of us consider them as ” OUR PARENTS” and love and respect must be same for all.

* Truth is the third thing which I love the most. If for example, I don’t prepare nice food and he lies to me that food was nice. This won’t make me happy. Eventually, even I would eat the same food and know its taste. I would like if he speaks the truth always and help me in preparing nice food next time.( Am i asking much?

* Last but not the least, I love receiving surprise gestures, sweet messages,cute voice notes. I would be on heaven seven if some random day my partner prepares a cup of tea for me early in morning before I wake up. Trust me I will love you forever for this. ( I guess this promise is easiest of all)

I hope these are not so high promises that would be difficult for him to fulfill. So be ready and take this KASAM and fulfill them.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda”



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