True love can blossom anywhere, in a government set-up too, and can be as permanent as the job itself. Shalini, a government employee, strongly feels that there is no point in getting married and joining the brigade of abused wives. Till she is swept off her feet by Kartik, a dynamic colleague from Bihar. Just when her faith in the system of love and marriage is rekindledand at its peak, Kartik goes missing. Her search for him reveals some dark secrets about Zabaria Shaadi still existing in Bihar, where eligible boys are abducted or forced for marriage. A love story at its core, Love Forever @ Rajpath highlights the predicaments of a girl on the verge of losingher most precious relationship. It also reflects the inner turmoil of a young boy sandwiched between age-old traditions and his own liberated opinions. Will Shalini be able to save her relationship? Will Kartik acknowledge her efforts or will he abandon her for the sake of his family?

Kalpana Mishra is a Deputy Director in the Government of India. She’s also a visiting faculty to a number of government institutes, schools, colleges and universities, spreading awareness about various issues like gender sensitisation at work place, other gender issues, communication skills, etc. She’s a contributor reviewer and blogger on various blogging sites and her short stories, poems and articles have been published in leading publications. Her varied interests include acting, writing, voicing and sports. She stays in Delhi with her husband and two kids.



“Love forever @Rajpath” is a beautiful love story of Shalini and Kartik. This story is of two government employee. A simple love story having lots of ups and downs in it. Starting with the cover, the cover was nicely designed. The blurb of the book was interesting and some secrets of Bihar state were revealed. The prologue was quite interesting but when I read the prologue, I had thought a completely different story in my mind but this proved to be an entirely different one. The author has done well researched too. Being from Bihar, I have heard about Zabaria Shadi from my old one’s but in reality neither I had seen any one of them nor I had read about it earlier. When I started reading the book, I was completely sure that Kartik and Shalini will eventually fall in love and then by reading the blurb and prologue, I had thought that their love was not approved. No one knew that both of them had to suffer from some other big circumstances. The story begins on a simple pace where a girl applies for her internship and meet Kartik and then become friends. Shalini was Kartik’s love at first sight but Shalini was clueless about this. What mattered to her more was her CSE preparations. She had fully desired to clear this exam. As Kartik wanted to spend some more time with Shalini, he lied that even he was preparing for the same. With the passing of time, the training section has circulated about training. Shalini was scared as she was alone among many boys but Sunaina helped her. Kartik and Shalini confessed their love. Shalini is Sindhi and Kartik belongs to a Brahmin family from Bihar where more than love the thing mattered to them is caste and gotra. Kartik elder brother committed a sin and Shalini filed a case against him without even thinking about her relation with Kartik. The author has very well written each part of the book. It was a good one time read. One of  the quotes which i loved the most is :
” Daughters are the reason for a family’s happiness. I believe in your capabilities, you too need to have faith in yourself. “

RATING : 3.5/5




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