|Book Giveaway|The Prince of Patliputra|


Book Giveaway | The Prince of Patliputra| by Shreyas Bhave
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Your chance to win a personalized autographed copy of ‘The Prince of Patliputra’ by Shreyas Bhave

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Two lucky winners will be chosen and he/she will be gifted an author signed copy of The Prince of Patliputra by Shreyas Bhave 

• Summary of the Book
Book: The Prince of Patliputra ( Asoka Trilogy #1)
Author: Shreyas Bhave
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 382
Price: 350 INR


 272 BC, Bharathvarsha, Land of the Aryas….
Samrat Bindusar, son of Chandragupta and the second Samrat Chakravartin of all the Aryas rules over the massive subcontinent from his holy seat in Patliputra. Almost five decades ago, his father had laid the foundations of this vast Samrajya guided by the famed Guru Arya Chanakya. But now, the wealth and glory of the past has subsided…
As the Samrat’s health continues to decline due to an unknown illness, problems are arising all over his realm. There is infighting and rebellion. No clear successor to him is present. Ninety nine of his sons stand in line waiting for his throne…
Bharathvarsha needs a Chandragupta once again. And it needs a Chanakya too. Can the young Prince Asoka, who is the least favorite son of the Samrat, fill in the boots of his grandfather? Can Radhagupta, a mere Councilor of the Court be what Chanakya was to all the Aryas?
Begin a new adventure with the first book of the Asoka trilogy as you read to find the answer to one great question- ‘That who shall be the next Samrat of this holy land of the Aryas?

Enter the simple Giveaway Link given below to win an author signed copy of this fast paced historical thriller. Names of the 2 winners will be declared here on  28th Feb, 2016




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