Varsha Bansal ex Chartered Accountant student left her CA studies in search of doing something innovative and this inventive thought makes her Author.
After writing many articles for other blogs, articles and stories and contributing author of two anthologies she crafted her own book.  Keen observation about the society stimulates her to write this book.
She likes to surf net, reading motivational books and fairy tales, watching TV, interact with new peoples, to dream and believe “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.
Her dream is to start an NGO from her mother‘s name, where every determined child can complete his or her dream and can give contribution for the nation development because she believes “today base creates tomorrow building.”


1. Writing for you is… ?
Writing for me is like a hidden passion which came out with such a reflection, which changes  Everything in my life including my profession.

2. When did you start writing ?
I started writing three years ago in May 2013.

3. Who actually inspired you for writing?
Actually there are lots of people who inspire me to write and many incidents are related to it , but my mom is the biggest inspiration in my life to do anything.

4. Is this your first book or you have any previous published work ?
As a single author it is my first novel and before it I have been contributing Author of two Anthologies that is “THE PINK THRONE”  and “THE AUTHOR PRIDE STORY BOX”.

5.“Miss To Mrs. Agarwal”, tell us about the book ?
Miss To Mrs Agarwal is story about an Agarwal girl who doesn’t like her society norms and practices due to which she don’t want to marry in a Agarwal house, but she falls in love with an Agarwal guy only and after it how she deals with her custom, started to love her culture and last ho she brings changes in the society is the story all about. Story consist o drama, love story, romance, emotions, and a complete package with a social message why change is must ☺


6. What are your other hobbies?
My other hobbies are listening music, reading fairy tales and motivational books and quotes and interacting with new peoples.

7. Do you have a blog? If yes, please share the link.
Yes I have ☺ it is http://www.chimerastory.in

8. What were the challenges you faced while getting the book published?
As first of all as a starter I was not much aware about more publication houses and had faced many rejections also. But with God mercy I met with Sachin Shresta owner of Shades Publication who planned and make my publishing work not only easy but done it delightfully 



9. When can we expect your next book?
I wish it will come by the end of this year or may be before ☺

10. Message for new writers.. !

As I am also learner, the only suggestion I can give to upcoming writers and my fellow writers is that just keep the pace believe yourself and your God. 🙂

Facebook linkhttps://www.facebook.com/varsha.bansal.9

Twitter link – https://twitter.com/varshaBANSALFCA

Page link – https://www.facebook.com/Miss-To-Mrs-Agarwal-448660055334872/?ref=hl

Mail ID  varshabansalfca@g









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