272 BC
Samrat Bindusar, son of Chandragupta and the second Samrat Chakravartin of allthe Aryas rules over the massive subcontinent from his holy seat in Patliputra. Almost five decades ago, his father had laid the wealth and glory of the past has subsided.As the Samrat’s health continues to decline due to an unknown illness, problems are arising all over his realm. There is infighting and rebellion. No clearsuccessor to him is present. Ninety nine of his sons stand in line waiting for his throne.Bharathvarsha needs a Chandragupta once again. And it needs a Chanakya too. Can the young Prince Asoka, who is the least favorite son of the Samrat, fill the boots of his grandfather? Can Radhagupta, a mere Councilor of the Court be what Chanakya was to all the Aryas?Begin a new adventure with the first bookof the Ashoka trilogy as you read to find the answer to one great question-That who shall be the next Samrat of this holy land of the Aryas?


Shreyas is a 21 year old guy currently pursuing his B.Tech in Electrical Eng. from VNIT Nagpur. His love for history since his childhood prompted him to write his take onthe story of Asoka who was one of the towering figures in the history of India. Apart from writing, his hobbies are songwriting, composing music, painting watercolors and sketching with pencils. He loves hiking in the hill forts of Maharashtra, is fond of blues & southern rock music, playsthe guitar. He is currently working on a startup to provide quality services to the end users of Transformer and Switchgear products in the country. He is also presently working on the second part of this trilogy which shall be called The Scourge from Taxila. He can be reached on Website:”


I hardly prefer reading historical  books because I hated history since my childhood. I never knew why I hated it but today when I finished reading, ” The Prince Of Patliputra” I came to know the reason. Earlier whenever I read history , I read with the point of view that I had to learn it by heart but today I read this book with interest and trust me I loved it. I enjoyed reading. When you find the best thing of the book in the starting your increase level rises. The cover of the book was fascinating and the introduction of the characters according to the order of appearance was another best thing. People won’t get confuse if they go through the characters name even once. And if by chance one get confuses, one can always turn back. This book is the first in the Ashoka trilogy. Another positive point in the book was that only needed description  of the characters was in the book. Neither too lengthy not too short.  The prologue of the book was so nicely  presented and well written that one cannot stop them from reading the whole book. The language of the book was quite easy. If  we want to find about all our past historical  events it really would be of great difficulty but this book shows us our historical cultures. We come to know more about Ashoka and Chandra Gupta Maurya who ruled our country for many years. One would not get bored because the author has not streched any part too much. No doubt, the author has done a good research before penning down. After few pages, one would get used too all the characters.  The book shows love, hatred, conspiracy and yes of course betrayal too. It will prove to be a very good read for those who are more excited to know about past decades.

RATING : 4/5




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