Arjun was a failed actor in the late 80s. His son, Haren, a screenwriter in the Hindi film industry, hates him for he was a big loser, a drunkard and a perfect murderer. Arjun was imprisoned under judicial custody and interrogated for the mysterious disappearance of his best friend Amrender, who was a film director. The court failed to prove him guilty. He died the death of an alcoholic.

Haren learns through a chance encounter that Arjun co-produced his last film with Amrender as the director. He also comes to know about the high-profile suicide of the leading lady Devika on the last day of the shoot and the mysterious disappearance of Amrender along with the film a few days later. Haren sets on a journey to find the whereabouts of the long-lost film and unravels the 25-years-old mystery of Amrender. 



Before opening the book,the first thing a person notices is the cover of the book along with the blurb. The cover of the book was well- designed and the blurb was interesting. While turning the pages,the first thing a person reads is prologue of the book. I wanted to mention few lines from prologue here but when  I read it two-three times, I came to a conclusion that the whole prologue is so meaningful which describes the time of youth. The book starts with Haren and ends with his life journey only. Haren neither had a home nor he had someone in his life. But then Mr. Abdul Ghanu, librarian at Dhobi Talao Library helped him and was a guardian in his life. The author very well plotted all the characters and the story was well narrated. A person who comes on this planet has to die. So one day even Ghani also left the world. Haren was helpless but he had a best friend Sanjay. Disha,newly shifted neighbour of Haren misunderstood Haren and referred him as a drunkard. The book is quite interesting and the book shows how hw discloses the mystery of the blame on his fathee of his best friend murder. Arjun was a hard -working writer and Sanjay helped him with his suggestion among many suggestion, one day Sanjay suggested Haren to use his father name ” Arjun” as recommendation. No doubt,Arjun was a hero in 80’s but he was even charged for a murder. Being a writer, Haren had to go to many places and even he met many people in this industry. One fine day, Haren comes to know about a movie “Paramveer ” which never got released but was produced by Arjun and Armender. In the same movie Devika was the leading character. Haren got more curious to know about the film not getting released and the disappearance of Armender. Haren came to know about the past of his father from few people. At last, Haren succeed in solving the mystery and even his point of view towards his father changed. The book was edited well and there was some parts in the book which was not needed. Apart from that, the book teaches us few lessons. The book was a worth one time read.

RATING : 3.5/5




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