When a human being is a kid, he/she get inspired by anyone who is great or famous. When even I was small, I usually used to get attracted towards anyone. If I used to see anyone on television getting award, the words I used to utter were,I want to be like this. ”
Who doesn’t love getting award ? Even an old man in their eighties would react in the same manner a kid of ten years old would do. While I grew up and time passed even my point of view changed. I understand the true meaning of inspiration. We keep on hearing many stories or reading tales which teaches us lesson. There are many shows which would inspire us. We would get influenced by some people talk. There will be some stories which will inspire us for a while but after few months or days we will forget about the person along with his/her story. True inspirational stories remain in our hearts forever and we will respect the person who inspired us. Among many stories I heard or read, the first one who is in my heart and inspired me fully is a boy. That boy himself is a full inspration to me.  One day while surfing internet, on one page I came to know about a boy who got into IIT and now working in Google. The boy is not any simple guy. Yes, he is obvious a human being and not some alien. But he is special. He had no legs. He had a life full of struggle.He spend his whole life from childhood to present on wheel chair. Being from an illiterate family, Naga Natasha Karutura touched the sky. When you are being blessed by the wonderful set of parents you don’t need any other thing in life. Being poor , his parents did all that to educate their child. He was supported by his family and his sister was her true supporter in school. Naresh worked hard and joined IIT MADRAS and then got a job at Google.

This story or I must say Naresh inspired me so much. We people loose hope even when a small bad incident happens in our life. I have seen people leaving studies when they fail once in examination. I have seen people ending up their life when their heart is broken. Some people go in depression, some start taking sleeping pills.
Every human once in a life faces problems and suffering. But people should learn to fight.

Naresh inspired me so much that there was a time in my life when my best friend ditched me. I never in my bad dream had thought about this betrayal. I lost faith in humanity. But yes, today I believe there are good human being and all the credit goes to some words from Naresh Karutura.

” There are more good people in society than bad one’s. ”
These were the words of Naresh. I have noted down these words in my diary forever.
I salute you man.
Wish I could meet you someday.
You’re a true inspiration in my life.

Now when I see people loosing hope due to any reason I make them read about Naresh. When he can live his life happily, without thinking about his pain then why not everyone should fight and win the race.

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