Everyday is a struggle in itself.  From the day a person is born he/she has too suffer from something or another. Year 2015, was a year full of mixed emotions. From too many happiness to too many sadness. From winning many competition to loosing few of them. If a person thinks deeply then only one will realise that a person learn atleast one lesson everyday. But then people ignore those lesson and only learn those big lessons when they are taught in the most difficult times of their life. Like every human being,even I had both good and bad times this year.
The most valuable lesson I learnt this year are :

* Parents are the best gift from God. No matter how much you hurt them,or you commit the biggest sin of life they will always forgive you. They will hug you. There are times they will scold you but end of the day they love us unconditionally.

* We will meet many people who will promise us something or another. Some will promise to be your partner or some will promise to be your best friend. Never ever flow with these emotional words. There are very rare people who keep their promises.

* A true best friend will never get upset with you if you don’t talk to them for months. Even if you message them after months the first question they will ask to you will be about you. They would not just hand you over their list of complaint.

* One must learn to save money also if they have too much of them. Nobody knows when the coin will turn bad to your side. The day you will have no money you will regret wasting them on useless things.

* Never ever hurt anyone. Everyone has their own way of handling oneself. Some may not get affected but some may get too much affected.

* Career is one of the most important thing of student life. One will get million of friends afterwards too, a true life partner later when the right time will come but when the time passes how much one would try they cannot shape their career in the way they could shape while they were students.

* Never trust anyone so blindly. You can be ditched at the most unexpected timings.

This year I met few people who taught me to love life. I read about a person who has inspired me so much. I realised my responsibility these years.
I am proud to listen these words from my mother for me, ” You’ve changed for good and I knew one day you will be mature enough. ”

After learning the most cruel lessons in 2015, I would love to bid a very big good bye to this year. I lost people but I don’t regret as I lost those who never ever cared for me.

This year, i.e. in 2016,I will be more passionate for my writing. I will even try writing on different genre apart from romance and social issues. I promise to be a good daughter to my parents.

I learnt in 2015 that, ” Life is not a bed of roses” but now I will be taking care before hand so that ” no thrones can hurt me” as ” Prevention is better than cure. “

“I’m sharing my#TalesOf2015 withBlogAdda.”



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