GOOD BYE 2015, HELLO 2016


365 days of year 2015 came to an  end and everyone welcomed 366 days of year 2016 will both the hands. Yes ! This is a leap year so a bonus of one day. Where few people had achieved many things on the other hand few would have lost many things. But it’s sure everyone has gained or lossed something or the another in the span of 365 says. Like every human even I have gained and lost many things this year. With the passing on time everyone forgets everything. It is truly said Time is the best healer.
We must not remember our loss again and again because this only give us reasons to shed tears. But Yes, we must remember our happiness because this can make us smile even if we are going through bad times. So year 2015 gave me many reasons to smile and celebrate. This year, I became an active blogger. I completed my 100th blog post on my blog. Moreover, I received a WOW Badge from Blogadda for my blog post. Apart from that, being an active blogger, I was an active book reviewers too. On the other hand, I met few friends online who are more than a family to me now.
Life itself is a competition. So this year I won various competitions too as one from Blogadda and other one from Indiblogger.
Being a writer, this year I added few more anthologies to my list.
I had the best in 2015 but sometimes I regret wasting my time in few people who are no more a part of my life.
Yes, 2015 snatched people who were close to me but it is rightly said, ” Whatever happens , happens for good. ” After those people left, I realised that they were never mine.
Now in 2016, I wish to do something different. I always desire to help people and I do so. But I wish to spend times with old people at old age home, kids at orphanages. They are the people who can inspire you. I wish to do something for them so that their smile can give me pleasure. Happiness is writing first blog post in 2016. I even have few resolutions which I will try to do.
I will obey everything my parents say as 2015 taught me that parents are always right. We realise it a bit late and sometimes too late.
I will work hard for myself, for my parents happiness and to fulfill my dreams.
This year I will try completing my first solo book.
I will help every needy as much as I could.
I will love winning more badges and prizes along with vouchers this year. 😉
While I was surfing Facebook, I got this picture and this inspired me.


Everytime it is not other people who can inspire you, sometimes few images, few incidents of your own life can make you mature and inspire you. So a warm welcome to 2016. I won’t request this year to be good as it is WE who can make our days good or bad.

“I’m sharing my#TalesOf2015 withBlogAdda.”



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