“He was a coward so he committed suicide.”
“It was her daily habit to eat up wrong medicines to get deeper sleep and today she died.”
“For such a small reason he committed suicide.”
“She could have fought for her but then just like a loser she died.”


Don’t we spill out these statements for the people who commit suicide or run away from their homes to a lonely place? Months back, even I felt that people who commit suicide do wrong. They don’t think about their families or about their parents. They don’t care about their brothers or sisters. They are selfish. They think only about themselves. But actually they are not cruel to others, but the other way round; yes this rocking world is cruel to them. Those people who commit suicide only know how much pain they have. If we try finding out the actual reason of suicide we’ll surely come to know the person did not take this harsh step due to his/her problems but due to their loneliness, sufferings, emotional breakdown to name a few. 
Do the people of this world don’t have other concerns rather than judging people?? Well, I guess they do; they do have the concern to murder a person, murder his feelings, murder his dreams, murder his goals, murder his hopes…and a hopeless person is nothing but just DEAD…
He is dead…but he did not die when he commited suicide, he died when we murdered his soul.
We get scared to face deadly natural calamities. Ever wondered why? What are we afraid of? The answer is death.
So, just think about the person who takes this big step. He/she very well knows that they are living the last minutes of their life and they are to leave this beautiful gift of life given by God. Suicide is not so easy.Anyday, if you get a chance to speak to a person who tried committing suicide but got saved, just listen to them. Don’t speak; Just listen to them with full attention, a pure heart and a will to understand the courage they possess. Let them pour out their feelings. When they complete, you will realize how much pain they had and after pouring out everything how much relaxed they are feeling. You will surely realize their situation and how the world reacted to it, you’ll realize the change you want to be and the change you want to bring about in the world for this world to be a better place rather than bearing murderers.
Most of the times people suffering through emotions, desire to survive; they wish to live a happy life. They want to forget their pain but we people don’t let them forget. Making fun of someone else’s feelings to extremities shall also be considered evil.
One can only forget their pain and win over loneliness only when we people support them.When that person is alone he/she need company. He/she needs friend, No! True friends are needed actually who can act as a pain healer. They want to laugh and sometimes they act more childish and stupid than they actually are. They need pampering. They are so alone that even a wrong word said to them for just fun hurt them totally. They find no one who can keep on listening. They are so used of darkness, sheding tears , listening sad songs that even the worst thing in future if happens to their life it doesn’t affect them.
It is an old saying “A PERSON WHO MAKES OTHER LAUGH A LOT IS THE ONE WHO HIMSELF IS TOO SAD INSIDE.” I completely agree to this saying. Even I feel the same the person who laugh unneccariliy or become more talkative are the ones who are hiding their pain. They do not want to become weak and so they choose this path. However, that person forgets that their talking, their stupidity only gives happiness to them but then they bore others. After some times the person realises the truth and leave that place. They start living alone again. Writing their feelings on a paper, in a diary doesn’t make them feel relaxed because they don’t get answers to their queries. When they have nothing to do, when they do not find anyone who is by their side always, they choose to die. Yes, the pain is burden on their lives. They do not even forget a small incident happened ten years back that had broken them long back. Loneliness never makes people remember good times but only bad times.

At last, I truly feel the person in pain does not die; we the people murder them. I am not supporting the people who commit suicide but I no more feel that they are coward or loser. They do fight but we people break them even more and they say a final goodbye to this cruel world.



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