” SUNDAY “,the most lovable day for all the person whether they are student or office going people or they are housewives. Yes, you heard it right, even for house wives because everyday they have to wake up early to pack lunch and prepare breakfast before other family members wake up. But on Sunday they can sleep peacefully.
Being a Student, I love all holidays, but “Sunday” has a special place because only on that day the whole family is together. A family can spend time together only on Sunday’s. Sunday can only be perfect when everyone enjoy’s the day and till the last minute of the day everyone keep on smiling. On Saturday night, I would invite some of my very close relatives like my Bua’s and Mausi’s with their families.
To be very honest, I haven’t spent one such perfect Sunday with my family. With my friends,I have spent numerous Sunday’s.
My perfect Sunday would be when everyone in the family can wake at whatever time they want but before ten. Inside the heart everyone wishes to sleep a little more but are bounded by duties. After waking up first I would order the breakfast from outside.Ofcourse of everyone’s choice. Till the time everyone gets ready the breakfast would surely arrive. After having breakfast I would make everyone sit and together the whole family would watch a comedy movie. Yeah ! Comedy only because my purpose is to keep the smile on everyone’s face till the day ends. Emotional movie brings tears to eyes.
On Saturday only, I would have bought chips , cold drinks, ice-creams so that none has to go out to market. With chips and cold drink we would enjoy the movie. After the movie, I would order the lunch. Yes, of everyone’s choice. After having delicious lunch,I would love to play some indoor games like Antakshari, Ludo,Carrom etc. After that in evening we would go to nearby park and enjoy the surrounding. We would roam and till seven we would return back to home. As parents don’t like too much junk food, I would tell them to go home and I would join with my cousins after some time. We would enjoy the evening. As being elder even they would need some space, we being teenagers we would need some. From Golgappa competition to any other competition we would do all of them. While returning home,we would get pack the dinner. The evening would be dedicated to gossips and checking each other mobiles .😛
After lunch, I would give everyone a piece of paper and they have to write about one person among present there why they admire them the most.
The person about whom most person would have written would be the King or Queen of the day. With the sweetness of Ice- cream I would end the day.
I know all the mother’s present there would have surely loved it because it would be first time when there would be so many guest but still they do not have to go inside kitchen for cooking.
Cousins would thanks me for the memorable evenings.
All the father’s would thank me for making them realise that how much their wife work whole day and even if she get holiday’s on Sunday she would also be happy.

” A single day well spent with family can make the whole week happy. ”

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.



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