When a baby is about to come,the whole family is on heaven seven. Most importantly, the parent of the coming child are happier. Before the birth of the child, parents start buying various things for their coming kids. From clothes to various products they start purchasing and arranging them. They prepare list and check them again and again if they haven’t forgotten anything. One day I went to market with my mother. While she was busy purchasing things I was seeing around and noticing various things.
After few minutes I heard a lady fighting with the shopkeeper. She was arguing because the lady had asked him to give “Pamper Premium Care Pants ” but he was suggesting her some different one. The lady was not at all getting convinced but the shopkeeper was trying his best so that the lady get convince to purchase that low quality diaper. Out of frustration the lady shouted and the shopkeeper quietly kept that diaper inside.
When I reached home, I was having coffee with my parents.
” What are your thinking ? ” My mother questioned.
” Sometimes we don’t get the coffee we drink usually. We choose its subsitute. Isn’t it? ” I asked.
” Yes” My father said.
” Today in market, a lady got into argument with shopkeeper because she was asking for some Pamper Pants and shopkeeper was handling her some another one. She could even buy the another one.” I said.
My parents laughed.
” Taking care of a new born is not that much easy. We faced so much difficulty and that’s why people used to compliment you as your skin was soft. ” My father said.
“Ahaan but Why is it difficult”? I questioned.
” Baby’s skin are soft and delicate and they need a lot of care and attention. They need to taken care properly. ” My mother said.
” There are few tips which each parents must do for their child. ” My father added.
” What ? ” I asked.
” Yes, let me tell you what all we did for you. ” My mother replied.

Child should only be kept on soft mattress. Parents must make their child sleep on soft matress so that the child does not get irritated by  prick from other fabric.

The child must get massaged with oil atleast two times a day. After massaging in morning , parents must bath their child with hot water.

A good quality of moisturizer must be applied to child’s body so that the delicate skin remains soft. The moisturizer should be of good quality so that the should not suffer from itching and have problems in breathing.

For a new born baby,breast feeding is one of the most vital diet for the child. Apart from diet, the child must have a good sleep. This will maintain the child’s health and the softness of their skin.


There are many commercial advertisments on television showing various diapers. People must not get attracted with all the advertisments. ” PAMPER PREMIUM CARE PANTS “ is one of the suitable and best diaper for the child. They last long and the child feel relaxed and happy.

” If all the parents take care of their new born child in proper manner, then the baby’s health will be good and the sensitive skin will remain soft. ” My mother completed.

” Let me call Shreya bhabhi so that they can apply the same for my coming brother or sister.” I giggled and went to my room. 😁😁

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”



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